App Review

Story Synopsis - App follows PAUL, a shy and brilliant app developer, as he desperately tries to get venture capital for his sexy Siri invention from a sex-starved investor, MIKE. Without a new investment by the end of the night, Paul cannot pay for servers and his app is lost forever. To convince Mike to invest, Paul uses his app to seduce a feisty stranger, ZOEY. As the App whispers advice culled from Zoey’s social media, Paul becomes a hipster Don Juan and they grow closer through the night. To the app, Zoey is a recovering jock and Paul is a lovesick nerd, or in other words: COMPLETELY INCOMPATIBLE. Their genuine connection makes Paul’s calculations a little more complicated. Paul confronts Mike that the test is over, the app works, and he wants the investment. But Mike, rejected earlier in the night by Zoey, demands Paul goes all the way. He wants “due diligence” (a sextape) to prove the app investment grade. Torn between a one-night stand to save his app or the promise of uncertain romance, Paul’s choice seems logically obvious. However, when the pair arrives at Zoey’s apartment, an irrational guilt and love drive Paul to abandon his app. Like a jealous lover, the App has other ideas…

 I had the chance to view this short film at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. I must say that this short film was very entertaining. What I really like about this film, is it's realism on social network and how the character Paul uses it to his advantage. Paul is socially awkward and doesn't have much experience dating. However the fact that he creates this app that tells him all the information he needs to know about a girl is not only creepy and eye opening. I felt the film was showing us a direction that we may be heading into when it comes to social network. It shows how basically nothing is kept private anymore and nothing is off limits. The simple fact that Paul can access all the information he needs, on his objective target Zoey made me think on what I put on social networks. Paul is character you will cheer for being socially awkward and hope that he gains confidence, but at the same time you start questioning whether he is just capitalizing on information he didn't earn himself. Watching Paul I felt for his frustration about his love and career life. However at the same time I was rooting against him. I found this to be entertaining because when the decision comes of whether Paul will use the App or not made me ask myself would I do the same if I was Paul. The film brings a great dilemma of morality for Paul. If he uses the app and proves that it's successful he will have a career. If he doesn't then he won't reach his goals, all in the mix of this is Zoey who will determine if Paul succeeds based on his interactions with her.

Overall this is a really good short film that I recommend you watch if you get a chance. The acting has great chemistry, the story is fun and enjoyable and finally you will raise questions to yourself about how and what you put on social networks.

Final Grade