UDON Street Fighter: Summer Sports Special FanArt Submissions

UDON Street Fighter: Summer Sports Special FanArt Submissions

How would you like to have your Street Fighter fan art printed in UDON's latest pin-up special next to the artists of UDON? The publisher is taking fan art submissions for the 2018 STREET FIGHTER: SUMMER SPORTS SPECIAL, in stores this August!

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Interview With Chris Nicolella (Brand Manager for 8-Bit Art)

Interviewed By Justin D Williams

Justin interviews Chris Nicolella the Brand Manager for 8-Bit Art. They discuss how 8-Bit Art came to fruition, how they got license from Nintendo and a discussion about some of their products. For more information visit http://8-bitart.com/

Dark Knight III Art for the Cover of the NYCC Program Guide

NYCC 2015 Program Guide  CREDIT: NYCC                                          

NYCC 2015 Program Guide
CREDIT: NYCC                                         

Entertainment Weekly has debuted the first look at the cover art for the 2015 New York Comic Con program guide, featuring new art from Dark Knight III: The Master Race by artist Andy Kubert.

New York Comic Con 2015 takes place October 8-11 at the Javits Center in New York City.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 hits shelves November 25.



Mini comic art by TBA
1:10 variant cover by KLAUS JANSON

Artist Applause #1: William Miron Marinho

Welcome to our new monthly featured entitled Artist Applause. Artist Applause is where we interview and spotlight artist that do amazing works of art, whether it's fan art, original work, portraits, drawing, painting, etc. Our first round of applause goes to an artist all the way from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The artist this month is William Miron Marinho.

When I saw William's portfolio I knew that I wanted to feature him. His technique, style and his interpretation of your favorite superheroes is purely amazing. Check out our interview with William and look at his amazing work.

Otakus & Geeks: Let's start from the beginning. When did you fall in love with drawing, painting and overall the arts?

William Miron Marinho: That is a difficult question to answer, because honestly I don't remember when the love started. I believe that this has always been part of me and has grown and evolved with me.

Batman by William Miron Marinho

Batman by William Miron Marinho

Otakus & Geeks: As an artist do you have any artist that you consider to be an inspiration to your drawings?

William Miron Marinho: I have several artist in fact that inspired me. Boris Vallejo, Alex Ross, Soft takara, Rafael Grampa. Each one influenced differently, both in the painting as well in drawing. There are so many talented artist it's hard to name just one.

Otakus & Geeks: You have drawn some great fan art of superheroes from Marvel and DC. Who is your favorite superhero to draw and why?

William Miron Marinho: I love to draw Batman, Magneto and Wolverine, but the one most special to me is the Spider-man because it's the comic that I read the most since I was a teenager.

Spider-Man by William Miron Marinho

Spider-Man by William Miron Marinho

 Otakus & Geeks: How long does it take you to complete an artwork?

William Miron Marinho: To draw a picture it usually takes me one hour when I'm using markers and ink. However, with paintings and all the precession, it may take me three weeks or more than a month. Depending the work maturation time.

Otakus & Geeks: How do you decide what style you will do for an art piece? How do you know whether it will be a drawing, painting etc?

William Miron Marinho: The choice of technique varies depending on the atmosphere I want to create or message I would like to convey. For example, in my Iron Man illustration I wanted a bright costume so I used Ecoline that would give me a bright and strong colors of metal. As in the case of "Peruvian India" I painted, I found the most suitable monochromatic style and more sober colors.

 Otakus & Geeks: Your website http://wmironportifolio.blogspot.com.br/ has a very impressive portfolio. Which artwork was the most challenging to complete?

 William Miron Marinho: Maybe it was "Diana, goddess of the hunt" it was painted in three planes and used three different sketch to give a sense of depth, also had to take the precession of the painting that required many details and time.

 Otakus & Geeks: Do you have a favorite piece that you have done?

 William Miron Marinho: One that I like is the " X23 " made n watercolor, not only because it was a comic book I read several times but also because it was a work exhibited and commented on by the public also a former teacher used as a reference in his classes.

X-23 by William Miron Marinho

X-23 by William Miron Marinho

Otakus & Geeks: How can people reach you if they would like to follow you on Social Media or have commission Inquiry?

William Miron Marinho: People can follow me by my tumblr ( https://www.tumblr.com/blog/willmiron ) or instagram ( https://instagram.com/mironw2m/ ) are my accounts that I  personally take care and I go check them three times a week.

Otakus & Geeks: Finally is there any new work that you are currently working on?

William Miron Marinho: In addition to continuing doing illustrations, I am developing research for a future animation on Brazilian legends.

Interview Menh Voong (Owner and Founder of Beefy & Co)

Interview Menh Voong (Owner and Founder of  Beefy & Co)

Hey Guys!!! Now that we all know that New York Comic Con is one of the biggest and greatest Con in the U.S. Otakus and Geeks did all it can to cover and explore this event and because of this we found a lot of great products and made a lot of new friends. One of the many great products we found are from Beefy and Co which is owned by Menh Voong (a.k.a BeeFy).

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Hatsune Miku Art Exhibition "Universal Positivity"

Hatsune Miku Art Exhibition "Universal Positivity"

I took a visit to Wallplay art gallery today for the Hatsune Miku Art Exhibition, which running  is from October 9th to the 18th. The art gallery showcases various art, illustrations and figurines of Hatsune Miku. We were also treated to a guest appearance by Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. Tetsuya revealed the new design for Hatsune Miku and I will tell you that it looks realistic.

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Deviantart Artist Spotlight: Wenqing Yan

If there is one thing I love is art and the artist behind them. Just like cosplay boy and girl of the week I wanted to give spotlights to great artist. I' am a huge fan of Deviantart and the great talent there. This week's spotlight goes to Wenqing Yan (Yuumei). I met her and her work at this year's J-Pop Summit 2014. While walking around the artist alley I saw Wenqinq Yan work and fell in love with it. I had to buy something. In addition to DeviantArt Wenqing is working on Axent Wear which headphones with cat ears. You can get the details of that project here http://www.axentwear.com/. Check out photos of Wenqinq work at her DeviantArt site http://yuumei.deviantart.com/. Here is some pics below of Wenqinq Yan at J-Pop Festival and some work.

Follow Wenqinq on Twitter

Follow Wenqinq

Wenqinq Yan at J-Pop Summit 2014

Justin after his purchase of Wenqinq Work. He is going to frame it.

Visit http://yuumei.deviantart.com

Visit http://www.axentwear.com/

Inseparabl​e | The Soundwall Experience

On July 16th 2014 the team visited Inseparable | The Soundwall Experience at Gallery 151. This event showcased some of Soundwall work and artist. It was a very nice environment with artist in NYC gathering around to enjoy the work. Artist that attended were Ricky Aiello, Joseph Arthur and Spencer Tunick, Mia Berg, Jordan Doner, Walker Fee, Fab 5 Freddy, Elliot Goldstein, Bradley Theodore, Justin Jay, Matt Jones, Derek Reist, Carrie Mae Rose, Allan Tannenbaum. Check out some of the pics below. Also a shout to byeJoe Spirit of China for the drinks.

About Soundwall:Soundwall is a wireless speaker that streams music from your iPhone, Android, Sonos and more. Soundwall is thin, light and easy to hang on your wall. Simply plug Soundwall into a power outlet and it connects to your WiFi network.

The Beat Goes Boom By Fab 5 Freddy

The Beat Goes Boom By Fab 5 Freddy

Amazing Grace By Carrie Mae Rose

Cloud Storage By Justin Jay

Gallery 151

Loungin & Pool

Place Was Packed

LEGO Art & Brick Exhibit

As an added bonus to seeing Marvel's new Avenger's S.T.A.T.I.O.N Exhibit (/www.otakusandgeeks.com/akusandgeeks.com/2014/05/marvel-avengers-station-exhibit.html) I also had the pleasure of getting a chance to the the LEGO Art & Brick Exhibit. Check out the video below of my walkthrough and check out some pics. Thanks again to Discovery Times and Marvel for the lovely party. 

Square Enix's Tomb Raider DeviantArt Contest

Crystal Dynamics™, a Square Enix® studio, today announced a contest sponsored by Gamestop, Microsoft® and deviantART inviting fans to submit interpretations of the new Lara Croft from the TOMB RAIDER® reimagining releasing March 5, 2013. The grand-prize winner will get $6,000, a TOMB RAIDER custom Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and have an art print of their artwork sold in the official TOMB RAIDER store which opens for business later this month.

In 2012 Crystal Dynamics hosted a digital art exhibition to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of TOMB RAIDER. The team commissioned eight original pieces by a selection of esteemed artists. Andy Park, the primary penciller for the original TOMB RAIDER comics, contributed an iconic “Deviation” for the exhibition. These pieces of art sparked a wave of fan-created artwork. The initiative inspired Crystal Dynamics to draw from the international talent pool directly through a partnership with the biggest community showcase platform, deviantART.

“Over the past fifteen years TOMB RAIDER and Lara Croft have garnered a passionate and talented fan base from around the world. As such, many have naturally flocked to deviantART as a portal to showcase their creativity,” said Karl Stewart, global brand director for TOMB RAIDER. “Partnering with deviantART was a perfect fit to challenge and inspire our established followers, while engaging the artistic efforts of the greater deviantART community.”

“DeviantART is thrilled to be working alongside Square Enix to promote TOMB RAIDER,” said Daniel Bornstein, vice president of global advertising and sales for deviantART. “The deviantART community has embraced the iconic Lara Croft, and participants from all over the globe are invited to submit their entries for a chance to have their original TOMB RAIDER interpretations featured on a print to be sold within the official TOMB RAIDER store.”

Prizes include:
1st place:
  • The winner’s work will be featured on an art print that will be sold internationally via the official TOMB RAIDER store
  • TOMB RAIRDER custom Xbox 360 console
  • $6,000 cash
  • 8,000 deviantART points
  • dA PRO digital artist backpack
  • One-year premium membership to deviantART
  • One t-shirt from the deviantART store

2nd place:
  • TOMB RAIDER custom Xbox 360 console
  • $3,000 cash
  • 4,000 deviantART points
  • 6-month premium membership to deviantART
  • One t-shirt from the deviantART store

3rd place:
  • TOMB RAIDER custom Xbox 360 console
  • $1,000 cash
  • 4,000 deviantART points
  • 6-month premium membership to deviantART
  • One t-shirt from the deviantART store

Additionally, 22 semi-finalists will receive a TOMB RAIDER Xbox 360 Limited Edition Wireless Controller, a 3-month premium membership to deviantART and 2,000 deviantART points.

More information about the contest and prizes can be found at: www.deviantart.com/tombraider.

Lolita- a Lifestyle, Not JUST a Fashion

Oh how I ALWAYS yell Sundays are for Lolitas!!!!! And it never fails that they certainly are. But today is Monday, right?! Well! I'm getting you a jump start on the weekend. I have SUPER sweet stuff to share before we continue to the last (starting) Everyday Lolita post. 
It took forever to sift through pics from NYCC, but I'd rather start your week of with a cavity or two and diabetes in a blog post! Enjoy some Lolita looks from around comicon while I go check out Hello Kitty for President! *giggle*
Just a FEW quickies ... 
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Around NYCC: The My Little Pony Project

I'm SOOOO happy that THIS was the highlight of New York Comicon. Well at least for me and a few other Ponies and Bronies. It's the MY LITTLE PONY Project

When this amazing project started, I could only experience it online since the main events were in LA. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, I'll have to share the My Little Pony Project pictures via my site, Indian Pussy Brand.  But that just means double the sweetness! So be sure to mozy on over for more pics from such an awesome display and event.

I didn't leave you guys hanging though! Check out the video from my few minutes in MyLittle Pony heaven. 

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The Candy Escape, The Art of Camilla D'Errico

Some of the best t things about NYCC, sometimes aren't physically at NYCC. Usually there are tons of parties, kick-offs, welcome & leaving events ... you get the point.

Tonight's goodness was time well spent celebrating the recent works and opening night of artist, Camilla D'Errico's Candy Escape. If you aren't familiar with her, check out my NYCC 2011 interviews with manager/ sister Ada'Pia D'Errico about Camilla's current (at that time) projects.

Not expecting a one on one with Camilla, we arrived at a crowded Cotton Candy Factory, gallery and shop owned by artist Tara McPherson. After a few "excuse me"s and being offered a cold PBR by a gallery employee turned bartender, I arrive at the wall that IS Camilla D'Errico. In awe, since I've been interweb stalking the work's progress online, I didn't even realize Camilla was next to me. Somehow we just kinda noticed each other and gave warm hug greetings and hello's. In a moment of congratulations, however, Camilla took time to give me a bit of insight to the pieces that are celebrated in the show's title "Candy Escape".

See. I met Camilla 2 years ago at New York Comicon and was a total fangirl. Somehow we got to talk art and kept in touch. Continuing with my fandom, I noticed the projects she was doing, but never saw a lot about gallery exhibits. Aside from it being none of my business, I also never gave it a second thought since all artists don't choose to show in galleries. In fact, though, Camilla explained that she hadn't done any since our initial meeting because it became to overwhelming so she took a break. Continuing on, she shared further that somehow in a break, she was inspired.

                                 Artist, Camilla D'Errico                                    Fangirl: Imani K. Brown

The name "Candy Escape" is just that. She needed to escape and release. Welp folks, SCORE! These beautifully crafted ladies (drawn in black ink) start melting into colorful gooey goodness. Somehow the simplicity, color, and overall spirit of them all makes me want to join them in this escape.


Though a formal congratulations was given, I can't share ENOUGH! And once again, a HUGE CONGRATS to Camilla on such a brilliant (& SUPER kawaii) show!
Be sure to visit Camilla D'Errico for awesome updates and pricing 


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Everyday Lolita ... in the Workplace

There's a ton of places where we an start with Lolita and this posting is kinda backwards. Or at least, it seems that for any readers who are just getting into Lolita. Don't worry though! Backwards and all, it'll all make sense. Take what you can and use it as you actively enter the world of a Lolita or as you transition into an Everyday Lolita. I think there's a bit of something here for everyone. And if not ... just holla and I'l be happy to make it happen! That being said, let's get busy!

So the all time question of "How can I wear Lolita to work" is a plausible one when you're not in a creative or expressive industry. In fact, most times, if you try and go all in initially, regardless of how super cute and well put together your coordinate is, it may still be frowned upon.

That being said, some tried and true tips to wearing Lolita in the workplace are these:

-Ease people into your fashion choice: Lolita, for unassuming people, can be a lot to take in .. you know, with all the ruffles and bows, oversized skirts and such. So be sure to gradually change your wardrobe a bit.

  1. Swap out your slacks for skirts with a low volume petticoat. 
  2. Rock a smart blazer or blouse with some super feminine aspects like puff sleeves, big bow collars, or lace. 
  3. Express yourself with socks, tights, and accessories (bow headbands, hairclips, small charms, etc.) since those things aren't so "in your face. Slowly people will start to notice your Loli swag though.
  4. Some kick around mary janes, flat or otherwise, are always a plus. And while you're at it, cute flats with bows or updating your exisiting footwear with bows can work too.
*Working within a specific dress code could get tricky so keep some common Loli elements around like charms, a deco phone case ... you get the point. But things that tickle your kawaii Lolita senses will come in handy in such cases.

-Know what styles are suitable for the workplace: Usually, the easiest styles to work with are classic, aristocrat, and toned down goth. With these coordinate style types, somber colors, low volume petticoats, discreet hairbows, reserved embellishments, and limited accessories are definitely encouraged. Everything Lolita doesn't always have to be so OTT!

**Some people include old school sweet or sweet Lolita in these, but that can get tricky. That particular Lolita style is usually associated with lots of pinks and blues or pastel-type colors which could go either way in the work place, given your personal Lolita style. However, you could make a huge statement on days you may want to feel a bit "fancier" than others.

-Pay attention to color: As a Lolita you'll already stick out, so you don't have to work very hard at that. Know your surroundings and seek to gracefully enhance them, not just draw all the attention to yourself. In fact, the goal here, is NOT to stick out like a sore thumb. Most corrdinates can be muted, but you and only you know your work place and what others tend to wear, so color coordinate accordingly. 

-Know your limits: While every Lolita wants to be able to coordinate to suit our little kawaii Lolita hearts, the fact of the matter is, there's a place and a time for everything. Find those moments where you can let your Lolita star shine to it's fullest potential. And until then, use the tips above to create your small slice of Lolita heaven at the workplace.

Want to read more? Check this out, The Definitive Guide to Wearing Lolita at Work

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