Yaya Han To Be Featured In Lion Forge Comic Wondrous II

Cosplayer Yaya Han of " Heroes of Cosplay" will be featured in the upcoming comic book by Lion Forge. The comic book is entitled Wondrous II.Lion Forge’s Wonderous series chronicles the adventures of super powered women in the Catalyst Prime Universe. Wonderous II is the sequel to the original Wonderous series, which starred 2011 Playmate of the Year, Claire Sinclair. In the new series, the story picks up when the tainted medical study compound finds its way into the cosplay world and infects aspiring costume designer, Yaya Han.

Readers follow Yaya as she discovers her newfound superpowers and fights crime in the colorful cosplay world alongside her quirky best friend, Crane. Wonderous II is penned by Joelle Sellner, who also wrote the first Wonderous series and is currently writing Saved By the Bell and Punky Brewster for Lion Forge. The artwork for Wonderous II is handled by Francesco Gerbino and Sai Studios. You can check out the still below.