Five Villains We Want To See In Justice League Film Before Darkseid

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice now filming. The seeds of the Justice League are finally being planted. There is no doubt in my mind that the big villain will be Darkseid. However which villains should the Justice League face leading to Darkseid. The Justice League has an impressive rogue gallery of villains. If the rumors of DC making their movies one big Justice League story arch is true, then we can see a couple of villains that help serve Darkseid's cause and flush out character archs for each league member. I have a couple of villains I would like to see give Justice League a hard time.

1. Vandal Savage

Immortal, genius and certified madman is the best way to describe Vandal Savage. Vandal is a man I would love to see get the live action treatment. He is villain that not only is immortal, but his genius is what is truly intriguing. Vandal has his own views on how the world should be run, who should be in charge. In addition his knowledge and wealth, Vandal have always been intriguing with his skills in technology. One of my favorite stories of Vandal Savage is the "Injustice Society." It would be great to see a modern day "Injustice Society" lead by Vandal Savage for the new Justice League Universe.

2. Amazo

I might I get heat for this one. However I think Amazo will be great for second Justice League movie. Amazo is Humanoid that is equip with absorption cells, which allows him to have all the powers of the Justice League members. He can be a creation of LexCorp to try to take down Superman and Batman. Trust me this is one android who is a serious threat even to the Justice League. .

3. Prometheus

I've always been a fan of Prometheus. Even though he is consider more of a Batman villain than anything. Prometheus has had his encounters with the Justice League. He is known of what Batman would be like if he didn't take the side of justice. Prometheus doesn't have any powers but like Batman is highly intelligent and skilled in fighting. Read Justice League's: Cry for Justice to see how awesome Prometheus is.

4. Injustice League

This is a clearly a no brainer. This is a must for the Justice League film franchise. The Injustice League is a group of the Justice League's biggest rogue gallery, banded together for a common goal. Since Lex is making his appearance in this upcoming film, he could start planting seeds for the inevitable Injustice League. While Lex might be the appear the head of the snake, he can only be following Darkseid's orders.

5. Doomsday

I know he's a Superman villain and he's the one who did the unthinkable by killing Superman. However imagine the "Death of Superman" storyline in the Justice League film. Doomsday is very hard to stop when he gets going. He will bring destruction, chaos and hopefully a high body count when he is unleashed.

Who do you think should be in the JLA films before the big boss Darkseid? Leave a comment and let us know.