Female Videogame Characters Fan Art (Anime Style)

Hey guys and gals it's been a while since I did a Fan Art post. This time we're going to look at Anime Style Fan Art, of female videogame characters. These are some cool pictures I found on Google. If you know the artist leave a comment so we can give them credit for the great job. Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) looks amazing and very mature, I love the look. Princess Zelda (The Legend Of Zelda) looks very sensual and her eyes are wonderful. Samus (Metroid) looks beautiful and very detail, the effects of the rain only make it more neat. Peach (Super Mario) and Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) enter fan service zone. Morrigan (Dragon Age) looks so cute, if they make her a Plushie, she should be this design. Finally Aya Brea (Parasite Eve) looks straight from the pages of a dark Manga. Great job by the artist. Anime Rules!!!!