Lolita Crisis!

So I've been away, and even Tumblr hasn't been tumbling but so much. However, I'm a loli with a cause as of late, so my absence hasn't been in vain. In fact, I've been on a mission to connect with more lolita's.

My little Loli sis and I are embarking on an adventure to make the DC Lolita scene a bit more visual. This came into play during the Hello Kitty for President campaign and pop-up shop that was hosted here in DC. At some point, a few nights before Halloween, I started receiving texts and tweets asking where my Lolita friends were and such. I had to respond that there are about 4 Lolita's in the area that I knew of (and we're all friends LOL) ad that most others only dressed for conventions and such.

SO! Needless to say, we're not too pleased with having to share news like that. But instead of pouting about it ... we're trying to make things happen! As such, we've decided to do more meet-ups (at least once a moth) and lined up some road trips and Lolita good times (in the making!)

Here are some pics from our last two bouts around the city. Two weekends back to back and somehow, I found time to start my Live Journal to share my looks. I've also started creating the MISS-Adventures of Indian Pussy short manga (of couuuuurse it's Lolita inspired!). So stay tuned! But ... read what's after the pics and let's see if we can make this happen. K!


All of this post was to say LET's KEEP in TOUCH! If you're a Lolita ... or even into Japanese sub-culture fashion (ALL are welcome), please send your info my way! Regardless of location, the more the merrier, right?!

Just a FEW quickies ... 
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'Til next time, you know what it is ...

~je t'adore!
<3 IKB