Recap of Monday Night RAW 8/5/14.....

Recap of Monday Night RAW 8/5/14.....

So RAW starts with The Authority in the ring....almost enough to make you change the channel. Then after the shameless plug or the WWE network (which by the way is only $9.99) Roman Reigns comes out. And a last man standing match is announced 13 minutes into the show which is great...and it was next after the commerical....which was even better! Great match between Reigns and Kane. Lots of rough spots. Reigns get busted open for real. He looks to be ok though. He then takes a choke slam through a table. But it makes it back up. Then hits supermna punch and a spear for the win. Awesome way to start with some good wrestling. 

Next is a great promo featuring Brock vs Cena at Summerslam. The video actually got me excited for the match. The build is Cena wants to be the one who beat the one (meaning the 1 in Undertaker's 21-1 streak). It came off very well. Followed by a another WWE network promo. This time saying it goes international, announcement later.

Next up is the ever entertaining Damien Sandow dressed as an Oklahoma Sooner football player. He gets squashed by a returning Mark henry in 47 seconds. Adam Rose in a backstage segment looks in the Occulus mirror inhabited by an evil spirit. He sees himself in a suit and says that guy is a lemon and moves on with his rosebuds.

Beat the clock challenge. Dean Ambrose VS Del Rio and Seth Rollins VS RVD. Winner announces stipulation at Summerslam. Ambrose wins at 15:42. Later on, Rollins was scheduled to face RVD but it was announced RVD was not his opponent anymore (what a waste of bringing him back for this, he deserves more). Heath Slater of all people took his place. Of course Ambrose makes his appearance. He takes the contract out rips it up and creates chaos at ringside. Slater rolls up Seth for the win. Pandamonium.

The fillers were Fandango losing to Diego ...again....continuation of Bo and R-Truth.....this time Bo wins.....and Rusev destroys Sin Cara during the comercial break. Swagger and Zeb come o out for a nice in-ring segment. Major heat on Lana. Finally, the Dusts as they are called (Goldust and Stardust) beat RybAxel ...again...but Stardust....wayyyyyyyyy over!

Jericho beats Luke Harper by DQ. Rowan comes in eats a code beraker. Harper comes back at him, code breaker. Then, Bray hits Sister Abigail. Nice segment, nice feud, shaping up for a great upper mid-card match. 

The closing segment featured the contract signing of Stephanie and Brie. They exchange words back and forth signs the conrtract. Then Stephanie hits 2 good looking pedigrees. I'm not sure how this segment will be delivered in the ratings but i'm sure to track it. Either way, they need Brock back on TV ASAP. Make people care about the main event not just through promos.