5 Opponents That Brock Lesnar Should Face

OK, so after Summerslam, everyone is thinking the same thing, who can face Brock and look legitimate. After all, he destroyed the top guy in the company so how can anyone else stand a chance. I think I found 5 guys that can get it done.

1. Roman Reigns

Ok, so he is the most obvious choice. He has the size and power. His move set is ever increasing. But everyone says he's not ready yet because he's too green. BUT....keep this in mind. He has the crowd behind him like nobody else on the active roster right now, I mean he's over like rover. The most important thing about him though is he is the most believable to dethrone the beast. But this wont happen until Wrestlemania 31, my sources assure me of this.

2. Daniel Bryan

Why not? Its never happened before so the first time they square off is box office numbers. It has the potential to be quite a lengthy feud. By judging both on their in-ring work, it would be very much similar to Brock vs. Punk at last year's Summerslam, which was brilliant booking. You know D Bry will have to be in the main event seen once he returns because he never actually lost the title. With the latest reports having him rumored to maybe be back by Survivor Series, sounds like a good story to extend all the way to Royal Rumble.

3. Cesaro

So I did a previous article on creative wanting to do this over the summer. Obviously, plans fell apart as Paul Heyman was set to be the centerpiece. But a lot has changed since now and Money In The Bank PPV. Brock is now champ and Cesaro was on a serious losing streak. He has since won a couple in a row so things might be turning around again. Also, recently John Cena put him over for his personality on the Summerslam superstar panel. Any endorsement from Cena usually means something good might be in store (ex. Zack Ryder, Daniel Bryan), even if it is short lived. 

4. Sheamus

Here is an interesting one. He has the US championship as if its just a place holder until they can find something better for him to do. He is a former champ so a return to the top of the card isn't far fetched. He has the support of Triple H. His look is impressive enough to compete with Brock and the fans can definitely buy him as a legitimate threat to Lesnar's title. His in-ring work is solid and he can go with the best of them. The only problem is I could see the crowd turning on him as they do with Cena because they have been flip flopping the Sheamus character over the past couple months its tough to get a read on where he's going.

5. Batista

So lets throw something out there. Batista has wanted to matchup with Brock on the big stage since they were both called up. Speaking of which, that would be a great story to  lead with as he can say he was the lead dog in that developmental class. Batista, fresh off his return from Hollywood, we know h'es still under contract, can come in with a chip on his shoulder portraying himself as a real life Drax The Destroyer and demand a shot as Lesnar as no one can take him. Batista left wanting a title shot and now Triple H can grant him one.

There are other notable names I can conceive but I think these are the most legitimate 5 after Cena. I would love to hear what other think.