This will be the end FOURever!! First look at Fantastic Four's Fourever end

Hey Otakus and geeks fans, You may have heard that Fantastic Four is coming to an end. Some people are a little bit upset about it. Well their end is coming (which may not be permanent, this is comics) so we might as well enjoy the ride.

 “The End is FOURever.” kicks off in Fantastic Four #642, with James Robinson and Leonard Kirk bringing us a new version of the Invaders hunting for Reed Richards. That’d be the new Captain America, Doc Green, Namor and the original Human Torch, which sounds like a pretty formidable unit. The Future Foundation kids are still missing, and the mastermind behind the orchestrated downfall of the Fantastic Four reveals his scheme, as super villains often do. It involves Franklin Richards and his seemingly out of control powers too.

The end of Marvel's first family hits stores January 14th, but here is a look at the first issue:

by Sean Tucker