Tribeca Talks: Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus


Hey O&G fans, this year at Tribeca Games we got a chance to attend the Tribeca Talks: Hideo Kojima with Norman Reedus event. One of the Best Video game designers and One of the most popular TV and Movies star sat down at the BMCC theater to talk about their game project (Death Stranding) , their work history and their growing friendship over the years.

Unfortunately there was a ban on video for the event, but we were able to record audio. So check out our audio, video and pictures of this wonderful and informative event.

by Sean Tucker

Banner is back in Avengers: No Surrender


Press Release

Avengers: Disassemble! The epic weekly takeover continues this February when Paco Medina takes the reigns to draw the third month of Marvel’s biggest team adventure, and Marvel is excited to reveal the covers for issues #683 - #686 of AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER by Mark Brooks as well as the first look at February’s interlocking variant covers by Nick Bradshaw!

Month three of AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER takes its epic storytelling to another level, as Jarvis’ life hangs by a thread and the Black Order is on the attack. And as if the Avengers don’t have enough to worry about, they’ll need to deal with a betrayal of one of their own.

Co-written by Mark Waid, Al Ewing and Jim Zub with art by Pepe Larraz, Kim Jacinto and Paco Medina, AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER unites the casts and creative teams of three titles into one weekly book of exciting action. It all starts with AVENGERS #675 this January, when the teams of THE AVENGERS, UNCANNY AVENGERS, and U.S. AVENGERS come together in a story as exciting and powerful as the Marvel Universe itself.

Find Avengers: No Surrender in stores on 1/10! To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook.

























Exclusive IRON FIST Clip on the CHIVE

Hey O&G fans,  theCHIVE is giving Marvel fans an extra peak at the upcoming Netflix Original – Iron Fist with an exclusive clip only available on the site. The clip can only be accessed through a secret code and here’s how you can do it.

Visitors to theCHIVE can check out the clip by entering the “Up, Up, Down, Down, left, right, left, right, a, b”..................... Hmmmm this code sounds familiar. Well if you are not Video Game savvy or are all thumds, just enter  Danny Rand, into theCHIVE’s search function to reach the content. Enjoy the content exclusively from the CHIVE.

Welcome To Hanwell: Open World Horror Game

Hey O&G fans, Indie DB created an open world horror game titled Welcome To Hanwell. Here is a little description of the game:

Welcome to Hanwell!

A place full of your worst nightmares. Nightmares that you have learned to just accept as a part of life.

Monsters, known in the game as Anomalies are everywhere, but never arrive without warning from the Hanwell Council of Public Protection (HCPP). One night after a seemingly normal preperation you wake to hear your dictafone screaming with interference. A sign that an Anomaly is nearby. Thus begins a terrifying adventure into the depths of Hanwell.

In Hanwell, you are who you choose to be. An Anomaly hunter collecting trophies for your home. Just an everyday person trying to get by in a world full of horror. Or an explorer searching for clues as to what happened in Hanwell, a once safe haven from the Anomalies. Leading you to the infamous HCPP research center.

Welcome to Hanwell is an open world psychological horror game. Find out more at

Tales From The Crypt 2017 Teaser

Hey O&G fans, M Night Shyamalan is rebooting the classic horror series Tales From The Crypt Which ran from June 10, 1989 to July 19, 1996. For those to young to remember the series or the movies it spawned here is a look at the original intro:

Now check out the 2017 Teaser:

The remake has been delayed, so we hope this teaser is a sign that the series is a go. It was previously said that the new stories would be culled from trending pieces posted to the fiction site, Wattpad, and the footage bears a decidedly modern milieu. In the teaser, Shyamalan calls the original show a “forbidden fruit” from his childhood, celebrating its “dark, ironic” tone. No date has been set yet.

Thanos Kills The Marvel Universe in ZERO DAY

Thanos may have been defeated like a chump in the recent Civil War II, but the Mad Titan looks to be getting his revenge by standing atop a mountain of fallen Marvel heroes in a first look at January 18's U.S.Avengers #2.

As teased in this week's U.S.Avengers #1, this appears to be "Zero Day" - a calamatous event that the future Danielle Cage warned heroes about over the course of recent New Avengers issues.

Here is the solicitation for that issue.

Variant Cover by DAVID NAKAYAMA
• Welcome to the $kullocracy! The Golden Skull launches his takeover bid — and it’s so crazy it just might work!
• How do the U.S.Avengers respond to the looming threat? Tuxedos. Really well-fitted tuxedos.
• Plus! Where were you on Zero Day — the day Captain America died?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Collateral Beauty Review

Written By Sean Tucker

Hey O&G fan, last night we attended the world premiere of Collateral Beauty at the Jazz Theater Lincoln Center NYC. Cast, Press and Guest came out to see what could be a Oscar season nomination. As always a brief description of the movie:

Retreating from life after a tragedy, a man questions the universe by writing to Love, Time and Death. Receiving unexpected answers, he begins to see how these things interlock and how even loss can reveal moments of meaning and beauty.


Ok let's begin with Howard (Will Smith). The movie opens with Howard giving a speech to his employees with his usual smile and self confidence, fast forward to 3 years later and now he's a broken shell of a man. His friends and business partners think he's finally lost his mind from grief due to the loss of his only child. The business is failing and his partners fear that he won't sell his shares in order to save it, so they hire 3 actors to play (Love, Time and Death) the three entities he's been writing letters to in hopes to prove to the other board members he's actually a bit crazy.

The movie is meant to be a tear jerker and it is. Critics have slammed it saying its trying to be Manchester by the Bay, But for the average moviegoer, who doesn’t care about being manipulated into a sobbing, sloppy flesh-bag of tears, they will enjoy Collateral Beauty. Will Smith is his usual suave self and for me he played the role great. Whit (Ed Norton), Claire (Kate Winslet), and Simon (Michael Peña,) were a pretty good supporting cast, Although for me, I felt they were all about themselves until they learned their own lessons about Love, Time and Death.

Keira Knightley, Jacob Latimore and Helen Mirren, respectively, ( personifications of Love, Time, and Death ) were played very well ( especially Mirren ) I think they were the saving grace of the movie. The movie does drag a bit and has some moments where you wanna scream "alright already, move on"

Collateral Beauty isn’t exactly a great movie as noted, but it was very entertaining and the All about the Tears kind of movie it promised to be. I'm giving the movie 3 1/2 stars.


Deadpool The Duck #1



What do you get when you take one cynical anthropomorphic duck (named Howard) and cross it with the smelliest (and most annoying) mercenary in the Marvel Universe? DEADPOOL THE DUCK #1! Coming to comic shops and digital devices everywhere on Janurary 4th, its high-stakes avian antics as two of Marvel’s most beloved, and crass, heroes merge for an all-new series brought to you by Stuart Moore (CLOAK & DAGGER, THANOS: DEATH SENTENCE Novel) and Jacopo Camagni (DEADPOOL’s SECRET SECRET WARS).


When Deadpool is sent on a mission from S.H.I.E.L.D. to capture a high-profile E.T. that is rampaging across the high plains, the snatch-and-grab turns out to be much more complicated than the Merc with a Mouth anticipated. One unfortunate wrong place at the wrong time accident later leaves Deadpool and Howard fighting for control as the newest mercenary of the Marvel Universe!


So strap in, break out your chimichangas and crusty bread scraps and hang on! Because you’re in for: rabid raccoons, secret laboratories, cramped spaceships, evil corporations, gastric distress, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Did we mention that’s only issue one?! Flap your wings over to your local comic shop on January 4th to get your hands on DEADPOOL THE DUCK #1!

Plox Official Star Wars Levitating Death Star Speaker

Hey O&G fans at this years PEPCOM Holiday Spectacular, we had a chance to check out PLOX. A  leader in the development of technology products in Australia, unveiled its official Star Wars Levitating Death Star Speaker.

The Levitating Death Star

Not bound by the laws of gravity, the Plox Levitating Death Star speaker provides amazingly clear and sharp sound while astonishing everyone as it levitates while playing music. Designed to look like the iconic Death Star, key features include:

·       Gravity-defying orb rotates above a magnetic base to truly levitate

·       360 degree uncompromising sound quality

·       Up to 5 hours of continuous playback on Bluetooth®

·       Can be used as a portable speaker without the base

·       MSRP $179.99





Valiant's Faith named as Official Comics Ambassador for Breast Cancer Prenvention Non-Profit

Image Credit: Valiant Comics

Image Credit: Valiant Comics

Press Release

Valiant Entertainment – the award-winning publisher of the largest independent superhero library in comics – and The Keep A Breast Foundation – the leading global youth-based breast cancer prevention organization – are proud to announce a new ongoing partnership dedicated to furthering the California-based non-profit’s ongoing mission with new initiatives in educational publishing, fundraising merchandise, convention and exhibitions outreach around the world, and much more.

As detailed today at Fast Company, the new face of this first-of-its-kind collaborative partnership will be Valiant’s own leading super-heroine, Faith, who will make her debut as Keep A Breast’s official “comics ambassador” at New York Comic Con 2016. Faith will then subsequently be utilized throughout a number of Keep A Breast promotional endeavors globally in 2016 and beyond.

“The foundation of everything Keep A Breast does is art, and it absolutely thrills us to team up with people, like Valiant Comics, that are breaking the norm in their own industries,” said Keep A Breast Founder & CCO Shaney jo Darden. “When we read Faith, we were so excited to see a hero that was so funny, real, and full of self-love. Art has the power to heal and impact people in the best way, and this partnership will further prove how art can put a spotlight on real issues and start important conversations that can save lives.”

“Creativity can be the catalyst for great change, and it is often said there is no medium more creative than comic books,” said Valiant Chief Operating Officer & CFO Gavin Cuneo. “With Faith at the forefront of a wide variety of upcoming Keep A Breast programs, we look forward to aiding them in their vitally important and all-too-needed cause of combating breast cancer through art, education, and the creative spirit. As one of the most optimistic heroes in comics today, Faith is already an inspiration to many. Now, in her new role as an ambassador on Keep A Breast’s behalf, it is our sincere hope that her unbeatable spirit will inspire a new contingent of fans and enthusiasts to join their campaign against this tragically common condition.”

Additionally, Valiant and Keep A Breast’s joint mission to promote breast health and cancer prevention across all facets of comics fandom and culture will continue with special fundraising endeavors throughout New York Comic Con 2016. From Thursday, October 6th through Sunday, October 9th, Valiant’s Faith will appear on two limited-edition collectibles, specially produced to benefit Keep A Breast and available exclusively at the publisher’s NYCC booth #1635.

"I Quit" Why are Marvels youngest Heroes ready to Quit?

image credit Marvel

image credit Marvel

Hey O&G fans, recently posters have been popping up with some of marvel's young heroes with the caption "I QUIT" July 5th under them. This has lead some readers to believe that there will be big changes after the Civil War 2 story arc, with some heroes leaving their respective teams. Just in case you haven't seen them here are a few of the posters:


So what has these heroes ready to quit? Yesterday it was revealed as part of the Marvel NOW! "Divided We Stand" initiative, a new Champions series is on its way in October with young heroes from the Avengers and X-Men featuring these characters from the posters as part of the team. Writer Mark Waid describes the series as a "generational shift."

"When we were growing up, the general perception was it takes adults to fix the world. Kids can do little things, but basically you have to wait till you grow up to make the big choices and the big decisions. Well, Mark Zuckerberg would disagree with you. Some of the other young trend-breaking scientists that are coming to light, online especially, would beg to differ with you," Waid told Entertainment Weekly  "Those are the inspirations, as much as anybody else, for the idea that we don’t have to wait until we grow up to be Tony Stark or Captain America to make a difference in this world. We’ll find our way, and we’ll find our own way." This team takes its name from the 1970s Marvel super-team the Champions - a name that has been mired in legal battles that have prevented its re-use until now

The original CHAMPIONS series was created by writer Tony Isabella and artist Don Heck, issue #1 debut in 1975. Writer Tony Isabella developed the concept of a new team of superheroes and originally wanted the roster to consist of former X-Men Angel and Iceman, and the newly created Black Goliath. Black Goliath became unavailable when the character debuted in his own title, forcing Isabella to rethink the concept. Editor Len Wein insisted on at least five members, and Isabella added three established heroes: Russian spy Black Widow (team leader), the Greek God Hercules, and the supernatural avenger Ghost Rider.


This New team will consist of Ms Marvel, Kid Nova, Spiderman (Miles Morales) Awesome Hulk, Viv Vision (Daughter of the Vision) and Young Cyclops. Which should be an interesting combination.

Mark Waid will be joined on Champions by artist Humberto Ramos, currently writes the Ms. Marvel/Spider-Man/Nova trio in All-New All-Different Avengers. We will keep you updated on more info as the series is closer to it's release.

source: Entertainment Weekly and Wikipedia

by Sean Tucker

Dreaming About The Many What To Do's While in Brooklyn

Hey O&G fans, today we are bringing you a wonderful book written bylocal NYC authors: Ephraim Benton and Amber Cherish Benton. Dreaming about the many what to do's while in Brooklyn is a children's book that shows the fun things to do in Brooklyn for kids. Here is a little info from the Authors about the book

When Kids Nap, Their Imagination Begins! 
Several kids fall asleep and dream about the many different things they could do while in Brooklyn. Their creative minds wander off on a journey to explore all the beautiful, educational, athletic and fun activities to do all over Brooklyn. Are they ready for the many cool discoveries and new experiences they learn on their wonderful adventure?

Dreaming About The Many What To Do's While In Brooklyn
Authored by Mr Ephraim Benton, Authored with Amber Benton, Illustrated by Aurora Pagano
List Price: $12.99
8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm) 
Full Color Bleed on White paper
34 pages
Daddy Daughter Publishing, LLC
ISBN-13: 978-0983510413
ISBN-10: 0983510415
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Travel

Age 5 - 10


NightHawk #1 Preview

image credit marvel

image credit marvel

Press Release

Straight from the pages of Squadron Supreme comes the most brutal super hero in the Marvel Universe in a hard-hitting new ongoing series! Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside NIGHTHAWK #1 – the new ongoing series from fan-favorite creators David Walker (Power Man And Iron Fist) and Ramon Villalobos (E is for Extinction). He is Chicago’s lethal vigilante – dispensing swift and vicious justice to those who truly deserve it. But when the city’s shadiest power brokers begin turning up dead – each murdered more gruesomely than the last – Nighthawk must ask himself the hard questions. Does this killer deserve to be caught? What does he want? More importantly, what does the killer have to do with Nighthawk? To answer those questions – Nighthawk might have to look in the mirror first. The mystery begins here! Don’t miss one minute of the bone-crunching action when NIGHTHAWK #1 comes to comic shops and digital devices this May!  

5 Supervillian Teams That Could Start The Next Phases Of The MCU

Hey O&G fans, Capt. America: Civil War will premiere in a couple weeks which means two years from now, we will be preparing for the Infinity Wars part 1. This will start the end of the first three phases of the MCU. That being said, what will be the next storyline? What will be the next big threat?

The Russo brothers have been quoited to have access to atleast sixty MCU characters, heroes and villains. With that many characters at their disposal, Marvel Studios could plan out some interesting stories after the Infinity Wars. Here are some suggestions of Super Villain teams that would make great stories for the next phases of the MCU.

5. Black Order

The Black Order (also known as the Cull Obsidian) are a group of alien villains that work for Thanos. They help Thanos conquer worlds where they demand tribute. Their first comic book appearance was in New Avengers Vol. 3. If Thonas is defeated at the end of the Infinity Wars, Marvel doesn't have to end his reign of terror there.  They could use this team of villains to exact a more sinister plot for revenge. The members of the Black Order are:  Black Dwarf, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, and Supergiant.

4. Skrulls

Millions of years ago, the Celestials performed genetic experiments on the reptilian ancestors of the Skrulls, resulting in three branches of Skrulls that eventually warred with one another. The Deviant branch—possessing the innate ability to shapeshift. The Skrulls would be a great for the MCU........ if Marvel Studio owned the rights (Hint,Hint, make the deal Fox) Having the Skrulls in the MCU, we could see the Secret Invasion story come to the big screen. This could also give Marvel the ability to change the Avengers line-up and add new characters.

3. Masters of Evil

The original Masters of Evil (consisting of existing Marvel Comics supervillains Black Knight, Melter, and Radioactive Man) was gathered by former Nazi scientist Baron Heinrich Zemo. The team has had different members and leaders: Egghead's Masters of Evil, Doctor Octopus' Masters of Evil, and Pre-Thunderbolts Masters of Evil. This would give Marvel the ability to mix and match Villiains for the MCU. Let's consider that they start with (Characters that might be introduced in Capt. America civil War) Baron Zemo, Crossbones, and Klaw. Leading up to Infinity Wars, Marvel could plant the seeds of these guys being the next big threat.

2. Dark Avengers

In the aftermath of the Skrull Invasion, Norman Osborn became head of the Fifty-State Initiative, the Thunderbolts Initiative and S.H.I.E.L.D.. He disbanded all three with different results. S.H.I.E.L.D reformed into H.A.M.M.E.R. with Osborn as its Director, the Thunderbolts became a secret black-ops team for him and his Cabal and the Fifty State Initiative came under his control after its founder, Tony Stark,  was blamed for the Secret Invasion  and became a hunted fugitive. This would be one the best storylines and Super Villain team for the MCU because with Sony and Marvel working on Spiderman reboot and now that the characters can interact, it could open up a huge story. Since some of the actor like Robert Downey Jr might end their run, this would be a good way to have him still in the MCU, but only with cameo's and introduce new characters. This also leads into my Number 1 Super Villain Team. 

1. The Cabal

The Cabal (a.k.a. The Dark Illuminati) was formed by Norman Osborn, a covert group set against the aims of the scattered Illuminati, made up of Namor of Atlantis, Emma Frost of the X-Men, Doctor Victor Von Doom of Latveria, Loki of Asgard, and the criminal known as the Hood. With all the movies leading up to the Infinity Wars, the theme has been some shadowy figure with a sinister plot..... why not continue! After all is said and done, the storyline about the Dark Avengers and Norman Osborn would be perfect. Every Tv, Streaming, and Movie could be affected by the backlash and start a new Story with new characters.


What do you think of our List? Did we miss any groups that would fit better? Let us know in the comments.


by Sean Tucker



Todd McFarlane's New Spawn Film making progress

Hey O&G fans, for those who are a fan of Spawn and the original movie will be happy to know that a Spawn Movie Reboot is on it's way. Todd McFarlane is currently looking over and revising a script for the movie.

News of the movie reboot has been circulating for a few years and a fan created short was out on the net last year. Todd McFarlane has gone on Facebook to give fans an update on the progress of the movie. He talks about working on a 132 page script that he hoping to get down to 120 pages. Hopefully he finishes soon and production can start on the film.

We will keep you updated as news comes out.

First look: Spider Women, Silk, and Spider Gwen

Image Credit: Marvel

Image Credit: Marvel

Press Release

The Spider-Event of 2016 is here! This April, Silk, Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen unite for a story too big for any one of their titles to contain! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at SPIDER-WOMEN ALPHA #1 – kicking off the epic 8-part universe hopping crossover!

Blockbuster writers Jason Latour, Dennis Hopeless and Robbie Thompson are joined by a dazzling array of artists, including Vanesa Del Rey, Bengal, Javier Rodriguez, Tana Ford and more to bring you a story you won’t want to miss!

A routine trip to Earth-65 to visit Spider-Gwen turns into a nightmare as Silk and Spider-Woman find themselves trapped on Gwen’s alternate Earth! And they’re not alone! The villainous organization S.I.L.K. is on their tails, and they’re dead set on using these interdimensional interlopers for their own gains. Now, it’s a race against time to get home in one piece! But while these Spider-Women struggle to find their way back, who’s keeping an eye on their universe? Plus – Cindy Moon comes face-to-face with her Earth-65 counterpart!

Don’t miss one minute of the excitement as these three wallcrawling warrior women swing into action in SPIDER-WOMEN ALPHA #1 this April!

First Look: Uncanny X-men #6

Image Credit: Marvel

Image Credit: Marvel

Press Release

This April, the secrets of Archangel will be revealed as Magneto and his team prepare for war. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside UNCANNY X-MEN #6 - the start of the Uncanny X-Men’s foray into Apocalypse Wars! Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Ken Lashley take you on a mission to save the life of one of the founding X-Men!

Years ago when Archangel first met Apocalypse, he was transformed into the homicidal Horseman of Death. Now, years later, it appears he may be again returning to that form. Psylocke has discovered a vacant, drone-like Archangel in the guise of Death once more. Fearing the worst, that her once lover is under the control of Apocalypse – she and the rest of the Uncanny X-Men embark on a mission to save Archangel’s life. But what they are about to uncover is far more horrifying than they could have imagined…

The quest for Archangel begins this April as Apocalypse Wars comes to UNCANNY X-MEN #6!

The Lily Drone (Revisited)

Hey O&G Fans, today we are going to revisit a drone that was first reported by our tech guy Young last year. The Lily, Self-driving drone acts as a robot videographer, automatically following you anywhere. It starts recording videos as soon as you toss it into the air and is even waterproof, should you want to take it to the pool. A small tracking device lures Lily along as it uses technological wizardry to find the perfect shot.

The Lily isn't out for retail yet, but has had a big success in sales. The startup pulled in a whopping $34 million in pre-orders by the end of 2015, with 60,000 units already sold.

Here are some of the Specs for the Lily:

Battery and Power:

  • Built-in Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 20 min of flight time
  • Charging via 10A charger
  • 2-hour charge time

Waterproofing: Waterproof rating IP67

Flight:   Max. Altitude above head 50 feet (15 m)

               Min. Altitude above head 5 feet(1.75 m)

               Max. Speed 25mph (40 km/h)

               Max. Distance from user 100 feet (30 m)

               Min.  Distance from user 5 feet (1.75 m)


  • Video Resolution: 1080p 60 fps / 720p 120 fps
  • Video FOV: 94º
  • Video Format: H.264 codec, .mp4 file format
  • Photo Resolution: 12 MP
  • Digital gimballing
  • Image stabilization
  • Fixed focus


  • Accelerometer
  • Three-axis Gyro
  • Magnetometer
  • Barometer
  • GPS
  • Front-facing camera
  • Bottom-facing camera


  • 4GB micro SD provided
  • External memory card slot


The Lily has a cool tracking sensor watch that you can wear on your wrist or put in your pocket.

The potential uses for this drone are great! I myself am wondering what cool things I can use it to record like my Convention coverage and Cosplay videos. I'm sure using it inside any convention area will require permission and legal paper work, but the video view would be worth it. The Lily costs $699 on pre-order, but will be $999 (around £650) when it goes on sale in May 2016.


by Sean Tucker