Five Cancelled Shows Netflix Should Pick Up

If there is one thing I hate about television is watching a good show get cancel before it's conclusion. Lately it seems networks such as FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC cancel shows quickly after one season. Thankfully the way we received our entertainment is changing. Streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon are now producing and buying content. Since I'm a Netflix guy there are five shows that I feel that were cancel too early, that will be great for the streaming service. Check out my list below. Then you tell me what shows you would like to see Netflix pick up in the comment section.

1. Mixology

To my shame I discovered this show on Netflix recently, not when it originality aired on ABC. "Mixology" is a show about ten people in a bar on a quest to find love. This show was hilarious, and it does great job of flushing out each character giving them a strong backstory. The highlight of the show was the chemistry between Tom and Maya played by Blake Lee and Ginger Gonzaga. Maya had to be my favorite character because she had more layers to her compare to the others. The season ended with people pairing up and some going separate ways. Since the second season was not picked up, I would love to see what happens after they left the bar.

2. Almost Human

When FOX announced that "Almost Human" will not be returning fans were pissed. The show started off strong in the ratings and had a steady decline. I don't whether it was a production cost, or the ratings that saw the shows demise. Still "Almost Human" was a great show and had a lot of potential. It's one of the few Sci-Fi show on basic television, it was refreshing to see something different to sink your teeth into. I think "Almost Human" has a strong enough fanbase that can bring in new subscribers to Netflix.

3. The Tomorrow People

Regardless if you're a CW fan or not. "The Tomorrow People" had a pretty good following. The show started off strong but the later episodes were a hit or miss. It wasn't the best show on television, however it's was entertaining. I would like to see at least another season or two to flush out character arcs, story arcs and see what happens.

4. Alphas

If there is one thing any fan hate is a show ending on a cliffhanger, then getting cancelled. Alphas was one of the best shows on SyFy. The ratings had a struggle during season two which lead to it's cancellation. Netflix should pick up this hidden gem for at least one more season to flush out the story arc. The fans of SyFy will really thank them for it.

5. TRON Uprising

As a TRON fan I really would love at least another season of "TRON Uprising." Cancelled on Disney XD (really Disney) this show was one of the great animation shows on Disney XD. It brought me back to the times I use to watch cartoons in the 90's. It had adult themes, moral lessons and the animation was really good. Not to the mention the soundtrack had renditions of the Daft Punk's "TRON Legacy" soundtrack.