Anime Midwest Announces New Events At 2014 Convention

Anime Midwest had added new features this year to improve the overall con-experience.
Highlights of the new events added this year include:

· Dante's Fabulous Date Auction: Unrivaled by any other convention, Dante's Fabulous Date Auction is a chance to win a date to the formal ball. Join the Dantes as they auction off other cosplayers to the highest bidder. The money from the auction goes towards improving the convention and 10% of all winning bids are donated to charity.

· Boffer Weapon Tournaments: Anime Midwest is happy to feature Sleeping Samurai's boffer/foam weapons area. Attendees can use their regulation padded weapons to beat up friends in a nice, safe way and participate in a tournament to see who is the best swordsman.

· ConSweet: To help keep energy up at the convention, ConSweet will be providing attendees with unlimited rice, ramen and soda throughout the entire weekend.

· Maid Café: The maid cafe is a fun, interactive experience similar to maid cafes in Japan - but much more suited to Anime Midwest.