Justice League Dark Review

Hey O&G fans, DC has released another animation in the Justice League series. Justice League Dark is the continuation in the Justice League series (JL War, JL battle for Atlantis, and.....) Here is a bit about the story: All over the world, people suddenly begin panicking as they start to see everyone around them as demonic monsters and end up killing a good number of innocents before the members of the Justice League can stop them. Deliberating about this strange outbreak, most of the League's members come to the conclusion that magic must be involved in this. Despite his own past experiences with magic, Batman expresses his skepticism and walks out; but as he returns to Wayne Manor to rest, he is temporarily possessed by Deadman, before he regains consciousness and finds the word "Constantine" written all over the walls.

Note: The Justice League Dark originally featured John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Shade, the Changing Man and Zatanna. The team consists of the more supernatural members of the DC Universe, handling situations deemed unfit for the traditional Justice League.


First thing fans can get excited about is the return of everyone's favorite occult investigator Matt Ryan as John Constantine ( well atleast his voice ). This is perfect since the CW announced they'll be continuing his adventures as animated shorts. JL Dark is one of the few R-rated animated movies (don't know why it rated R not much other than language), which it hopes to gain more viewers. The Title is Justice League , but other than a few appearances, the only member throughout the movie is Batman.

The story opens when some really horrific crimes start happening in Gotham City and Metropolis. A woman mows down innocent pedestrians with her car. A guy holds his wife and children at gunpoint. A woman is about to toss her baby off a building. The thing is, all of them swear up and down that the things they’re mowing down, holding at gunpoint, and about to chuck off a roof are demons. The Movie is as dark as the title suggest, with mood, actions and back stories about the characters. That said, there’s also plenty of humor in the film, too. This is about John Constantine, after all, who never met a wisecrack he didn’t like.


One thing I really loved about the movie is you find out how powerful Zatana really is! I'm trying not to give too much away, but damn! The introduction of characters like Deadman and swampthing shows fans DC is really expanding and not just using the same heroes and villians. The voice acting is always on point. Matt Ryan is just as brilliant voicing Constantine as he is playing him live action with Jason O'Mara reprising his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Overall this 115 min movie is worth the watch. The story and action  will keep you entertained through out, It does justice to the main cast of characters by telling their tragic origin stories and showing off their quirky personalities. I'm giving Justice League Dark4 stars out of 5.


by Sean Tucker