Gotham Pilot Review

With the success of Arrow on the CW, DC has been extremely proactive about creating new television series based on other DC Super Heroes. Batman seemed to be the next logical choice, but how? With the success of the Dark Knight Films and anticipation for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice how could they search for another actor to play Batman?

Gotham, a new pilot airing this Fall on Fox, follows Jim Gordon as he  starts his career with Gotham PD. The series begins two weeks after Gordon’s first day. The pilot jumps right in with his first big case, the murder of Gotham’s most influential couple, Thomas and Martha Wayne. Their death becomes catalyst for mayhem, deceit and destruction to thrive in Gotham, and is the spark that ignites Bruce’s obsession with justice.

Ben Mckenzie, best known for The O.C., is wonderful as Jim Gordon. Gordon is one of the only members of Gotham PD who is committed unwaveringly to doing what’s right. Mckenzie gives Gordon the tough skin he needs to survive in an organization as corrupt as the police force of Gotham has become with the heart and passionate determination we expect from Detective Gordon.

Other familiar faces include Detective Harvey Bullock played by Donal Logue, most recently a recurring character on Law and Order: SVU. Logue effortlessly captures Bullock’s nonchalant contentment for the way things are run in Gotham and his pompous attitude of imperviousness but misses opportunities to showcase the often jovial way Bullock copes with confrontation. Sean Pertwee, despite his lack of screen time in the pilot, is a very level headed Alfred. Last but certainly not least David Mazouz taking on the role of Bruce Wayne. As far as the pilot goes Mazouz adds both understated nuances and purposeful statements that make it plain Bruce’s journey to becoming Batman is a direct result of his parents death.

The main focus of Gotham however will not be Bruce Wayne. The plan is to focus each episode on the origin stories of our favorite Batman villains. Robin Taylor is outstanding as Oswald Cobblepot, aka the Penguin. Camren Bicondova plays Selina Kyle, and nails the feline physicality of the future Catwoman but doesn’t speak in the pilot. We also get a quick glimpse of Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma, later known as The Riddler. Poison Ivy played by Clare Foley has been included in teaser clips on Fox’s Website.

All in all director Danny Cannon does a tremendous job in creating the dark corrupt Gotham fans have grown to love. He gives them characters truly based on the future villains along with the ever so popular procedural layout successful shows cling to. Gotham will air this fall at 8 PM on Mondays only on Fox.

Final Score: 9/10