Deviantart Artist Spotlight: Wenqing Yan

If there is one thing I love is art and the artist behind them. Just like cosplay boy and girl of the week I wanted to give spotlights to great artist. I' am a huge fan of Deviantart and the great talent there. This week's spotlight goes to Wenqing Yan (Yuumei). I met her and her work at this year's J-Pop Summit 2014. While walking around the artist alley I saw Wenqinq Yan work and fell in love with it. I had to buy something. In addition to DeviantArt Wenqing is working on Axent Wear which headphones with cat ears. You can get the details of that project here Check out photos of Wenqinq work at her DeviantArt site Here is some pics below of Wenqinq Yan at J-Pop Festival and some work.

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Wenqinq Yan at J-Pop Summit 2014

Justin after his purchase of Wenqinq Work. He is going to frame it.