Free Portal Off Steam & Weaponized Nyan Cat

If you have Steam go to Learning With Portals, to get yourself a free copy of the award winning Portals, if you don't have Stream, go and download it from HERE, get an account and then go back to learn with portals and get it for free. This is the first game and not the second one. The reason for these guys giving the game out for free, is because they want people to use it as a learning tool for getting people, mainly students get into math, science, technology and engineering.

Now as a huge fan of Portal I got to say this is the most amazing thing ever for schools. Portal shows the best way to teach new ideas. My time with the first one really broke the game down into 2 parts, the teaching of new concepts and then the using of them. If Valve did not understand that the idea of portals would be easy to understand, they would not have spent so much time using the test chambers and glaDOS to explain things to you and the promise of cake..... delicious cake but anyway check out the site and get your free copy, do it meow (super trooper reference for the win) and download it the reason why is because this free copy is only until the 20th September. Here is also the link to PORTALS if you just want to download it.

This next thing is totally sweet. Its a mod created by Scott Coxhead (AKA Cr4zy) in collaboration with - Bi()ha2ard and Azurescorch for Unreal Tournament 3 and they created a weaponize Nyan Cat.
Check out the video.

Now with that being said and shown, two things come to mind: 1. This is the most random and epic awesome thing I have seen in years. 2. It will now link the nyan cat song to pant shitting moments. THINK ABOUT IT: your in an intense free for all and out the blue you hear that song just start... you know someone is going to die when that song stops and you dont want it to be you but it could be because its RADIO CONTROLLED POPTART SPACE CAT OF DEATH. Thats just beyond awesome. To download your space cat of death mod click HERE and go nuts. you have to scroll down the page a bit to find it.

Am going to leave this here for everyone to enjoy, trust me its amazing.

Nyan Cat the Movie by Blake Robinson