Kill La Kill Review

What happens when you mix an all out war on clothes with action-packed, comedy driven, high emotion characters with an awesome story in a show? Kill la Kill of course. Strap in and hold on to your fabric, it's going to be a long ride.

Synopsis: Ryuko Matoi is a schoolgirl out to find the other half of a blade that was left at the scene of her father's murder.  Her findings leads her to Honnuji Academy where the headmaster, Satsuki Kiryun, claims to know or is the cause of Ryuko father's murder. It's also the place where the students wear super powered uniforms. She comes across a living uniform called Senketsu, who gives her the power to find out the truth, and unravel a whole lot of kicka** onto the world!

Characters: I love Ryuko. Like she falls under one of my favorite heroines of all time. She kicks butt, she know what she wants, and she kicks butt (did I already say that). Besides the main character, all of them are quirky and at the same time endearing. One of the characters I had a hard time taking seriously and as time went on, I can understand why. He was mysterious and yet towards the middle and end of the series, I was taken back by him. Everyone who watched the whole series, probably knows who I am talking about. Also the villains in the show are diabolically evil and intriguing. One of them makes my skin crawl and you will see her later on in the show. Another villain just is sweet as she can be then flipped at a drop of a dime and its so creepy.

Music: The music, just as the show, is so good. Justin did the review of the OST so to hear the great ratings in music check out his post. I have the same feelings as him so for this part I will say ditto.

Animation: Flawless. I have seen a couple of episodes of Gurren Lagann, but I never got into it. The same people that brought you Gurren Lagann brought us Kill la Kill and they did an amazing job. However with this show, enthralled me. The animation is crazy plus there is a lot of fan service for both guys and girls. It immediately grasped me from the first episode and I know it will grab you too.

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10. There is a lot of fan service for my taste but overall its a great story with great action and comedy. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes Gurren Lagann. However I don't recommend this as a "gateway" anime to a person who is just starting out. Enjoy the show and tell us what you think in the comments below. Anime Rules!!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^