A Few Reasons The Wyatt Family Must Win At Money In The Bank

Money In The Bank is ten days away and it's shaping to be one hell of a pay per view. Tons of superstars are looking to finally set their stamp in the WWE. Chances are we will see Ambrose vs Rollins, Reigns will be in a ladder match with season veterans. While I will be keeping my eye out for The S.H.I.E.L.D and Rollins matches. There is one team that I have my eye on and I feel needs a big push. The Wyatt Family has been in a long feud with John Cena. The feud didn't turn out the way The Wyatt Family had planned. Cena ended up overcoming the odds and the Wyatt Family didn't really get too much out of the feud. Today I wanted to list a few reasons why I feel the Wyatt Family must win at Money In The Bank.

1. Cena Feud Did Not Establish The Wyatt Family As Top Heels
Yes I know that The Wyatt Family is top heels out of wrestlers in the locker room. Let's be honest the real top heels in the WWE is Triple H and Stephanie of "The Authority." While many say that the Cena feud help elevate Bray Wyatt, I feel that him not coming out on top hurt him. How can you establish yourself as a top heel if you can't beat the top babyface? Bray Wyatt's lost at "Extreme Rules" made The Wyatt momentum hit a low for a while. Hardcore fans really don't believe he can be a threat if he couldn't stop John Cena. A win at Money In The Bank will establish The Wyatt Family as the dominate force in the WWE. If Luke Harper and Erick Rowan win the tag titles and Bray wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, this will give The Wyatt's an edge but will lead to interesting storylines, which leads to our second reason.

2. Interesting Storylines
Imagine if The Wyatt Family has all the main titles in their possession. All the babyfaces and heels will be gunning for them. Bray Wyatt's message can finally come to fruition and Harper and Rowan will gain a major push. With The Wyatt Family in power this can lead to some new stables, great feuds and big set up for the return of Daniel Bryan. This can also lead to the expansion of The Wyatt Family as superstars fall prey to Bray's belief and ideals.

3. Daniel Bryan
Even though his title reign was cut short due to his injury, Daniel Bryan needs a strong heel to face when he returns. Dirt sheets claim that Brock Lesnar will be the man Bryan will eventually face. However I think Bray Wyatt is the perfect choice for Daniel Bryan. Watch the chemistry Bray and Daniel had in their match at the Royal Rumble in January. The match was amazing and deserving of being a top contender for match of 2014. I would love to see The Wyatt Family rule until Survivor Series and have a strong showdown with a healthy Daniel Bryan. Bryan has not had a proper heel battle beside Kane, and the big red machine might be looking to retire soon. Bryan needs a good heel to complement him and Bray and The Wyatt Family is up for the job.

4. The Wyatt's Are The Most Interesting Characters We've Seen In WWE For A While
The WWE is trying to find it's footing with all their new talent. Guys like The S.H.I.E.L.D, The Wyatt Family and Ziggler all have bright futures ahead. Well Ziggler needs to get his push but that is another article. Out of all the superstars The Wyatt Family are the most interesting. They remind us of those classic villains who will stop at nothing to fulfill their ideals and beliefs. Bray Wyatt brings a legitimate creepy factor in his promos, his in ring work and something a lot of superstars are not. Bray Wyatt and The Family are BELIEVABLE! Having the eater of worlds actually become that will be beneficial not just to The Wyatt but the WWE in general.