Adam's Morgan Day :: Art & Fashion!

 Adam's Morgan Day is a great outdoor festival for one of the most eccentric melting pots of neighborhoods in Washington, DC. -Adam's Morgan. As invitees, Indian Pussy Brand moved their goodies from Artistic Sole headquarters to 18th Street, NW in the heart of Adam's Morgan. 
Once I got settled I decided to take a stroll & find some otaku goodness to share! OZKER of Sleeper Cell Productions & Indian Pussy Brand model/ noted piercer, Sarah, & Seven stayed back at our temporary headquarters partying with the good people interested in our art!   

On my stroll, it was a pleasure to run into one of our good friends, Kelly Chin, of Chinhamaya Organization. Kelly is GREAT! Not only is she the area's adopted mom for us otakus ... & geeks!, but she also oversees a youth taiko drumming group. The kids in the group are amazingly talented and dedicated to their individual arts. Kelly's super power is that she specializes in making kimekomi dolls.
If you're ever in the area and want to take a class of how-to's ... be sure to check her out! 


Mean while ...
Back at the tent, The Peligro Brothers, DJ Provoke & OZKER, are getting it in! I think by the time I stopped back in, they were on to some dance music & kept the crowd there!

Since everyone was occupied and happy, I snuck off to see t-shirts! In REAL LIFE ... what otaku, fan boy/girl, or every day person does not need a dope tee in their life!
Please, do me a solid & check out these tees from Fuzzy Ink. Their tagline is "It'll grow on you" ... and trust!, it doesn't take very long. 
Be sure to check out their sight for some cool fashionably affordable tees!

Well! I had to get back & shut down shop, so til next week ...
~je t'adore!