Ursa’s Lament (Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfiction)

Hey Otakus and Geeks here is our New York Comic Con contest winner fanfiction. Congrats Lenora! Great job.

Title: Ursa’s Lament
By: Lenora Ashford
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender

What a shame. You always had such beautiful hair…
Yes, I was there. Before the comet arrived, I made my way into the city. I watched my daughter slip into madness and my son take the throne with the Avatar at his side. My husband was sent to his proper place, a cell in prison.
Where he belongs.
“Hello, my husband.”

He looks at me through strands of his hair, squinting in confusion. “You were banished.”
“I believe the new Fire Lord will be lenient with me.” His face hardens. “Yes, our son was crowned today. And our daughter was committed.”
Ozai snears at me. “He will never accept you. You abandoned him; his own mother. Vanished without a trace leaving her discarded children behind. He will banish you again.”
And he would have every right to do so. The scar on Zuko’s face wouldn’t be there if I had found a way to bring him with me. “Then that will be my fate. But if he let you live after burning his face, I believe he will be merciful.” My rage shows on my face. “You scarred your own son and fed your daughter’s madness. If I am a failure as a mother because I left, you are a failure as a father because you stayed.”
I expect to be hit with flame myself but Ozai only glares at me until he can’t hold my gaze anymore.
I don’t know why I wait. There will be no apology from him, no excuses. I envy him in that I have no delusion I am blameless. I did abandon my son and daughter to a madman.

Wordlessly, I turn away from him, my Earth Kingdom robes kicking up dust from the floor. The small village which sheltered me was very kind to me all these years; giving me shelter and the provisions to return.
I hear my husband snicker at my back. “You will join me in here, Ursa.”
I don’t turn around. I look only ahead of me at the road that will take me to my son.
A little girl stops me mere steps from the gates to the palace. Her eyes are clouded and feet bare and I stop at her raised hand.

“Who are you?”
By the spirits, she really is only a child! “I-I have come to see Fire Lord Zuko. I am his mother.”
She pauses, sightless eyes widening in shock. “You’re telling the truth.” She tilts her head; listening for what, I do not know. “Follow me.”
The girl leads me away from the guards and earth bends a secret doorway. We both enter a series of dark corridors I am certain did not exist until she made them.

“May I ask what you are doing?”
“Sneaking you into Zuko’s office. Nobody’s there now but he will be soon.”

She rests her hand on the wall for a moment before bending a clean doorway, a slab of earth descending into the floor. “Go on in. He’ll be back in a bit.”
“Why are you helping me?”

“You’re Zuko’s mother. I’m sure he’ll wanna see you.” A sadness passes over her eyes before she forces it aside for a sly grin. “And he owes me for burning my feet. We’re even if he passes out from shock.”

She waves me through the door and closes it behind me. I survey the space but don’t truly see the lush furnishings around me. I am too nervous to move, my heart roaring in my chest. I do not feel time pass. It is forever and only a moment before the latch stirs and the door opens to reveal the face of a man. A Fire Lord. Gone is the child I left behind and I struggle for a greeting.
“Good evening, my son.”

His smile fades in the wake of his shock, his feet rooted to the spot. “Mother...”
It’s a start. Surprise is better than revulsion. I take it as a sign of hope.