Hatsune Miku Art Exhibition "Universal Positivity"

I took a visit to Wallplay art gallery today for the Hatsune Miku Art Exhibition, which running  is from October 9th to the 18th. The art gallery showcases various art, illustrations and figurines of Hatsune Miku. We were also treated to a guest appearance by Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. Tetsuya revealed the new design for Hatsune Miku and I will tell you that it looks realistic. Nomura also stated what a pleasure it was to work on this project. Tetsuya designs keeps true to the core of Hatsune but he made her a real person. It's truly amazing and you will see her later on. In addition Hatsune Miku concert was announced again and more details on the show. The show will be a 3D live show where the most popular songs issued from the community are performed by a live band along with the projected virtual singer Hatsune Miku, who thanks to cutting-edge technology is made to appear as if she was actually on stage. Check out the pics below. 

Tetsuya Nomura In The Middle