Everyday Lolita ... in the Workplace

There's a ton of places where we an start with Lolita and this posting is kinda backwards. Or at least, it seems that for any readers who are just getting into Lolita. Don't worry though! Backwards and all, it'll all make sense. Take what you can and use it as you actively enter the world of a Lolita or as you transition into an Everyday Lolita. I think there's a bit of something here for everyone. And if not ... just holla and I'l be happy to make it happen! That being said, let's get busy!

So the all time question of "How can I wear Lolita to work" is a plausible one when you're not in a creative or expressive industry. In fact, most times, if you try and go all in initially, regardless of how super cute and well put together your coordinate is, it may still be frowned upon.

That being said, some tried and true tips to wearing Lolita in the workplace are these:

-Ease people into your fashion choice: Lolita, for unassuming people, can be a lot to take in .. you know, with all the ruffles and bows, oversized skirts and such. So be sure to gradually change your wardrobe a bit.

  1. Swap out your slacks for skirts with a low volume petticoat. 
  2. Rock a smart blazer or blouse with some super feminine aspects like puff sleeves, big bow collars, or lace. 
  3. Express yourself with socks, tights, and accessories (bow headbands, hairclips, small charms, etc.) since those things aren't so "in your face. Slowly people will start to notice your Loli swag though.
  4. Some kick around mary janes, flat or otherwise, are always a plus. And while you're at it, cute flats with bows or updating your exisiting footwear with bows can work too.
*Working within a specific dress code could get tricky so keep some common Loli elements around like charms, a deco phone case ... you get the point. But things that tickle your kawaii Lolita senses will come in handy in such cases.

-Know what styles are suitable for the workplace: Usually, the easiest styles to work with are classic, aristocrat, and toned down goth. With these coordinate style types, somber colors, low volume petticoats, discreet hairbows, reserved embellishments, and limited accessories are definitely encouraged. Everything Lolita doesn't always have to be so OTT!

**Some people include old school sweet or sweet Lolita in these, but that can get tricky. That particular Lolita style is usually associated with lots of pinks and blues or pastel-type colors which could go either way in the work place, given your personal Lolita style. However, you could make a huge statement on days you may want to feel a bit "fancier" than others.

-Pay attention to color: As a Lolita you'll already stick out, so you don't have to work very hard at that. Know your surroundings and seek to gracefully enhance them, not just draw all the attention to yourself. In fact, the goal here, is NOT to stick out like a sore thumb. Most corrdinates can be muted, but you and only you know your work place and what others tend to wear, so color coordinate accordingly. 

-Know your limits: While every Lolita wants to be able to coordinate to suit our little kawaii Lolita hearts, the fact of the matter is, there's a place and a time for everything. Find those moments where you can let your Lolita star shine to it's fullest potential. And until then, use the tips above to create your small slice of Lolita heaven at the workplace.

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