Yaya Han To Be Featured In Lion Forge Comic Wondrous II

Cosplayer Yaya Han of " Heroes of Cosplay" will be featured in the upcoming comic book by Lion Forge. The comic book is entitled Wondrous II.Lion Forge’s Wonderous series chronicles the adventures of super powered women in the Catalyst Prime Universe. Wonderous II is the sequel to the original Wonderous series, which starred 2011 Playmate of the Year, Claire Sinclair. In the new series, the story picks up when the tainted medical study compound finds its way into the cosplay world and infects aspiring costume designer, Yaya Han.

Readers follow Yaya as she discovers her newfound superpowers and fights crime in the colorful cosplay world alongside her quirky best friend, Crane. Wonderous II is penned by Joelle Sellner, who also wrote the first Wonderous series and is currently writing Saved By the Bell and Punky Brewster for Lion Forge. The artwork for Wonderous II is handled by Francesco Gerbino and Sai Studios. You can check out the still below.


Marvel Method: Cosplay

Marvel Method: Cosplay is the first Marvel Original Video Series to go inside the process of building a Marvel costume, culminating in its big reveal at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Debuting July 8th on Marvel.com and on Marvel’s YouTube Channel, every Tuesday and Thursday, fans will get an inside look at the process of character selection, wearable design and fabric construction all leading up to the final reveal on opening day of San Diego Comic-Con at the Marvel booth. Join Lorraine Cink, Host and Writer of Marvel's The Watcher, and Judy Stephens, Associate Producer/ Cosplay Expert, as they seek out help and advice from professional costumer, Carly Bradt; Wig Expert, Katie Hondrogen; and professional Cosplayer, Yaya Han. 

Marvel Method: Cosplay - Episode 1: Associate Producer and Cosplay Expert, Judy Stephens approaches host and writer of Marvel's The Watcher to embark on an adventure in Cosplay to create a Marvel costume like never before to reveal at SDCC 2014. Together with professional costumer, Carly Bradt, they are using The Marvel Method: Cosplay.

Interview With Yaya Han (Cosplay Girl Of The Week #39)

Hey Otakus and Geeks out there. We have a new exciting interview today. You have seen on our site more than once. She has Cosplay as Ada Wong, Christie from DOA, Lady Deathstrike and many more. You guys and gals asked for it and you shall receive. Here is our chat with Yaya Han. Try not to have a nerdgasm.

OtakusandGeeks.com: Let’s first talk about your Geeky Origins. How did you get into Cosplaying and how were you able to do it professionally?

Yaya Han: Before I ever knew Cosplay existed, I was a big anime/manga fan and avid artist. When I attended my first anime convention in 1999, throughout the weekend I kept seeing people dressed up as these cool anime characters! I thought it was a fascinating way to express my passion for this fandom. Instead of collecting and wearing merchandise of my favorite characters, I could actually dress up as those characters. Once I ventured into costume making, I became more drawn to the potential unlimited creativity Cosplay presented. I had so much fun with the sewing, pattern drafting, wig styling, sculpting, jewelry making, props etc. that to this day, the crafty aspects are what keep me interested. I kind of fell into doing cosplay professionally... people kept approaching me about making costumes for them, making wings, making all kinds of things, and conventions and events asked me to come out to be a Guest, contribute by giving panels, judge contests etc. Eventually I was able to quit my salary office job and make a living off of just making appearances as a cosplayer and offering cosplay related products to the public. I'm developing a line of original copyright protected cosplay items, all designed and hand made by me. You can see them here in my store: Yaya Han's Store I also travel around the world to conventions to share my knowledge and experience.

OtakusandGeeks.com: We choose you as Lady Deathstrike for this week’s Cosplay Girl Of The Week. Can you tell us about that shoot?

Yaya Han: The studio shoot for Lady Deathstrike from X Men 2 was overdue by several years. I made the costume back in 2004 right as the movie came out, and always had a great time wearing it at cons. For some reason I never got to do a studio shoot in Lady Deathstrike until Benny Lee of Emano Design approached me about collaborating. I love Benny's clean sharp style of photography and a simple white backdrop was perfect to showcase the details in the costume and the attitude of the character. I had a lot of fun with the action poses and hero (or in this case, villain) shots.

OtakusandGeeks.com: Now we’ve seen that you also design your own Cosplay outfits. How long does it usually take you to design one outfit?

Yaya Han: Designing outfits can happen in a flash. When an idea hits you, it's there and you flesh it out through sketching it repeatedly. I've designed costumes in minutes, but took weeks to make them.

OtakusandGeeks.com: These designs are truly amazing. How do you describe or define your style?

Yaya Han: Thank you. I would describe my style as romantic fantasy that is always refined and finished. I love details and silhouettes, and using lush luxurious materials. I always try to branch out and continue to challenge myself, so in the future you'll see designs in other styles and with different materials. I think cosplay has helped me be a better designer because when you only work on outfits that you designed yourself, inevitably and unconsciously, you will do what you're comfortable with. You'll design seams and pieces that you already know how to make. When you're forced to follow someone else's design, maybe the artwork of an artist who doesn't know anything about sewing, you'll have to think outside your box and make things that are unfamiliar to your eye and skill, or pieces that seem impossible to create in real life. So I try to do both, design my own outfits, as well as cosplay an existing character.

Some Of Yaya Han's original designs.
Yaya Han's Cleopatra

Yaya Han's Peacock Design

Yaya Han's Sea Nymph Design

Yaya Han's Steampunk Design

OtakusandGeeks.com: Are any of your outfits up for sale or is there anyway people can purchase them?

Yaya Han: I have in the past sold a few of my costumes, and there are a couple that I've retired and will put up for sale sometime. I don't have time to custom make costumes for others anymore like I used to, and many of my outfits are still being regularly used by me, since I attend about 20 - 25 conventions per year. However, I do make custom wings in all sizes and colors and the cosplay accessories I mentioned above.

OtakusandGeeks.com: You have cosplay as many characters from Anime, Manga and Videogames. Do you have that one favorite character that holds a special place in your heart?

Yaya Han: Never just one... I love many characters for different reasons. But on top of the fave list is probably Daenerys from a book series called "A Song of Ice and Fire", which is being made into an HBO TV show right now. I have plans to make one of Daenerys' costumes in 2011.

OtakusandGeeks.com: What character was the most difficult for you to pull off?

Yaya Han: Probably Carmilla from "Vampire Hunter D" because of how otherworldly the character looked. I did everything I could with the construction of the costume, make up and accessories to achieve that special mix of terrifying but captivating beauty.

Yaya Han as Carmilla

OtakusandGeeks.com: Is there any character that you haven’t done, that you will love to tackle?

Yaya Han: My list is a mile long and changes constantly. I don't revisit characters often because there are so many I haven't gotten to cosplay yet.

OtakusandGeeks.com: Speaking of Anime let’s talk about the Otaku side of you. Do you have a favorite Anime and if you do why did you choose that Anime?

Yaya Han: I love old school manga and anime, shows that I grew up with, such as Record of Lodoss Wars, Ranma 1/2, Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Saint Seiya. And all the Miyazaki films. The stories were captivating and I love the animation quality and character development. A lot of current anime doesn't grab me as much, and there is a lot of dead space filler in each episode. I guess the economy is hitting everyone?

Yaya Han as Faye Valentine From Cowboy Bebop

OtakusandGeeks.com: Do you have a favorite genre when it comes watching Anime?

Yaya Han: Probably action adventure/fantasy, but I also love historical anime like Rose of Versailles.

OtakusandGeeks.com: We read that you love Resident Evil games. Have you seen the Anime “High School Of The Dead” or the AMC’s “The Walking Dead?”

Yaya Han: I've heard of High School of the Dead and would like to check it out. I've been following The Walking Dead diligently and want to read the comic series as well. I do love zombies :D.

OtakusandGeeks.com: It’s 2020 the Zombie Apocalypse has happen. You only have one choice for a weapon. What would you choose to survive?

Yaya Han: Definitely NOT a gun. They're too noisy and require ammo. I'd go with an Axe or Machete.

OtakusandGeeks.com: Nice choice! Are you currently gaming? If so what games and what system are you playing?

Yaya Han: PS3 all the way. I don't have much time to play games but I love the Uncharted and God of War games.

OtakusandGeeks.com: Besides cosplaying, designing and modeling what other passions do you have?

Yaya Han: The above takes up about 90% of my waking hours, so in my limited free time I try to get in some reading, catch a good movie and spend time with friends. I am a recreational foodie and love to travel. Usually in the slower winter season I will take off for a couple of weeks to another country, that's my way of recharging and to keep from burning out.

OtakusandGeeks.com: You have done a lot of work at conventions. Can you tell us your best experience?

Yaya Han: I've had a lot of amazing experiences at conventions. The best times are usually at the hotel bar hanging with friends, after I've had a good day of sales, hosted a successful packed panel and wore a fun costume and did a couple of photoshoots. Can't beat that!

OtakusandGeeks.com: Are you ready for three random Otakus and Geeks questions from our readers?

Yaya Han: Bring it on!

OtakusandGeeks.com: Who would win in a fight between Ninjas, Pirates or Cowboys?

Yaya Han: Skill wise I would bet on the ninjas, and they have the best battle discipline. I think ninjas would demolish any hoard or pirates or cowboys.

OtakusandGeeks.com: Choose one DS or PSP and why?

Yaya Han: PSP because I don't get the pen tapping and double screen thing on the DS. I'd rather keep it simple and straightforward.

OtakusandGeeks.com: Name one Anime theme song that you can’t get out of your head?

Yaya Han: It's been a few years but the ending song of Dragon Half used to be in my head all the time, after I learned to sing it at the Anime Expo Karaoke contest.

OtakusandGeeks.com: You have the floor. Promote, Promote, Promote!

Yaya Han: Follow me on Twitter, it's fun and I post from my Blackberry a lot!Yaya Han's Twitter The other ways to keep up with me are on FB Yaya Han's FB Page and of course my website Yaya Han's Site. I have a lot of new updates coming soon :)

OtakusandGeeks.com: Thank you for dropping by.

Yaya Han:Thanks for doing this fun interview with me!