Artist Applause #1: William Miron Marinho

Welcome to our new monthly featured entitled Artist Applause. Artist Applause is where we interview and spotlight artist that do amazing works of art, whether it's fan art, original work, portraits, drawing, painting, etc. Our first round of applause goes to an artist all the way from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The artist this month is William Miron Marinho.

When I saw William's portfolio I knew that I wanted to feature him. His technique, style and his interpretation of your favorite superheroes is purely amazing. Check out our interview with William and look at his amazing work.

Otakus & Geeks: Let's start from the beginning. When did you fall in love with drawing, painting and overall the arts?

William Miron Marinho: That is a difficult question to answer, because honestly I don't remember when the love started. I believe that this has always been part of me and has grown and evolved with me.

Batman by William Miron Marinho

Batman by William Miron Marinho

Otakus & Geeks: As an artist do you have any artist that you consider to be an inspiration to your drawings?

William Miron Marinho: I have several artist in fact that inspired me. Boris Vallejo, Alex Ross, Soft takara, Rafael Grampa. Each one influenced differently, both in the painting as well in drawing. There are so many talented artist it's hard to name just one.

Otakus & Geeks: You have drawn some great fan art of superheroes from Marvel and DC. Who is your favorite superhero to draw and why?

William Miron Marinho: I love to draw Batman, Magneto and Wolverine, but the one most special to me is the Spider-man because it's the comic that I read the most since I was a teenager.

Spider-Man by William Miron Marinho

Spider-Man by William Miron Marinho

 Otakus & Geeks: How long does it take you to complete an artwork?

William Miron Marinho: To draw a picture it usually takes me one hour when I'm using markers and ink. However, with paintings and all the precession, it may take me three weeks or more than a month. Depending the work maturation time.

Otakus & Geeks: How do you decide what style you will do for an art piece? How do you know whether it will be a drawing, painting etc?

William Miron Marinho: The choice of technique varies depending on the atmosphere I want to create or message I would like to convey. For example, in my Iron Man illustration I wanted a bright costume so I used Ecoline that would give me a bright and strong colors of metal. As in the case of "Peruvian India" I painted, I found the most suitable monochromatic style and more sober colors.

 Otakus & Geeks: Your website has a very impressive portfolio. Which artwork was the most challenging to complete?

 William Miron Marinho: Maybe it was "Diana, goddess of the hunt" it was painted in three planes and used three different sketch to give a sense of depth, also had to take the precession of the painting that required many details and time.

 Otakus & Geeks: Do you have a favorite piece that you have done?

 William Miron Marinho: One that I like is the " X23 " made n watercolor, not only because it was a comic book I read several times but also because it was a work exhibited and commented on by the public also a former teacher used as a reference in his classes.

X-23 by William Miron Marinho

X-23 by William Miron Marinho

Otakus & Geeks: How can people reach you if they would like to follow you on Social Media or have commission Inquiry?

William Miron Marinho: People can follow me by my tumblr ( ) or instagram ( ) are my accounts that I  personally take care and I go check them three times a week.

Otakus & Geeks: Finally is there any new work that you are currently working on?

William Miron Marinho: In addition to continuing doing illustrations, I am developing research for a future animation on Brazilian legends.

Scooby-Doo Meets Famous Horror Icons

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Great Fan Made HE-MAN Sculpture

Fan Made HE-MAN Sculpture

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Female Videogame Characters Fan Art (Anime Style)

Hey guys and gals it's been a while since I did a Fan Art post. This time we're going to look at Anime Style Fan Art, of female videogame characters. These are some cool pictures I found on Google. If you know the artist leave a comment so we can give them credit for the great job. Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) looks amazing and very mature, I love the look. Princess Zelda (The Legend Of Zelda) looks very sensual and her eyes are wonderful. Samus (Metroid) looks beautiful and very detail, the effects of the rain only make it more neat. Peach (Super Mario) and Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) enter fan service zone. Morrigan (Dragon Age) looks so cute, if they make her a Plushie, she should be this design. Finally Aya Brea (Parasite Eve) looks straight from the pages of a dark Manga. Great job by the artist. Anime Rules!!!!

Final Fantasy VII Fan Art

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This is a really cute work of art. I love it shows everyone having a good time, even Sephiroth looks to be having a good time. Unfortunately I don't know the artist, but it's a great job.

This is done by a girl name Kimmie. This is a joke on how Cloud dressed up as a girl in Final Fantasy VII. Looks like Cloud has gotten comfortable with it.

This next photo is a portrait. This is wonderfully done and has great detail. I love Vincent's facial expression the most. The artist name is Kamizuki and you find their Deviant Art page here Kamizuki Deviant Art

This is one is a really good fan art by a girl name Michelle. I love how she did this. I would love to see this a poster, every character has their stance or pose. Aeris has her hands folded, Cloud has the sword, Tifa is punching. Her fan art page is here Michelle Deviant Art

Finally the last one is Sephiroth looking at the Jenova tank. I love the color use in this picture and his facial expression.

Fan Artist Of The Week #2 (Moyogi)

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