New Live-Action Lupin III Film

One of Japan’s most popular manga and anime franchises, LUPIN III is getting a new live action adaptation helmed by Director Kitamura Ryuhei (VERSUS). Oguri Shun (CROWS ZERO) plays the lead role as the gentlemen thief with an ensemble supporting cast the likes of Asano Tadanobu, Tamayama Tetsuji, Ayano Go and Kuroki Meisa.

The story follows Lupin and his partners in crime before they became a gang. They infiltrate the high security of the Ark of Navarone, a gigantic fortress-like safe, to lay claim to the Crimson Heart of Cleopatra within. It is said that whoever possesses this treasure shall "unite the world."

The first live-action adaptation of LUPIN III in four decades will open on August 30. The movie began filming on October 3 and finished principal photography on December 26. The production shot in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Check the full trailer below featuring the new instrumental theme song by Tomoyasu Hotei.