Recap of Monday Night RAW 7/28/14

Recap of Monday Night RAW 7/28/14.....

Say what you will about John Cena, but there are certain guys that he has 5 star matches with. Cesaro is definitely one of those guys and I get the goosebumps just thinking what a Wrestlemania main event match between the two would be like. This match on RAW was definitely one that keeps you tuned in and had a decent amount of TV time which is always appreciated by me and wrestling enthusiasts. Heyman on the mic is always gold. But its strange in their explaining Cesaro not a Heyman guy anymore. I think Vince changing things at the last minute is confusing everyone.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Ziggler continues to shine wherever he is in the lineup. It seems he is headed for a Summerslam showdown with The Miz. So much wasted potential for the I.C. title.

Bo Dallas undefeated streak is over. To R-truth. That was highly funny and entertaining. The inevitable soar loser side of Bo came out which was a nice surprise to see.

Won't even waste time with the Damien Sandow and Adam Rose segment.

Kane was supposed to fight Roman Reigns. But instead Randy Orton drops a major beatdown on him. Although the segment was good, it was another contest where no winner was awarded. Another advertised match which never happened. Then what do you know, beautiful match between Jericho and Seth Rollins end with no winner. Don't get me wrong love seeing the Wyatts but I need to see a winner and a loser. No decision is such a lazy and gutless decision.

Then we end with Brie and Stephanie. Really. Who said Brie is the draw her husband is. Stephanie getting  arrested was beautiful but that doesn't mean you end with that as the show ends. I'm interested in seeing the ratings for this week. I will post a follow up once I see.

Once again a lackluster effort for the flagship program.