Must Read Comic Titles Coming In June/July

Hey Comic fans, with summer here, I wanted to talk about some must reads for the next two months. So here are my picks for titles coming in June/July.

Starting in June: Wolverine: 3 Months to Die, runs issues 8-12 of the main Wolverine series. It leads up to Charles Soule's mini-series The Death of Wolverine. Now for all Wolverine fans this is a must read as our favorite cigar smoking bad ass mutant hero comes to grip with his own mortality.
 Thanks to an alien virus, Logan no longer has his famous healing factor, meaning that the character formerly able to come back from just about anything was now suddenly very vulnerable.

 Now this is a May/ June release, but still a must read. The shocking truth about Deadpool’s family comes to light in DEADPOOL #29 – a tie-in to Original Sin! And the truth about the Merc With a Mouth upend the lives of those close to him in ways you never thought imaginable. All Deadpool Fans must pick this title up!!

Batman And Robin #33 Robin Rises. Now this story arc runs thru a few DC titles,GRAYSON#1 ,NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #1, TEEN TITANS #1.
'ROBIN RISES'! Picking up right where this month's ROBIN RISES #1 left off, it's Batman vs. the Justice League as the Dark Knight decides to follow the Chaos Shard back to its source: Apokolips! on sale July 23, 2014

These are just a few titles to look out for that comic fans should be reading. I will be posting about comics, movies, and industry news as SDCC approaches. 

cover art from Marvel and Dc Comics.

 By Sean Tucker