Ten Awesome Anime Fight Scenes

One thing that makes Anime special and sets it apart from other forms of medium in film is the fight scenes. In animation you can do many things that you can't do in live action. Today I wanted to show you some of my favorite fight scenes in Anime that I consider the best. Of course this is just my opinion and feel free to tell me your favorite fight scenes as well in the comment section.

Fight Scene #1: Yu Yu Hakusho - Yusuke vs Sensui

The only way to describe this fight scene is epic. This fight has ass whipping all over it, and Urameshi made sure he gave that to Sensui. What really make this fight epic isn't just the violence. The fight is epic because of the rage and emotion Urameshi has in this scene.

Fight Scene #2: Karas: The Prophecy - Opening Fight
The opening scene can make or break a film. The opening scene sets the tone for the movie and how it will play out through the rest of the duration. "Karas: The Prophecy" starts the films off with huge battle and it pays off well. The music, the choreography and the bad-ass ending made this one of my favorite fight scene.

Fight Scene #3: Gintama - Two Men Vs An Army
You have to be pretty bad ass to take on an entire of army of people, especially when it's just you and someone else. The Anime Gintama does just that and it's one of hell of a fight scene worthy of being called one of the best.

Fight Scene #4: Fist Of The North Star - Kenshiro VS  Raoh

There is no way you can have a list of awesome Anime fight scenes and not include "Fist Of The North Star." Fist Of The North Star" is one of the best fighting Anime's of all time. The fight between Kenshiro and Raoh is brutal, graphic and has a lot of heart.

Fight Scene #5: Cowboy Bebop - The End
SPOILER ALERT! Nothing has a greater fight than the fight for your life. In the final episode of "Cowboy Bebop" Spike does just that and what a fight to survive it was. Unfortunately he didn't win this fight.

Fight Scene #6: Dragonball Z - Majin Vegeta VS Goku

This is probably the best fight in the DBZ series. A fight based on pride carries so much emotions. Vegeta has something to prove and when he is in that state of mind he is dangerous. The ending of the fight is pretty epic.

Fight Scene #7: Hunter X Hunter: Gon VS Hisoka

I love this fight. There is something about the little guy taking on the big guy that is just so entertaining. Hisoka  is so smooth with his taunts you can't help but love him.

Fight Scene #8: Neon Genesis Evangelion: Unit 1 Eats
When I first saw this scene I literally got chills. Unit 1 goes berserk and eats an Angel. This scene was pure brutal and one of my favorite mech fights.

Fight Scene #9: Rurouni Kenshi - Kenshin VS Saito

This fight between Kenshin and Saito is a seesaw battle, and it keeps you engaged throughout the duration. Truly one of the best in the series.

Fight Scene #10: Bleach - Ichigo VS Grimmjow
I'm not a huge fan of "Bleach" but I still think this is one bad-ass fight between Ichigo and Grimmjo.