Videogame Review: The Legend Of Korra

The events of the game occur in the three weeks between what happened in the second and third seasons of the series, which aired in 2013 and 2014 respectively .Korra is opposed by a "chi-blocker" who, at the start of the game, strips Korra of her bending abilities, which she has to regain in the course of the game.

Hatsune Miku Expo NYC Concert 2014 Recap

Hatsune Miku at the Hammerstein Ballroom. The place was jammed pack with screaming Otakus waiting for the arrival for their favorite Vocaloid. If you never been to a Vocaloid concert it truly is an experience.

Interview With Mike Tyson

We had a chat with the one and only Iron Mike Tyson this about his upcoming show at "Mike Tyson Mysteries" which will air on Adult Swim.

New York Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Gallery

Check out all the amazing cosplayers of New York Comic Con 2014.

Sailor Moon Season One Limited Edition Blu-Ray Combo Pack Announced

SAILOR MOON has been completely re-mastered and is presented uncut and with a brand new English voice cast. The Standard Edition DVD and first-ever Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack each contain 23 episodes along with a wealth of bonus features and premium packaging.

Interview Menh Voong (Owner and Founder of Beefy and Co)

Check out our interview with Menh Voong founder of BeeFY and Co.

Theories On Who Is Harrison Wells?

There are many people who believe that Harrison Wells is actually the Reverse Flash. That idea is all thanks to ending of the first episode where Harrison is shown with a news article regarding The Flash in 2024. Today I wanted to share my theories on who I think Harrison Wells is. Dead.

o New Final Fantasy Type-0 Trailer

This latest trailer, “Enter the Fray” transports viewers to the dynamic and enthralling world of Orience, where a turbulent war of nations threatens to tear the land apart.

Oct 30, 2014

Lenni Reviews: My Love Story vol 2 by Kazune Kwahara and Aruko

Continuing from volume one, my favorite big guy with a big heart, Takeo Goda is still misunderstood due to his giant appearance and gruff looks. But he doesn't care as long as Rinko Yamato looks at him with a great big smile and his best friend Makoto Sunakawa is by his side. But life is as life does and events conspire to make Takeo have to chose who he will spend his time with when both of the most important people in his life need him the most.

As with the first volume, Takeo and Rinko are adorable and Makoto is the silent pillar of strength for Takeo as he always has been. But while the blurb on the back of the book implies the couple will have issues making it passed the 'honeymoon stage,' the problems they actually face in the book are pretty damn dire. Not to spoil too much but there's a fire and someone has surgery. Both seem to bring all three closer together as opposed to really test the strength of the romance or the friendship. All three of our major players here are so understanding and supportive, it's hard to believe a simple explanation followed by a compromise wouldn't solve the problems.

This doesn't mean the story isn't interesting - or any less adorable, I cannot stress that enough - but if one of these kids suddenly turned around and started acting like a jerk, it'd be completely out of character. I expect this series to be a set of simple misunderstandings followed by more bonding. I would like to see these kids grow a little, see some real tests to their relationships. But seeing these characters enjoy life is refreshing and sweet. I look forward reading the next volume!

Can't get enough of Lenni's writing? See more here.

NYCC 2014: TERRAFORMARS Gave Fans A Bloody Good Time!

At this year's New York Comic Con, Warner Japan and Crunchyroll presented an exclusive screening of the UNCENSORED version of episode 1 of Terraformars (English Subtitled) and the world premiere of the new EXTENDED trailer. The turn out for the panel was quite an unexpected surprise to the hosts as the room was filled by multitude. Hit the jump for more.

Live Action Patlabor Footage Revealed At Tokyo International Film Festival

When it comes to anime live action films in the United States it's been nothing but misses. However live action anime films in Japan have been hits. The Patlabor live action entitled The Next Generation: Patlabor had footage shown at the Tokyo International Film Festival. It will be divided into thirteen episodes separated into seven parts scheduled to be released in 2014 and 2015 and a final film scheduled to be released in spring 2015. Check out the footage below.

Sailor Moon Season One Limited Edition Blu-Ray Combo Pack Announced

Hey Otakus here is some great new for Sailor Moon fans which you can read below. Anime Rules!!!!!

SAILOR MOON has been completely re-mastered and is presented uncut and with a brand new English voice cast. The Standard Edition DVD and first-ever Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack each contain 23 episodes along with a wealth of bonus features and premium packaging. English dubbed as well as Japanese subtitled dialogue options are available on both formats. The limited edition SAILOR MOON Season 1, Set 1 Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack will carry a MSRP of $79.98 U.S. / $93.99 CAN; the DVD edition will have a MSRP of $44.82 U.S. / $51.99 CAN. The stunning SAILOR MOON Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack offers a deluxe, 6-disc collection (3 DVDs & 3 Blu-rays), housed in a beautiful shimmery holofoil chipboard box with specialty printing, and contains an array of exclusive extra features along with an 88-page full-color booklet filled with artwork, character profiles, an episode guide, lyrics, and more! Blu-ray episodes are presented in full 1080p High Definition video. Fans also can enjoy a bevy of bonus material available exclusively on the Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack such as an interactive, full-color SAILOR MOON video art gallery, the original series trailers, a ‘signs and songs’ subtitle track, analogue closed captions for the deaf and hard of hearing, and exclusive all-new behind the scenes footage of the English dub sessions as well as special SAILOR MOON convention announcement panel footage, and more!

The SAILOR MOON Season 1, Set 1 Standard Edition DVD features 3 discs with beautifully illustrated variant O-card packaging featuring embossed holofoil printing. Episodes are presented in 480p standard video format. Bonus features include the ‘signs and songs’ subtitle track, VIZ Media SAILOR MOON convention highlights and panel announcements as well as the original series trailers and analogue closed captions for the deaf and hard of hearing. Uncut English dubbed as well as Japanese subtitled dialogue options are available. SAILOR MOON depicts the adventures of Usagi Tsukino, a cheerful 14-year-old schoolgirl who often finds herself in unwanted trouble. One day, she saves a talking cat named Luna from some mean kids, and her life is changed forever. Luna gives Usagi a magic brooch that transforms her into Sailor Moon, guardian of love and justice! Now Usagi must work with Luna to find the other Sailor Guardians and the Moon Princess, whose Legendary Silver Crystal is Earth’s only hope against the dark forces of the evil Queen Beryl! “

After being out of print and unavailable in North America for over ten years, the return of SAILOR MOON makes this set a truly historic anime release and one that should be a part of every collection,” says Charlene Ingram, Senior Manager, Animation Marketing. “The Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack is an especially noteworthy collection and offers the debut season of this treasured series for the very first time in crisp High Definition, uncut and re-mastered, and with a brand new English dub cast. Join the Pretty Guardians of Love and Justice, and catch all their early adventures in these forthcoming home media releases that are fit for a Moon Princess!” The smash hit SAILOR MOON anime series is inspired by the bestselling manga (graphic novel) series created by Naoko Takeuchi (published in North America by Kodansha). In the series, Usagi Tsukino is a clumsy but kindhearted teenage girl who transforms into the powerful guardian of love and justice, Sailor Moon. Meeting allies along the way who share similar fates, Usagi and her team of planetary Sailor Guardians fight to protect the universe from forces of evil and total annihilation!

Featured Figure 'Full Action Model Chamber"

From the Seiun Award nominated anime Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Good Smile Company brings you the Full Action Model "Chamber".

"I am the Pilot Support System, Chamber."

The very first in Good Smile Company's new mecha figure series 'Good Smile Arms' is an action figure of Chamber from the popular anime series Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet! The figure is 1/50th scale, standing an impressive 19cm in height.

The various weapons from the series are included, as well as effect parts to display him hovering in the air in flying mode. He is also a fully articulated action figure allowing for nearly any pose you can imagine!

GOOD SMILE ARMS is a new articulated figure series from Good Smile Company based on the theme of 'mecha', with a focus on preserving the intricate, sharp designs of mecha and other robotic designs while still allowing great freedom of posing though careful articulation. All the painting skills GSC has acquired though years of working on figures will also be put to use in the series, allowing for colors and textures that suit the detailed sculpting, and bring out the unique presence of mecha designs. The series will also be a larger scale compared to most articulated mecha figures, and will feature robots from not only anime, but also from various games and other media. We hope you'll look forward to the upcoming line-up!

Product Details

Product Name
       Full Action Model Chamber
Series                     Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
Manufacturer        Good Smile Company
Category                GOOD SMILE ARMS
Price                       ¥18,333 (Before Tax)
Release Date        2015/05


Sculptor               SEN-TI-NEL

Reservations  now available from GOODSMILES. Check the gallery below. Click on the image for better view.

Oct 29, 2014

Theories On Who Is Harrison Wells?

One of my favorite things about "The Flash" show is trying to figure out who is Harrison Wells? There are many people who believe that Harrison Wells is actually the Reverse Flash. That idea is all thanks to ending of the first episode where Harrison is shown with a news article regarding The Flash in 2024. Today I wanted to share my theories on who I think Harrison Wells is. I will always use evidence from the show and comics to support my theories. As Anakin Skywalker would say "This is where the fun begins."

Theory 1: Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom)
Obsessed with The Flash (check), has access to other timezones and realities (check), comes off as creepy and menancing (check). It will be a safe bet that Harrison Wells is indeed Professor Zoom. So far all the signs are pointing to Harrison Wells, he already did kill a guy on the show. However what about Eddie Thawne? Thawne might also be Professor Zoom and is using Iris and Detective West as pawns for his big strike.  The best way to attack a hero is get close to him or his loved oned. However hints of Harrison Wells character are clear from Geoff Johns himself. Johns states "Harrison Wells is a new character that was created, the name obviously is brand new. I don't think we can say anything else about it ... the NAME IS NEW...the character is not." With that said it is a good bet that Harrison Well is indeed Professor Zoom.

Theory 2: Harrison Wells is actually an older Barry Allen
This is something that I've been thinking about for a while now. What if Harrison Wells is actually Barry Allen from another time? What if an event is going to happen that The Flash couldn't prevent? Or The Flash actually causes something that he regrets that takes him on a dark path. Harrison Wells is very concern with The Flash's well being and molding him into a hero. Maybe the reason he is so concern is because he is Barry Allen. It's possible that he has travel to prevent something from happening. It will be cool if Harrison Wells is actually Barry Allen that has taken a dark turn. This will lead to a many possibilites and story arcs for the show.

Theory 3: Harrison Wells is Metron
This theory is way left field but some comic fans are saying Wells is indeed Metron. Metron is really unlikely mainly because he is more of an observer of the universe. He seeks greater knowledge and understanding and he will have no reason to kill.

Who do you think Harrison Wells is? Let me know.


New Final Fantasy Type-0 Trailer

A new type of FINAL FANTASY game for the latest and most-powerful generation of game consoles, is almost upon us. With the launch of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 TM HD just a few months away , SQUARE ENIX® today premiered a new trailer to celebrate the opening day of Paris Games Week. This latest trailer, “Enter the Fray” transports viewers to the dynamic and enthralling world of Orience, where a turbulent war of nations threatens to tear the land apart.

Oct 28, 2014

Interview Menh Voong (Owner and Founder of Beefy & Co)

Hey Guys!!! 
Now that we all know that New York Comic Con is one of the biggest and greatest Con in the U.S. Otakus and Geeks did all it can to cover and explore this event and because of this we found a lot of great products and made a lot of new friends. One of the many great products we found are from Beefy and Co which is owned by Menh Voong (a.k.a BeeFy). We love his product so much that we wanted to find out and share with you guys how this company started. The best way to do that is to interview the owner himself, BeeFy. I hope you guys enjoy this interview and support BeeFy and Co. Below you will find the interview and some image of BeeFy and Co. art and products.

Let’s start from the beginning how long have you been an artist?

Wow, as early as I can remember. It really started in grade school when was about 6 years old. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were the Pokémon of our generation. We drew Ninja Turtles almost every day in school and showed them off to one anotherI would also would win many drawing contests in school. So, I guess I kind of knew how to draw at a young age, and have been drawing ever since. I can’t recall any of my school notes that didn’t have any sketchesdoodlings or artwork on themProfessionally, I would say over 10 years. I did a lot of graphic design work during college and still freelance occasionally

Do you remember the moment you wanted to do this for a living?

Yes! I’ve always had a huge passion for cartoons, animation, anime and toys! At one point during college I wanted to transfer to FIT in New York to pursue a Toy Design Degree, but didn’t have the credits or finances to transfer, so the dream of being a toy designer quickly died. 

You started a company called BeeFy & Co. Can you tell us how did you start BeeFy & Co and talk a little bit about the company?
The dream of starting my own company and being an Illustrator and toy designer reemerged when I discovered KIDROBOT and the urban vinyl toy scene, becoming a huge fan and collector. At that time the only toy industry I knew was the mass market production toys, and felt there would be no chance for someone like me to produce my own figures unless I worked for Mattel or Hasbro. When the Urban Vinyl figures came into the industry and it was finally financially possible for one to produce their own figures, I realized I might have a chance to make one of my dreams come true and pursue my passion in toy design to produce my very own figures! After doing some research and being introduced to Kusovinyl from a friend in 2011, I did some number-crunching. Then with a head full of enthusiasm, I pitched my business idea to all my close friends, asking them to invest and become partners. That was one of the toughest parts in the beginning, because none of my friends had any clue about the toy/designer toy industry. After numerous failed meeting attempts and pitches, I finally got a group of friends that was nice enough to support me and give it a shot. From there, the rest was history. 

BeeFy & Co.’s foundation is what I like to call, “Creating happiness through art and toys. We are a designer toy, apparel and art company. The nuts and bolts that keep the foundation together are all the characters I create. I love to create as many different characters as possible, making sure that each and every character has his/her unique personality and backstory. The short backstory allows you to get to know and fall in love with the characters even more! So with each character I create, I try to bring them to life either through vinyl figure, plush, animation or apparel! I guarantee you that you will find onecharacter that you will be attached to or can relate to. If not, I’ll definitely be creating one for you in the near future.

 As an artist there will always be tons of creative thoughts on designs and what to put on paper. How do you decide what makes the cut and what doesn’t?
That is true. I draw and create so many characters throughout the year and I LOVE them all! My creations are like my kids so it’s definitely tough to choose who gets brought to life, however there are always a few that I really get attached to more than others, so I pick those out of the bunch. Then I take into consideration what has been released in the market in the past, what other artists are currently releasing, and what the fans and followers like and want

Is there any artist or any forms of medium such as entertainment, books etc. that you draw inspiration from for your work?

Oh, of course! There is such a wide ranges of artists, mediums and cultures that inspire me that I don’t even know where to beginTo narrow down what has influenced my current work, I have to say cartoons, animation and anime like Family Guy, American Dad, Naruto, One Piece and all the animated movies from Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks. Companies like Tokidoki and Sanrio are also inspirational,and they are the pioneers for those of us who follow in their footsteps. Another medium that I believe really inspired me and has stuck with me to this day, are the Sunday comic strips I used to read every weekend while I was a paperboy for three years in middle school. Garfield and Foxtrot, in particular,were the ones that really resonated most with me. The majority of my characters are humorous and cute in one way or another, similar to Garfield and all the Pixar characters. Designing characters that makepeople laugh and smile is my main goal, and I consider it a great success when I am able toAfter being in the industry for two years, I realized, CUTE SELLS! Anything you design that is cute, will sell! So the market does play a part also in my creative direction.

As a person who runs their own site, also an artist and wears many hats what would say is the most challenging aspect of BeeFY & Co?

Yesunfortunately BeeFy & Co. is now one-man show with occasional assistance from awesome friends, but there are many perks to working aloneFor instance, no one can tell you what to do and you don’t ever have to explain anything to anyone or come up with an excuse why you are late to open the booth at a convention, haha. The most challenging aspect of BeeFy & Co., I would say is marketing, promoting, and getting exposure and traffic for the company. You can’t sell anything if no one knows your company exists! There are many ways to do so, such as blogs, word of mouth, street fairs, and conventions, etc. I find the most successful way to build a following is to get yourself seen and noticed. Exhibit at as many different shows and conventions as possible. Finding the time and capitol to exhibit all these shows are another challenge of itself.

You were recently at New York Comic Con 2014 can you tell us your experience at the convention?
NYCC was AWESOME!!! Seeing all the great cosplays as they came around the aisle was like nerdgasmsthe entire week! The cosplayers and all the attendees were great and super nice. My booth was located at The Block area, where all the designer exhibitors were grouped together, so I got glimpses of some of the other awesome booths during my bathroom dashes. I have to admit, since I’m pretty much the only person working at my booth, I don’t really get leisure time to enjoy and experience the entire con or any con that I exhibit., so it’s all the interactions with the attendees and fans that stop by my booth that make or break my experience for a con. The East Coast folks are as nice as the West Coast ones so I get a lot of love at NYCC and am always surprised with the amount of support I get out thereBeing from San Francisco, I exhibit in pretty much all the California conventions and I have some wonderful and passionate followers in the West Coast that make every effort to come see me first before any other booths, which is why I love them so much! I do get quite a few return customers from previous years and it felt good to see folks who came back to my booth this year after seeing me last year. It means that my work, product, company or myself have made an impression on them for them to remember BeeFy & Co. and return to visit. The networking is always amazing at NYCC, as I get to meet so many great people and make new friends every time.  The cherry on top of the whole NYCC experience is always being able to see all my other artist friends! Even though we don’t get to spend much time catching up during the con because we all have to work our own booths, I am always appreciative of those who take time to make rounds to visit and say hi. have to apologize to all my friends at NYCC because mhello’s are like one second long while running back to my booth. NYCC is a must-attend event for me, it’s just full of AWESOMENESS!!

Check out BeeFy's upcoming events and the site at

The Legend Of Korra (Videogame) Review

The events of the game occur in the three weeks between what happened in the second and third seasons of the series, which aired in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Korra is opposed by a "chi-blocker" who, at the start of the game, strips Korra of her bending abilities, which she has to regain in the course of the game. The game's main villain, Hundun, is named after a chaotic entity in Chinese mythology. An ancient, evil being previously trapped in the spirit world, he was released into the physical world by Korra's opening of the spirit portals at the end of the second season. The game sees him sow chaos in the world and pursue his grudge against the Avatar.

Oct 27, 2014

Lenni Reviews: Food Wars vol 2 by Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki

What happens after you (begrudgingly) get accepted to school? Why, you move into the dorms, of course! And of course Soma can't take such a simple step without having to battle his way through so first he battles the dorm matron, then we are introduced to the idea of the Counsel of Ten as Soma battles the ever hardly dressed Satoshi Isshiki for a place to rest his head. And just in time as Soma's battles seem never ending.

Just as with the first volume, all the food cooked in this manga is "make your clothes fall off" delicious and the "Counsel of Ten" was an instant nod to Kill La Kill for me. This is not a bad thing as I expect epic shenanigans. Erina Nakiri (the queen bee from volume one) makes a brief appearance in order to make sure you don't forget she's still a player in this culinary game but this volume truly belongs to Soma; as he dominates every battle. Fan service? Never ending, even some eye candy for the bishie fans out there. Not in the exact ratio to the amount of bouncing cleavage but this is from Shonen Jump so, ya get what ya get and I am not upset. The over-the-top rediculousness keeps me giggling and I am hungry for volume three.

Yes, I made a food pun. You know it hadda happen at least once. ;)

Can't get enough of Lenni's writing? See more here.

Mike Tyson Mysteries Series Premiere Review

What happens when you combine the style of the Scooby Doo cartoons with the personality of one Mike Tyson? Believe it or not you get a pretty entertaining show entitled "Mike Tyson Mysteries." One thing Mike Tyson Mysteries does well is knowing it's identity. The show does exactly what it's design to do and the put Mike Tyson in strange situations and solve mysteries. The first episode is a great introduction into the world of the characters. Mike has a very unique gang of characters to aid him in his quest.  The Ghost of the Marquess of Queensberry, Mike's adopted Korean daughter Yung Hee, and a pigeon who was once a man. With all these crazy cast of characters and add Mike Tyson in the middle of it all, you get a pretty entertaining show.

On the first episode we're introduce to the cast and get a little bit of backstory on some of them. I found the most interesting character to be Yung Hee who is Mike's adopted daughter. She is someone I found to have the most curiousity about, why is she with Mike? Her character is a mystery in itself and that is what I hope the season will explore. The episode had some of it's fun moments with Mike taking down a beast with his bare hands, the pigeon being a smart ass and the mystery itself was pretty good. Overall this is  Mike Tyson with a Scooby Doo style show and you know what it works.

Music Monday Spotlight #3 - L2 and The Music Machine: Bye-Bye

It's been a long time since the last "Music Monday Spotlight" but no worries because today we are bring it back!!! This week we want to bring "Music Monday Spotlight" back hoping that it will continue. We apologize for a long pause but we try to do our best. Today we will be featuring L2 and The Music Machine with there 1st single and 1st video "Bye-Bye, and right bellow the video is some information about who they are and how they started. I hope you guys enjoy this new artist and support them.

 L2 and The Music Machine is a U.S. pop duo consisting of producer/songwriter Brinsley Evans and singer/songwriter Lisa Molina. The two hail from New York City. They met when Evans hired Molina to do some vocal session work on some songs he was producing. The two hit it off so well that they soon decided to do some songwriting together. This proved to be a very fortuitous union. The pair ended up placing songs with the likes of John Dahlback, Ultra Nate, Danni Minogue and Mischa Daniels.
Before coming together the two amassed a very extensive resume of work in the entertainment industry. Producer/songwriter Brinsley Evans first came to prominence in the 90s with his group first group Uncanny Alliance. Signed to A&M records the group's debut album, "The Groove Won't Bite" spawned four hit singles including 2 number ones, "I Got My Education" and "I'm Beautiful Damn It." His song "Happy Day" received great exposure after being featured prominently in the Adam Sandler film Happy Gilmore, during the famous miniature golf scene.

He then went on to write the #1 world wide smash Make the World Go Round by Sandy B. The song was a hit all over Europe and earned Evans an ASCAP Rhythm and Soul award for the Top Dance Song of the year in the U.S. This would be the first of four ASCAP awards that Evans would eventually win. His follow up single with Sandy B, "Ain't no need to hide", was also a smash and followed its predecessor straight to #1. Evans has written with and produced a Who's Who of artists in the music in the street including, Bette Midler, Taylor Dane, Michelle Williams, Judy Torres, Laura Branigan, Janice Robinson, Ultra Nate, RuPaul, Chris Willis,(lead vocalist for David Guetta), Joy Cardwell, Jill Jones, John Dahlback, Misha Daniels, Kristine W, the list goes on and on. He has amassed 20 top 40 dance hits including 5 #1's.

Vocalist Lisa Molina was born in Cincinnati Ohio. She has resided in many places as a child, until her family finally settled in New York. A child prodigy, Molina started performing at a very early age. She appeared in many pageants and talent shows before finally ending up and on Broadway, performing the role Melanie in the Broadway musical, The Goodbye Girl starring Martin Short and Bernadette Peters.

After the run of the show Molina began honing her skills in the recording studio and soon became a very in demand session singer. She is the voice behind hundreds of different jingles, anything from Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids, AT&T, Kids R Us, Pound Puppies, Magic Trolls, to new toys such as Blinkys and the Galaxy Girls.

It was during this time that Molina also started recording and writing with some of the hottest names and dance music. Working with producers Norty Cotto, Jason Nevins, Evans, Count de Money, Molina co wrote and sang on countless hits. Some of those hits include the Holly James song, "I'm In Heaven,” which peaked at number 9 on the UK top 10 singles chart, Danny Minogue's "Touch Me Like That", #1 on the UK dance charts and I'll Be Your Freak, #3 on the Billboard club play chart. She also along with Evans, co wrote and sang backgrounds on four songs for vocalist Ultra Nate's Hero Worship album. The tracks include "Turn it up, Hey DJ, No Wasted Hearts and "Everybody loves the night". Turn it up when on to become Nate's 18th top 10 dance hit, peaking at #4 on the Billboard dance club play chart.

Once they decided to put all outside writing on hold and concentrate on their group the two decided that they wanted to do things a little differently. They admired the way videos like "Gangnam Style" and "What Does the Fox Say" married the comedy aspect of things and music together. 

They thought how great would it be to take our comedy ideas for a spin in our videos, but also have really solid pop songs that would stand on their own aside from the video? Viola! Pop/dance music comedy magic! The two have over 40 songs recorded for their upcoming albums. They've hand picked their favorites for their upcoming EP release. Their first video and single Bye-Bye, sets the tone for exactly what they want to accomplish with the project.

The pair wanted to capture an old school slapstick, sketch comedy Benny Hill type vibe for the video. Something really outlandish and off-the-wall, that you don't see enough of nowadays. Yet they also wanted you to be able to close your eyes and hear a catchy pop tune. "Mission accomplished".

Oct 26, 2014

Studio Ghibli Cosplay

This week I would like to take a moment and recognize the magic in all things Studio Ghibli.
Here are some of the world's favorite Studio Ghibli characters ~

Of course, it's Sunday so let's start with cosplay shall we!
Please Enjoy~





Oct 25, 2014

Hatsune Miku Expo NYC Concert 2014 Recap

I had the pleasure of going to the first concert in NYC for Hatsune Miku at the Hammerstein Ballroom. The place was jammed pack with screaming Otakus waiting for the arrival for their favorite Vocaloid. If you never been to a Vocaloid concert it truly is an experience. The show has amazing production with the live band really tearing the house down. With the great effect of the lights and of course the main star herself  Hatsune Miku this was a experience you have to see once. The amazing effects, the choreography and the energy of the crowd definitely sets Hatsune Miku away from any other act. What I love the most is the effects on Hatsune Miku. To see a real hologram moving around, interacting and putting on the show was truly amazing.Check out the set list and photos from the concert. Truly a wonderful experience.

Song Artist
M1 Sharing the world BIGHEAD
M2 Senbonzakura WhiteFlame
M3 Kocchi Muite Baby ryo(supercell)
M4 Koiiro Byoutou OSTER project
M5 Colorful Melody TeamMOER
M6 Fire Flower halyosy
M7 The Butterfly on My Right Shoulder Noripy
M8 Melancholic Junky
M9 Kokoro Toraboruta
M10 Glass Wall GuitarHeroPianoZero
M11 Torinoko City 40mP
M12 Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro HACHI
M13 Romeo and Cinderella doriko
M14 Piano x Forte x Scandal OSTER project
M15 Pane dhiria Shinjou-P
M16 Parades whoo
M17 Poppippo LamazeP
M18 The Snow White Princess is Noboru
M19 Just Be Friends Dixie Flatline
M20 Luka Luka Night Fever samfree
M21 Himitsu Keisatsu Buriru
M22 Yellow livetune
M23 World Is Mine ryo(supercell)
M24 Melt ryo(supercell)


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