WWF Rage In The Cage (Videogame Flashback)

WWF Rage In The Cage (Videogame Flashback)

Rage in the Cage was the first WWF game to feature actual video footage in the form of FMV clips seen in the game's opening video, as well clips of the wrestlers' signature moves that can be viewed on the wrestler select screen, and clips that play of the player's wrestler celebrating upon completion of the tournament mode. In addition, the game features audio introductions by Howard Finkel and rants between the competitors prior to the matches. However, for the game's music, developers did not take advantage of the CD format, as it resembles the synthesized music of 16-bit games from that period. Rage in the Cage features 20 wrestlers, the most seen in a WWF game up to that point (this number would not be surpassed until WWF Attitude was released six years later).

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VIZ Media Celebrates Pro Wrestling With KING OF STRONG Autobiography

VIZ Media Celebrates Pro Wrestling With KING OF STRONG Autobiography

Originally published in two paperback volumes in Japan, (1980-2004, 2004-2015), the autobiography of one of Japan’s greatest professional wrestlers, Shinsuke Nakamura, will be released as a single-volume hardcover print edition as well as a digital edition by VIZ Media in the summer of 2018.

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A Week After New York Comic Con 2014 More Cosplay and Pictures

A Week After New York Comic Con 2014 More Cosplay and Pictures

A week after New York Comic Con 2014 comes a new set of photos from the event. See more cosplays, celebrities, and booth photos from one the biggest comic convention of the year. Be sure to check out the other photo gallery done by BLE Vision and Young Jeohn if you didn’t get the chance.

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Even More Pics & Cosplay From NYCC 2014

Even More Pics & Cosplay From NYCC 2014

We're not done with photos from NYCC. Our good friend Young Jeohn was onboard to take pics for us as well. Here are pics from his adventures. Be sure to check out his site at http://photos.youngfromnewyork.com.

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New York Comic Con 2014 Day 4 Gallery

New York Comic Con 2014 Day 4 Gallery

The end of New York Comic Con 2014 finally came and it’s time to bid farewell to a great con till next year. However, here in OtakusandGeeks the fun of the con hasn’t quite yet ended. Check out Day 4, the final day gallery below for some of the photos of the event. I hope you guys enjoyed the 4-Day gallery series of NYCC 2014.

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Wrestler Sean O’Haire Dead At 43

Former WWF/WCW wrestler Sean O'Haire was found dead Monday morning 09/08/2014 in his South Carolina home at the age of 43. No details at this time. Here is a link to his obituary: Obituary.
The funeral is scheduled for Saturday 09/13/2014 at 1:00 PM. Update to follow soon.


Sean (real name Sean Haire) was found in his bedroom with a rope tied around his neck in what is now being called an apparent suicide.

5 Opponents That Brock Lesnar Should Face

OK, so after Summerslam, everyone is thinking the same thing, who can face Brock and look legitimate. After all, he destroyed the top guy in the company so how can anyone else stand a chance. I think I found 5 guys that can get it done.

1. Roman Reigns

Ok, so he is the most obvious choice. He has the size and power. His move set is ever increasing. But everyone says he's not ready yet because he's too green. BUT....keep this in mind. He has the crowd behind him like nobody else on the active roster right now, I mean he's over like rover. The most important thing about him though is he is the most believable to dethrone the beast. But this wont happen until Wrestlemania 31, my sources assure me of this.

2. Daniel Bryan

Why not? Its never happened before so the first time they square off is box office numbers. It has the potential to be quite a lengthy feud. By judging both on their in-ring work, it would be very much similar to Brock vs. Punk at last year's Summerslam, which was brilliant booking. You know D Bry will have to be in the main event seen once he returns because he never actually lost the title. With the latest reports having him rumored to maybe be back by Survivor Series, sounds like a good story to extend all the way to Royal Rumble.

3. Cesaro

So I did a previous article on creative wanting to do this over the summer. Obviously, plans fell apart as Paul Heyman was set to be the centerpiece. But a lot has changed since now and Money In The Bank PPV. Brock is now champ and Cesaro was on a serious losing streak. He has since won a couple in a row so things might be turning around again. Also, recently John Cena put him over for his personality on the Summerslam superstar panel. Any endorsement from Cena usually means something good might be in store (ex. Zack Ryder, Daniel Bryan), even if it is short lived. 

4. Sheamus

Here is an interesting one. He has the US championship as if its just a place holder until they can find something better for him to do. He is a former champ so a return to the top of the card isn't far fetched. He has the support of Triple H. His look is impressive enough to compete with Brock and the fans can definitely buy him as a legitimate threat to Lesnar's title. His in-ring work is solid and he can go with the best of them. The only problem is I could see the crowd turning on him as they do with Cena because they have been flip flopping the Sheamus character over the past couple months its tough to get a read on where he's going.

5. Batista

So lets throw something out there. Batista has wanted to matchup with Brock on the big stage since they were both called up. Speaking of which, that would be a great story to  lead with as he can say he was the lead dog in that developmental class. Batista, fresh off his return from Hollywood, we know h'es still under contract, can come in with a chip on his shoulder portraying himself as a real life Drax The Destroyer and demand a shot as Lesnar as no one can take him. Batista left wanting a title shot and now Triple H can grant him one.

There are other notable names I can conceive but I think these are the most legitimate 5 after Cena. I would love to hear what other think.

Chavo Guerrero Set To Star In His Own Comic Book Series

It was announced at this year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego, professional wrestler Chavo Guerrero will be starring in his own comic book series by Lion Forge Comics, Warrior’s Creed. The six-time WCW/WWE Cruiserweight Champion will be forced to lace up his boots once again as he fights a criminal organization hell bent on revenge.

Warrior’s Creed chronicles the adventures of Chavo Guerrero, a wrestler forced to take his fight outside of the squared circle when the La Iniciativa de Voltan, a.k.a. The Voltan Initiative, look to create an army of unstoppable super criminals using a secret hidden inside the Guerrero family’s DNA. But this secret also holds the key to the Warrior’s Creed, and if unlocked, will also give Chavo Guerrero incredible powers. Powers he must use to stop this insidious band of organized crime lords.

Deadpool co-creatorFabian Nicieza will be scripting Warrior’s Creed with body slamming artwork by Eddie Nunez. Shannon Eric Denton will be refereeing the super-powered wrestling series as editor.
Lion Forge adds Warrior’s Creed to its already impressive collection of celebrity inspired titles, including Rampage Jackson: Street Soldier, based on professional MMA fighter, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson,Wonderous II with cosplay superstar Yaya Han, and The Joshua Run, based on actor/comedian Flex Alexander.

Warrior’s Creed will be available for purchase this fall through the Amazon Kindle Bookstore and Comics Plus app for iOS and Android devices. The entire series run will then be available from Lion Forge's print-partnership with IDW Publishing.

Recap of Monday Night RAW 8/5/14.....

Recap of Monday Night RAW 8/5/14.....

So RAW starts with The Authority in the ring....almost enough to make you change the channel. Then after the shameless plug or the WWE network (which by the way is only $9.99) Roman Reigns comes out. And a last man standing match is announced 13 minutes into the show which is great...and it was next after the commerical....which was even better! Great match between Reigns and Kane. Lots of rough spots. Reigns get busted open for real. He looks to be ok though. He then takes a choke slam through a table. But it makes it back up. Then hits supermna punch and a spear for the win. Awesome way to start with some good wrestling. 

Next is a great promo featuring Brock vs Cena at Summerslam. The video actually got me excited for the match. The build is Cena wants to be the one who beat the one (meaning the 1 in Undertaker's 21-1 streak). It came off very well. Followed by a another WWE network promo. This time saying it goes international, announcement later.

Next up is the ever entertaining Damien Sandow dressed as an Oklahoma Sooner football player. He gets squashed by a returning Mark henry in 47 seconds. Adam Rose in a backstage segment looks in the Occulus mirror inhabited by an evil spirit. He sees himself in a suit and says that guy is a lemon and moves on with his rosebuds.

Beat the clock challenge. Dean Ambrose VS Del Rio and Seth Rollins VS RVD. Winner announces stipulation at Summerslam. Ambrose wins at 15:42. Later on, Rollins was scheduled to face RVD but it was announced RVD was not his opponent anymore (what a waste of bringing him back for this, he deserves more). Heath Slater of all people took his place. Of course Ambrose makes his appearance. He takes the contract out rips it up and creates chaos at ringside. Slater rolls up Seth for the win. Pandamonium.

The fillers were Fandango losing to Diego ...again....continuation of Bo and R-Truth.....this time Bo wins.....and Rusev destroys Sin Cara during the comercial break. Swagger and Zeb come o out for a nice in-ring segment. Major heat on Lana. Finally, the Dusts as they are called (Goldust and Stardust) beat RybAxel ...again...but Stardust....wayyyyyyyyy over!

Jericho beats Luke Harper by DQ. Rowan comes in eats a code beraker. Harper comes back at him, code breaker. Then, Bray hits Sister Abigail. Nice segment, nice feud, shaping up for a great upper mid-card match. 

The closing segment featured the contract signing of Stephanie and Brie. They exchange words back and forth signs the conrtract. Then Stephanie hits 2 good looking pedigrees. I'm not sure how this segment will be delivered in the ratings but i'm sure to track it. Either way, they need Brock back on TV ASAP. Make people care about the main event not just through promos.

Recap of Monday Night RAW 7/28/14

Recap of Monday Night RAW 7/28/14.....

Say what you will about John Cena, but there are certain guys that he has 5 star matches with. Cesaro is definitely one of those guys and I get the goosebumps just thinking what a Wrestlemania main event match between the two would be like. This match on RAW was definitely one that keeps you tuned in and had a decent amount of TV time which is always appreciated by me and wrestling enthusiasts. Heyman on the mic is always gold. But its strange in their explaining Cesaro not a Heyman guy anymore. I think Vince changing things at the last minute is confusing everyone.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Ziggler continues to shine wherever he is in the lineup. It seems he is headed for a Summerslam showdown with The Miz. So much wasted potential for the I.C. title.

Bo Dallas undefeated streak is over. To R-truth. That was highly funny and entertaining. The inevitable soar loser side of Bo came out which was a nice surprise to see.

Won't even waste time with the Damien Sandow and Adam Rose segment.

Kane was supposed to fight Roman Reigns. But instead Randy Orton drops a major beatdown on him. Although the segment was good, it was another contest where no winner was awarded. Another advertised match which never happened. Then what do you know, beautiful match between Jericho and Seth Rollins end with no winner. Don't get me wrong love seeing the Wyatts but I need to see a winner and a loser. No decision is such a lazy and gutless decision.

Then we end with Brie and Stephanie. Really. Who said Brie is the draw her husband is. Stephanie getting  arrested was beautiful but that doesn't mean you end with that as the show ends. I'm interested in seeing the ratings for this week. I will post a follow up once I see.

Once again a lackluster effort for the flagship program.

Don't Be Surprised To See Super Cena Win The Titles

 So as we get closer to the Money In The Bank PPV, we know that a new champion means headlining SummerSlam. While this would be an ideal time to build a new star (there are 3 in this match that fill that description: Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Roman Reigns), My money is Super Cena winning the straps. Why? Because Brock Lesnar is coming to take the championship in August. I think any true wrestling fan knew that inevitability was on the way. But why Cena, because he's their bread and butter. They need a strong program to headline the summer. They feel Cena is their biggest draw and rumors have already started saying Brock doesn't mind fighting Cena.

My personal favorite of the 3 is Cesaro but would love to see Reigns get the win. So much momentum behind him. Bray Wyatt taking the title now I don't think is possible because of storyline disalignment. Cesaro is intriguing because they wanted to do a Cesaro-Lesnar program with Paul Heyman at the center. I think that would be great as Cesaro's push looks to be derailed a little for whatever reason so thats why I don't see this happening either. Bringing it back to Reighns, I feel like he will be against HHH at SummerSlam so I would count him out too.

Of the reamining, Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio have no appeal with Lesnar so they are out as well. That leaves Sheamus as the wildcard here. It will be interesting to see if he drops the US title before the PPV. If so, that will further my speculation that they are highly considering going this route. But with all that said, I still think it will be Cena getting the win. Its a safe move on their part. I don't agree with it and neither will most but the hopeful light at the end of the tunnel will be seeing Brock take the starp from him. I'm a Brock fan as you can see regardless of his part-time status.

A Few Reasons The Wyatt Family Must Win At Money In The Bank

Money In The Bank is ten days away and it's shaping to be one hell of a pay per view. Tons of superstars are looking to finally set their stamp in the WWE. Chances are we will see Ambrose vs Rollins, Reigns will be in a ladder match with season veterans. While I will be keeping my eye out for The S.H.I.E.L.D and Rollins matches. There is one team that I have my eye on and I feel needs a big push. The Wyatt Family has been in a long feud with John Cena. The feud didn't turn out the way The Wyatt Family had planned. Cena ended up overcoming the odds and the Wyatt Family didn't really get too much out of the feud. Today I wanted to list a few reasons why I feel the Wyatt Family must win at Money In The Bank.

1. Cena Feud Did Not Establish The Wyatt Family As Top Heels
Yes I know that The Wyatt Family is top heels out of wrestlers in the locker room. Let's be honest the real top heels in the WWE is Triple H and Stephanie of "The Authority." While many say that the Cena feud help elevate Bray Wyatt, I feel that him not coming out on top hurt him. How can you establish yourself as a top heel if you can't beat the top babyface? Bray Wyatt's lost at "Extreme Rules" made The Wyatt momentum hit a low for a while. Hardcore fans really don't believe he can be a threat if he couldn't stop John Cena. A win at Money In The Bank will establish The Wyatt Family as the dominate force in the WWE. If Luke Harper and Erick Rowan win the tag titles and Bray wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, this will give The Wyatt's an edge but will lead to interesting storylines, which leads to our second reason.

2. Interesting Storylines
Imagine if The Wyatt Family has all the main titles in their possession. All the babyfaces and heels will be gunning for them. Bray Wyatt's message can finally come to fruition and Harper and Rowan will gain a major push. With The Wyatt Family in power this can lead to some new stables, great feuds and big set up for the return of Daniel Bryan. This can also lead to the expansion of The Wyatt Family as superstars fall prey to Bray's belief and ideals.

3. Daniel Bryan
Even though his title reign was cut short due to his injury, Daniel Bryan needs a strong heel to face when he returns. Dirt sheets claim that Brock Lesnar will be the man Bryan will eventually face. However I think Bray Wyatt is the perfect choice for Daniel Bryan. Watch the chemistry Bray and Daniel had in their match at the Royal Rumble in January. The match was amazing and deserving of being a top contender for match of 2014. I would love to see The Wyatt Family rule until Survivor Series and have a strong showdown with a healthy Daniel Bryan. Bryan has not had a proper heel battle beside Kane, and the big red machine might be looking to retire soon. Bryan needs a good heel to complement him and Bray and The Wyatt Family is up for the job.

4. The Wyatt's Are The Most Interesting Characters We've Seen In WWE For A While
The WWE is trying to find it's footing with all their new talent. Guys like The S.H.I.E.L.D, The Wyatt Family and Ziggler all have bright futures ahead. Well Ziggler needs to get his push but that is another article. Out of all the superstars The Wyatt Family are the most interesting. They remind us of those classic villains who will stop at nothing to fulfill their ideals and beliefs. Bray Wyatt brings a legitimate creepy factor in his promos, his in ring work and something a lot of superstars are not. Bray Wyatt and The Family are BELIEVABLE! Having the eater of worlds actually become that will be beneficial not just to The Wyatt but the WWE in general.

4 Reasons Why John Cena Must Turn Heel Eventually

I’ve been watching wrestling since I was four years old. I have witness the Hogan Era, the Attitude Era and now the PG Era. Never in all my years of watching the WWE have I seen a babyface get booed and not eventually turn heel. It’s one thing to get booed because you’re the heel, it’s another to be a babyface and get booed because the fans are tired of the gimmick. John Cena falls into the category that so many guys before him dealt with. When The Rock started he was getting booed as a babyface I remember chants like die Rocky die, and Rocky Sucks. The fans weren’t buying this good squeaky clean image that he portrays. Eventually Rock joins the Nation of Domination and became The Rock and the rest was history.  Stone Cold was heel and was getting cheered by the fans and eventually he became the top babyface of all time. The questions is why hasn’t WWE made this move yet. Are they afraid to lose the fanbase Cena has? Is the business aspect and PG era in the way? No matter what the reason is here are four reasons why I feel Cena must turn heel eventually.

1. Cena Character Is Stale – The my time is now Cena is really stale. Cena’s time has been here since he first beat JBL for the WWE title at Wrestlemania. It’s not that fans hate Cena, fans are just tired of his gimmick. Fans are tired of seeing him coming out on top and keep telling us never give up, hustle, loyalty and respect. It’s dull and no longer entertaining to watch. How many times is Cena going to beat the odds, how many times are guys going to put him over, people are tired of seeing it. Even Hulk Hogan had to reinvent himself to stay relevant with the NWO. If Cena character keeps on with the same gimmick, even his die hard fans will be screaming for change.

2. Cena Is More Entertaining Heel – When John Cena is not being Super Cena and is actually allowed to be more adult he is entertaining. His Thuganomics gimmick was funny, fun to watch and most of all he showed range and diversity. His in ring ability was better as well. As a heel Cena had more arsenals to help him win matches. He could screw people over, he cheat to get ahead and it will be really fun to watch.

3. Cena Heel Turn Equals Big Ratings – If Cena turns heel think of how big the ratings will be. Everyone will tune in to see it. Cena haters, Cena supporters everyone alike will be in line to see what will happen every week. If the storyline is right there will be no doubt it could one of the biggest ratings in the PG era.

4. Cena Will Put Young Talent Over – Cena has been at the top for a long time and it’s time for him to help bring young talent up. With Cena as heel it makes room for other talents to become top babyface to rival him. Maybe someone like Dolph Ziggler who reaction to cashing in the Money In The Bank is clear that he could the future face of the company. That’s only if WWE markets the young talent correctly.

What do you think? Should Cena turn heel and why? Or are you happy with the Super Cena era?