5 Actors Who Should Play Harley Quinn

Dr. Harleen Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn, was an employee at Arkam Asylum until the moment she fell in madly deeply and unwaveringly in love with the Joker. The actors below have been chosen based on three categories that are the most important traits of Harley’s that are imperative to whoever gets the role. The first is the attitude. Harley needs to have the an apparent mental stability issue because to love someone like the Joker you have to be CRAZY! She is extremely playful with a heart of gold. The next is the body. Harley most certainly a lover but that doesn’t rule her out as a fighter. She is always shown flipping through the air with ease and the ability to even go toe to toe in a fight with Batman himself. Last, one of the most recognizable traits of Harley is the voice.

Honorable mention who came so close to this list are Yael Stone from Orange is the New Black, Isla Fisher, and Teresa Palmer but each of them I believe are slightly off the mark. So here we go….

#5 Hayden Panettiere
Best known for the TV series Nashville Hayden maybe be small but she is definitely a fireball! She has had experience in Gymnastics in the past which means she is physically perfect and ready. Her body of work is versatile proving she can take on any role. The reason she barely makes the cut however is due the fact she hasn’t done any extreme accent work. Her beautiful vocals on Nashville proves her voice certainly have the range for Harley so there’s definitely potential there.

#4 Chloë Sevigny
Chloe, best known for American Psycho is no stranger to the criminally insane. She was a series regular on  American Horror Story Asylum playing a nymphomaniac trapped in a corrupt 1960s church run asylum. Her physicality and acting ability would lend itself incredible well to a darker Christopher Nolan-esque Harley. Unfortunately there is no proof she would be able to execute the voice.  

#3 Chloë Grace Moretz
If it weren’t for her age our favorite Hit Girl would have made number one on this list. Chloe’s performance as Hit Girl in Kick Ass and Kick Ass 2 proves she has the body and stunt capability to pull off Harley. In Martin Scorsese’s Hugo she showcased her ability to be playful and in the 2013 Remake of the Carrie she proves that dangerous and mentally unhinged is most definitely in her bag of tricks. She has also done multiple accents and voices for some of her characters therefore she has the vocal capability. The only problem is of course her age. Harleen is a certified therapist working at Arkam.There is no way a 17-year-old has been through enough school.

#2 Jena Malone
Jena had a long track record with both feature films and television that make her an obvious choice for Harley. Her most recent role as Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire certainly proves she got the physical capabilities. Just remove the axe she’s got in her hand and replace it with a huge mallet and you’ve got Harley. Her other roles include a plethora of accent work. She had an impeccable british accent in Pride and Prejudice along with a playful and youthful personality. So let’s get her in tights and she what can do!  

#1 Kristen Belle
Now best known Disney’s animated feature Frozen, Kristen is the most qualified when it comes to voice work. Not only does she have several voice over credits, her live performance of “Do You Want to Build A Snowman?” in which she sang all three ages of Anna with noticeably different voices proves her vocal capabilities are vast! There is a reason so much fan art of her exists as Harley already. She has tremendous talent and versatility. She commits 100% to every role she tackles, including any stunt work. Kristen herself has a youthful sensibility that will translate into Harley seamlessly.

The five above all are great choice with the foundation to pull Harley out off the comic books and on to the big screen!! It looks like for now however we will all have to wait patiently for the announcement of the return of the Joker followed by the introduction of Harley.