Don't Be Surprised To See Super Cena Win The Titles

 So as we get closer to the Money In The Bank PPV, we know that a new champion means headlining SummerSlam. While this would be an ideal time to build a new star (there are 3 in this match that fill that description: Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Roman Reigns), My money is Super Cena winning the straps. Why? Because Brock Lesnar is coming to take the championship in August. I think any true wrestling fan knew that inevitability was on the way. But why Cena, because he's their bread and butter. They need a strong program to headline the summer. They feel Cena is their biggest draw and rumors have already started saying Brock doesn't mind fighting Cena.

My personal favorite of the 3 is Cesaro but would love to see Reigns get the win. So much momentum behind him. Bray Wyatt taking the title now I don't think is possible because of storyline disalignment. Cesaro is intriguing because they wanted to do a Cesaro-Lesnar program with Paul Heyman at the center. I think that would be great as Cesaro's push looks to be derailed a little for whatever reason so thats why I don't see this happening either. Bringing it back to Reighns, I feel like he will be against HHH at SummerSlam so I would count him out too.

Of the reamining, Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio have no appeal with Lesnar so they are out as well. That leaves Sheamus as the wildcard here. It will be interesting to see if he drops the US title before the PPV. If so, that will further my speculation that they are highly considering going this route. But with all that said, I still think it will be Cena getting the win. Its a safe move on their part. I don't agree with it and neither will most but the hopeful light at the end of the tunnel will be seeing Brock take the starp from him. I'm a Brock fan as you can see regardless of his part-time status.