Movies About Otakus That You Should Watch

It's no secret that I love movies. Heck I'm the movie reviewer for Otakus and Geeks. One particular type of movie I love is movies that have otakus in them. Here is a list of movies about otakus or with otaku characters that you should check out.

Densha Otoko (Train Man)

The most famous story of all otakus is Densha Otoko. The story of an otaku who saves a girl on the train from the assault of a drunken passenger. This actually loosely based on a true story. The story proceeds with the otaku asking the girl out and getting dating tips from people on a popular message board. The movie is very light hearted and tells a good story of the nerd finally getting the girl. It shows the importance of confidence, self love and being yourself. This is a must watch movie for otakus everywhere. Good acting, wonderful settings and great music.

How To Date An Otaku Girl

A guy meets girl. She turns out to be a yaoi fanatic, what transpires is a fish out of water story for the guy as he tries to adjust to her lifestyle. This is a sweet romantic comedy but it gets serious towards the middle. The female protagonist deals with whether she will be accepted being otaku. She is viewed as being weird, or awkward which most otakus can relate too at some point. It's not a perfect movie, but when it gets to the serious tone it made it a must check out.

Otakus In Love

This film is about a manga artist down on his luck and happens to meet a girl and it's love at first site. Funny, light hearted and it packs plenty of cosplay for the otakus. It's a fun film to watch and it's a great romantic comedy.


Honestly I wasn't a fan of this documentary on otakus. To be fair it was made in 1994 and otaku was kind of a negative term back then. However it still a decent insight on the otaku culture in Japan in the 90's. It might rub some hardcore otakus the wrong way when they touch on the issue of obsessions, but it's worthy of a look.