Ghost in the Shell Movie Soundtrack (Review)

From the pages of the original 1989 Japanese manga by iconic Masamune Shirow to the 2017 Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures and Reliance Entertainment’ big screen adaptation of Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johansson as its heroine, this immortal tale seamlessly lends itself to the ebb and flow of electronic music. 2017’s official soundtrack album, Music Inspired By The Motion Picture Ghost In The Shell [Paramount Pictures via Kobalt Music Recordings]—due out on March 31--threads together 12 tracks elegantly befitting of Major’s unpredictable cybernetic war and personal journey to uncover the secrets behind her dark past.

Ghost in The Shell movie soundtrack captures the tone and spirit of the anime. The twelve track soundtrack features compositions from Kenji Kawai, Johnny Jewel, Boys Noize, DJ Shadow, Above & Beyond, IO Echo, Tricky, Ki-Theory and Gary Newman. The album opens up with a great remix of Kenji Kawai Ghost in The Shell main theme “Uta IV” from Steve Aoki. The song brings a more epic feel with the addition of drums and synths sound. The opening track is not only the best track but it is the stand out track on the album. From there we go to the track “The Hacker” by Johnny Jewel which builds the tone of tension and I feel that this is the main theme for the antagonist. Other tracks such as Aokigahra Forest, Escape and Enjoy the Silence and Free Fall are all good tracks. Each song really gives a mystery and cyberpunk feel that captures the spirit of Ghost in the Shell. The music has a consistent tone throughout the album which works very well. A soundtrack needs to capture the tone and feel of the scenes plus the atmosphere. All these artist did a stellar job of connecting the feel and tone of Ghost in the Shell. This is an album that fans of Ghost in the Shell will enjoy.

Top Five Tracks

Uta IV Reawakening (Steve Aoki Remix)



Enjoy the Silence



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Saban's Power Rangers (Review)

Reviewed by Justin D Williams

Minor Spoilers Ahead

Five ordinary teens must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove - and the world - is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it's too late, band together as the Power Rangers.

I have mix feelings about Power Rangers after leaving the theater. On one hand I really like it and then on the other hand I feel disappointed. The new entry of Power Rangers sets up the same premise of the first generation of Rangers that was in the 90s. Five teenagers with attitude  are chosen to be defenders of Earth. In this case it's more like Angel Grove. Power Rangers succeeds in character development. Out of all the incarnations of Rangers this version is the best in the bunch. The movie does well giving time to each ranger so the audience can connect with their character arc. Jason lives wild and has trouble with the law. Zack has to deal with a sick mother. Kimberly has to deal with an action that affects her friendship. Trinity has to deal with battle of sexuality. Billy doesn't fit in and has battle a medical condition. The way each arc is presented is well done and you will get behind these characters. If there is a standout ranger it's Billy. Not only is he the comedy relief but he is the heart of the rangers and the film.

 In regards to storytelling the Power Rangers succeeds. The problem with Power Rangers is the film not knowing what tone or audience it's trying to appeal too. I was really loving the mature, realistic sometimes gritty aspect of the film. The film had me invested but once the rangers got their suits the film goes oh wait we have toys to sell and product placement to do. This is where the film went from a Power Rangers to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers of the 90s and it wasn't a good thing. The cheesy final act ruins what was a very good first two acts. As cool it is to see them kick ass and fight with the zords the build up is not felt due to the chessy fun. I'm not saying the battle had to feel like serious but it would be nice to see some cohesiveness with the tone. You can't go serious for the age 13 and 18 to silly for age 4 to 10.  The constant shift in tone took me out of the movie and I hope in future installments they will correct it.

Overall Power Rangers is a good film. The acting is solid and the cast have great chemistry, the fights scene while subpar does enough to entertain. The movie has the worst product placement ever! I mean this is worst than Man of Steel product placement. The product placement ends up being part of the plot which really hurts the film. Krispy Kreme you got your money worth that is for sure. The music is generic and doesn't standout. There isn't much of an original score instead we get songs like Kanye West Power which ruins the fight scene. I'm happy to say you do here very briefly the 90s Power Rangers theme which got a huge pop from the audience. If you're a fan of Power Rangers this is a good film to see. It has good character development for the first two acts. The only one underdeveloped is Rita. She is a one note and over the top and doesn't fit the tone the movie was going for in the beginning. The movie was actually better without the suits. The movie is not bad but will leave some disappointed. However either way this movie should be seen in theaters at least matinee. It's Morphin Time.

Final Grade 3 and 1/2 stars out of 5

Lenni Reviews: "Dreadnought" (Nemesis - Book One) by April Daniels

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Danny is out secretly buying nail polish and ends up thrust in to the middle of a superhero battle. Defeated, Dreadnought transfers his powers to Danny, giving him super human abilities but the female body this transgender teen has always wanted. But not only does Danny have to deal with coming out as the new Dreadnought, she also must come out to her strict parents, the Legion of other heroes, and content with Utopia, the cyborg villain who killed Danny's predecessor. 

After reading "Black Angel" I was a little nervous about another LGBTQ YA novel. However, this book is much like "Rebel Genius" in that I was hooked and entertained for most of this despite being outside the target demographic.

This novel touches on the good and bad about being a trans teen with the added flight of fancy that if anyone bullies you for being trans, you can pummel them into the ground. Danny is such a great kid, you can't help but root for her and just outright DESPISE what she's put through. And, as a comic book geek, this also makes for an awesome superhero story. There is genuine peril Danny has to deal with as a budding super-heroine and despite the world ending consequences; the story doesn't feel like it gets bogged down when dealing with the issues surrounding a transgendered individual. Some reactions are almost TOO evil but I think that's just the part of me that is desperately holding on to a shred of hope in humanity. It doesn't pander, it doesn't preach; "Dreadnought" is a well-written, wild ride, and if it's the start to a series; I look forward to more. 4.7 out of 5.