Justice League Dark Review

Hey O&G fans, DC has released another animation in the Justice League series. Justice League Dark is the continuation in the Justice League series (JL War, JL battle for Atlantis, and.....) Here is a bit about the story: All over the world, people suddenly begin panicking as they start to see everyone around them as demonic monsters and end up killing a good number of innocents before the members of the Justice League can stop them. Deliberating about this strange outbreak, most of the League's members come to the conclusion that magic must be involved in this. Despite his own past experiences with magic, Batman expresses his skepticism and walks out; but as he returns to Wayne Manor to rest, he is temporarily possessed by Deadman, before he regains consciousness and finds the word "Constantine" written all over the walls.

Note: The Justice League Dark originally featured John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Shade, the Changing Man and Zatanna. The team consists of the more supernatural members of the DC Universe, handling situations deemed unfit for the traditional Justice League.


First thing fans can get excited about is the return of everyone's favorite occult investigator Matt Ryan as John Constantine ( well atleast his voice ). This is perfect since the CW announced they'll be continuing his adventures as animated shorts. JL Dark is one of the few R-rated animated movies (don't know why it rated R not much other than language), which it hopes to gain more viewers. The Title is Justice League , but other than a few appearances, the only member throughout the movie is Batman.

The story opens when some really horrific crimes start happening in Gotham City and Metropolis. A woman mows down innocent pedestrians with her car. A guy holds his wife and children at gunpoint. A woman is about to toss her baby off a building. The thing is, all of them swear up and down that the things they’re mowing down, holding at gunpoint, and about to chuck off a roof are demons. The Movie is as dark as the title suggest, with mood, actions and back stories about the characters. That said, there’s also plenty of humor in the film, too. This is about John Constantine, after all, who never met a wisecrack he didn’t like.


One thing I really loved about the movie is you find out how powerful Zatana really is! I'm trying not to give too much away, but damn! The introduction of characters like Deadman and swampthing shows fans DC is really expanding and not just using the same heroes and villians. The voice acting is always on point. Matt Ryan is just as brilliant voicing Constantine as he is playing him live action with Jason O'Mara reprising his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Overall this 115 min movie is worth the watch. The story and action  will keep you entertained through out, It does justice to the main cast of characters by telling their tragic origin stories and showing off their quirky personalities. I'm giving Justice League Dark4 stars out of 5.


by Sean Tucker



Justice League vs Teen Titans cover art

Warner Bros. Animation have revealed the box art and release dates for the upcoming animated film Justice League vs. Teen Titans. The animated feature will be available as a digital download March 29, with a physical release on DVD and Blu-ray following on April 12.

Additionally, the Blu-ray edition of Justice League vs. Teen Titans will also have a vast array of featurettes including an "exclusive sneak peek at the next DC Universe Originam Movie." Although not mentioned by name, the animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke is scheduled for release sometime in 2016 according to producer Bruce Timm

Justice League Gods and Monsters Trailer

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has unveiled via IGN the first trailer from the upcoming animated movie Justice League: Gods & Monsters. The official synopsis describes the film as set in a alternate universe with a starkly different Justice League who use brute force to enact justice on Earth. Take a look:

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis on Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital 1/27/15

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis on Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital 1/27/15

The newly formed Justice League members Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman discover another super hero on the planet – Aquaman – and the group must band together to prevent a war between the inhabitants of land and sea as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, and DC Entertainment unleashJustice League: Throne of Atlantis.

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In the new DC Animated movie universe, Aquaman was replaced by Shazam as a founding member of the premiere superhero team - but don't fret, fans, as it was all to serve him getting a feature of his own. Make no mistake, while it says "Justice League" in the title, this is definitely an Aquaman movie.

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NYCC: Justice League War Panel

Hey Otakus and Geeks fans, New York Comic Con 2013 had some great panels this year, so we started our day two coverage with the DC Panel. DC unveiled a first look for its upcoming animated featured Justice League War. The panel included producer James Tucker, director Jay Oliva, legendary dialogue director Andrea Romano and Batman voice actor Jason O'Mara.

The DC animated universe is headed into The New 52 territory with ‘Justice League: War’ which adapts the opening storyline from the current ‘Justice League’ comic book series, which gathered the world’s greatest heroes to oppose the ultimate evil, Darkseid. Superman will be voiced by (Firefly) Alan Tudyk.  He will be joined by Jason O’Mara as Batman, Michelle Monaghan as Wonder Woman, Christopher Gorham as The Flash, Justin Kirk as Green Lantern, Shemar Moore as Cyborg, Sean Astin as Shazam, and Steve Blum as Darkseid. Here are some images released by DC for the upcoming animated feature.

Batman, Superman, Green Lantern


Green Lantern


Some of you may be asking why the new movie isn't featuring some of the iconic voices that we have come to love like, Tim daly (Superman TAS, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse) Kevin Conroy (Batman TAS, The Iconic Voice we love). The panel informed us that they are going in the same direction of the New 52, which means new voices and stories that follow the comics.

The panel was asked to summarize Justice League War, Tucker said the feature was “everything you ever wanted” in a Justice League movie. Oliva called it a “loose adaptation” of the Geoff Johns “Justice League: Origin” storyline and will feature the origin of Cyborg. Romano said the character of Cyborg goes through plenty of distress but comes out “shining.

Oliva confirmed that footage from the forthcoming Batman: Assault on Arkham animated movie, based in the “Arkham” videogame universe, is coming back from overseas animation studios and it looks “badass.” Miereanu noted O’Mara is excited for fans to see Batman: Assault on Arkham.

Fan Q&A

Some fans asked why Shazam was added to the story and Aquaman was taken out? "That was a suggestion made by Geoff Johns, actually," Tucker said. "He brings a lot of lightness to the proceedings - it's a very dark, intense story. It was also revealed that Aquaman would be getting his own animated movie.

Another question was bought up by Green Lantern fans, one I have long wanted to ask and has been asked at the last two DC panels....... When are they going to do a Blackest Night animated feature. This is one of the greatest stories in DC history and should be made into a movie. Tucker admitted a possible Green Lantern: Blackest Night animated feature was “discussed,” as was Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War.

One fan asked if they would ever consider doing an animated movie on curse of the Robins, a movie that would follow all of the Robins and explore how partnering with Batman ruined their lives, which got a loud applause from the fans at the panel. The panelists seemed intrigued by the idea and appeared to consider it.

There were also questions if DC was considering bringing back Teen Titan and Young Justice. This was something I myself hoped would spark interest. Fans of Young Justice hoped there is something being planned because the show was left on a cliff hanger.  Tucker said that while he did not work on either, he is very interested in Teen Titans. "So… maybe."

They closed the panel with a final clip, featuring Green Lantern, Batman and Superman fighting off a horde of Parademons. Justice League: War doesn’t currently have a release date, but it is expected to premiere in early 2014.  

By Sean Tucker

Flashpoint Paradox vs Flashpoint Graphic Novel Comparison

Hey Otakus and Geeks fans, Today I'm going to do a comparison on the Flashpoint Paradox animated movie and The Flashpoint comic book story arch. The animated movie follow the story told in the comics and graphic novels almost to a T with a few differences. A review on the animated movie was done by Justin, so I decided to give a more detailed look from a comic fans perspective. I will be giving a brief background of the story from the Graphic Novels, The differences in the movie and comics, and the order to read the graphic novels in should you choose to pick them up. As always here is a brief synopsis of the story.

"Flashpoint" is a comic book crossover story arc published by DC Comics. Consisting of an eponymous core limited series and a number of tie-in titles, the storyline premiered in May 2011. The core miniseries series was written by Geoff Johns and penciled by Andy Kubert. In its conclusion, the series radically changes the status quo for DC Universe leading into the publisher's 2011 relaunch, The New 52.

 Barry Allen wakes up to discover he is in an altered timeline in which Citizen Cold is Central City's greatest hero; his mother Nora (deceased in his own timeline) is alive; his father, Henry, died of a heart attack three years ago (instead of in prison); and that the Flash, the Justice League, and Superman do not exist. In Gotham City, Cyborg and Batman have a conference with a group of superheroes to discuss how the battle between Aquaman's Atlanteans and Wonder Woman's Amazons has caused massive death and destruction in Western Europe (sunk by the Atlanteans, except for the British Isles, which were conquered by the Amazons), with America similarly endangered. The heroes cannot cooperate to find a solution, and the meeting is disbanded. Barry Allen drives to the Batcave where Batman, who is revealed to be Thomas Wayne, attacks him — his son, Bruce, has died in his and his wife's place in this timeline.

Flashpoint Graphic Novels

First I'm going to talk about the Flashpoint Graphic Novels. Let's start with Flashpoint Batman ( everyone favorite DC Hero ) This by far was one of the best stories in the Flashpoint series. The changes that occur in this story are, Bruce dies instead of Thomas and Martha Wayne. This causes Thomas to become Batman ( Which they Never really explain ) and **** SPOILER ALERT**** Martha becomes the Joker.( This they do explain ) This was a great twist in the story that must have had most readers like " Holy mind F@%k Batman". This book talks about Thomas Wayne's fight against Gotham city's criminals and the struggle to keep his marriage and life together after Bruce's Death.

 Next is Flashpoint Wonder Women In this novel, a young Diana and a young Arthur meet after Diana is caught by a baby Kraken. Diana and Arthur battle for her freedom and though successful, Diana needs medical attention which Arthur provides by taking her to Atlantis. Becoming friends fast ( and we all know what this leads to ) the two young heroes decide a royal wedding to unite their powerful kingdoms is the best for everyone involved. Their nuptials are thwarted by both Amazons and Atlanteans that oppose the marriage both secretly and not so secretly. In that opposition, Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, is killed.

Flashpoint Superman, imagine if the ship carrying superman as a baby landed where the government found him instead of Ma and Pa Kent? Well this Flashpoint story answers that. When Neil Sinclair volunteers to become " Subject Zero" ( yeah this is always a good idea ) and serves as the military lab rat as the conduct experiments on him, he knew he would become a powerful fighting machine. After the formula was perfected Neil becomes obsessed with his new found strength and was banished to solitary confinement. When Superman's ship crashed on earth the military found their ideal candidate to turn into the weapon they always wanted.

Finally Flashpoint Flash this novel focuses on the Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom, Captain Cold, and how they are all tied together. In a flashback from Eobard Thawne, The Flash (Barry Allen), stands over him, he has been defeated, again. He remembers when he was going to be the Flash of the 25th century. He thought that everyone would love him, just like they loved Barry Allen, but no, they were frightened of him. He idolized Barry, wanted to be just like him. But for what he did, he could never forgive him, he is going to destroy his future. He traveled back to the day that Barry caught his first crook. No, he should go back further. To the day he first discovered that he had amazing abilities. No, further, to the day when he was struck by lightning. He wonders, what would happen if the beakers never fell on to him, what if the bolt never hit him.

There are 8 books, but the four I mention are the best stories in the series.


There are some differences between the movie and the comics that might leave some people confused. Some are minor and nothing worth mentioning ( Just read the Novels ). Others were things I think the movie should have gone into more details.

Ok first let's start with the scene where Bruce Wayne is killed and Thomas and Martha Wayne survive the attack from the gun man. In the movies Martha is holding Bruce's body and crying, after Thomas finishes beating the crook, he goes over to them and Martha takes her bloody hand and puts it over her mouth, then starts to laugh. This is confusing to anyone who hasn't read the comics because they have no idea what it means. This is the point where she goes mad and becomes the Joker.

In the comics it wasn't that simple. I understand the movie can only do so much, but this is a big part of the Flashpoint story for Batman. Martha's transformation takes some time. She goes into a deep depression and finally loses it when Thomas says " I miss that lovely smile you always had". Well he gets his wish, Martha cut her mouth open on both ends and shows Thomas her lovely smile again. This is when she becomes the Joker.

Next I want to talk about the doomsday weapon Aquaman created as way to end everything if he wasn't victorious in his campaign againts Wonder Women and the Amazons. In the movie they talk about Capt. Atom flying to Europe on a mission to try and end the war and he goes missing. Later you find out he was captured by Aquaman and is now being used in a device as a bomb.

In the comics it wasn't Captain Atom, But Terra's bother Brion. He is hooked to a machine that amplify s his powers. When Aquaman activates the weapon the drown the amazons in Europe, Terra feels her brothers powers being used and saves everyone from being drowned by creating a new Themyscira from the existing land around them almost killing herself to do it.

Now I want to talk about the meeting between Batman and Cyborg. This was also a scene I think was important that the movie kinda of downplayed. When Cyborg save YOYO after Batman throws her off the roof, he has a meeting to discuss him joining a group of heros that are going to try a Final assault on both Aquaman and Wonder Women to end the war. Cyborg tells Batman that the would be hero's would all agree to fight as long as he was in and agreed to plan the assault. When Batman refuses, Cyborg ends the meeting and report to his government superiors. So much more should have been added to this point in the story.

In The Comics, some of the hero's and villains only agreed to help if Batman was in. Cyborgs tries his best to convince him, but he still declines. This causes many who attended this meeting to back out and think of themselves. Also there are a few spy's at this meeting for both sides that you discover later in the Flashpiont comics. I only bring this up because the movie would have had a bigger fight scene at the end. Especially the part when Wonder Women kills Captain Thunder.
 She didn't use her lasso to make him say Shazzam, Someone else did. I don't want to give too much away so read the books.

Flashpoint Comics and Graphic Novels in Reading Order

Flashpoint Trade Reading Order

* Flashpoint
* Flashpoint: Batman
* Flashpoint: Wonder Woman
* Flashpoint: Superman
* Flashpoint: Green Lantern
* Flashpoint: The Flash

Flashpoint's tie-in miniseries are the least connected to the main story than any other DC Comics crossover. It is entirely possible to read just the main Flashpoint miniseries and get a full story without reading the tie-ins; those tie-ins, however, flesh out major parts of the story and add much depth to the actions of the main characters; you'll see Wonder Woman and Aquaman differently.

Flashpoint Reading order by issues 

Flashpoint: Reverse-Flash #1
Flashpoint: Project: Superman #1
Flashpoint: Project: Superman #2
Wonder Woman and the Furies #1
Wonder Woman and the Furies #2
Green Arrow Industries #1
Legion of Doom #1
Legion of Doom #2
Legion of Doom #3
Grodd of War #1
Deadman and the Flying Graysons #1
Deadman and the Flying Graysons #2
Deadman and the Flying Graysons #3
The Canterbury Cricket #1
Abin Sur - The Green Lantern #1
Hal Jordan #1

Flashpoint #1
Abin Sur - The Green Lantern #2
The Outsider #1
Secret Seven #1
Secret Seven #2
Secret Seven #3
Citizen Cold #1
Citizen Cold #2
Citizen Cold #3

Flashpoint #2
The Outsider #2
Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager #1
Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager #2
Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager #3
Hal Jordan #2
Batman: Knight of Vengeance #1
Batman: Knight of Vengeance #2
Batman: Knight of Vengeance #3

Flashpoint #3
Flashpoint #4

Wonder Woman and the Furies #3
Emperor Aquaman #1
Emperor Aquaman #2
Emperor Aquaman #3
Lois Lane and the Resistance #1
Lois Lane and the Resistance #2
Lois Lane and the Resistance #3
Flashpoint: Project: Superman #3
The Outsider #3
The World of Flashpoint #1
The World of Flashpoint #2
The World of Flashpoint #3
Booster Gold #44
Booster Gold #45
Booster Gold #46
Booster Gold #47
Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #1
Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #2
Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #3
Hal Jordan #3
Abin Sur - The Green Lantern #3

Flashpoint #5
Kid Flash Lost #1
Kid Flash Lost #2
Kid Flash Lost #3

Flashpoint was a great crossover series and animated movie.Although there were a few differences from the Movie vs the Comic books, this is definitely a pick up for any comic book fans or someone just getting into comics.

I would love to hear what you guys and girls think and if I missed anything that might be important to the stories. 

by Sean Tucker
When Neil Sinclair volunteered to become “Subject Zero” and serve as the military’s lab-rat as they conducted experiments on him, he knew he would become the ultimate fighting machine. But after the formula was perfected, Neil become obsessed with his newfound strength and was banished into solitary confinement. - See more at: http://www.dccomics.com/tags/flashpoint-project-superman#sthash.LdsCnklM.dpuf
When Neil Sinclair volunteered to become “Subject Zero” and serve as the military’s lab-rat as they conducted experiments on him, he knew he would become the ultimate fighting machine. But after the formula was perfected, Neil become obsessed with his newfound strength and was banished into solitary confinement. - See more at: http://www.dccomics.com/tags/flashpoint-project-superman#sthash.LdsCnklM.dpuf
When Neil Sinclair volunteered to become “Subject Zero” and serve as the military’s lab-rat as they conducted experiments on him, he knew he would become the ultimate fighting machine. But after the formula was perfected, Neil become obsessed with his newfound strength and was banished into solitary confinement. - See more at: http://www.dccomics.com/tags/flashpoint-project-superman#sthash.LdsCnklM.dpuf

Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox Review

An alteration of the timeline for the superhero, The Flash, creates ripples that disastrously alters the Universe. The Flash must team with other heroes to restore the timeline while the Earth is ravaged by a war between Aquaman's Atlantis and Wonder Woman's.

Injustice Gods Among Us Collector's Edition Revealed

NetherRealm's upcoming DC Comics fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, will hit stores in April 2013 with a limited Collector's Edition release for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that will sell for $99.99. This one's definitely for the hardened DC fans, with a small amount of digital content joined by physical items designed to appeal to comic book nerds.

The highlight of the package is a DC Collectibles statue featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman's Fortress of Solitude lair, and the ship carried his infant self from the doomed Krypton to Earth. Also included in the premium package is a collector's version of "a brand new DC Comics series," a code for a digital download of the animated movie Justice League: Doom, and three in-game skins, for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, based on each heroe's appearance in DC's The New 52.

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Warner Bros. Makes Justice League Plans

  Warner Bros. is making some plans towards the long-awaited    Justice League feature film as Variety reports that Gangster Squad screenwriter Will Beall has been brought aboard to provide the screenplay.

Details at this point are currently few, but the enormous success of Marvel's The Avengers no doubt helped pave the way for getting the Distinguished Competition's superhero ensemble a shot at the silver screen.

What remains to be seen is whether or not Warner's film will use any of their standalone superhero projects as jumping off points, building a cohesive cinematic universe the way that Marvel has. It's been hinted that Christopher Nolan's upcoming The Dark Knight Rises will feature a definitive ending for the current version of the big screen Batman character, though Christian Bale has recently suggested that he's not entirely against the notion of further adventures in the cape and cowl.

Next summer's Man of Steel, however, marks a more likely contender to launch an ongoing big screen universe and it's entirely possible that, despite a disappointing box office, last summer's take on Green Lantern couldn't be brought back.

The other possibility is that Warner Bros. might start from scratch, as was the plan several years ago when George Miller was attached to direct a motion-capture Justice League feature.

Source: Variety