If Anime Had A Justice League Who Should Be In It?

What if in an alternate universe DC Comics was DC Manga? What if Japan had Batman? I had a crazy thought of what it would it be like if Anime characters had a Justice League. I started asking myself who would I want in it. Here is my choices. Let me know your choices in the comment section.

Anime Justice League (AJL)


When it comes to saving the planet I can't think of a more impressive resume than Goku. Goku might not be well educated in the book sense, but when it comes to battle he is a genius. Goku has a win or die attitude and when that is his motto he is unstoppable. His skills and knowledge in battle will make him a great candidate for leader in AJL. However he will have to get his book skills up a little more. Chi-Chi I'm looking at you.


Sometimes Goku tends not to let evil be vanished for good. Goku is too caring for that, he only kills if he sees no mercy in the villain. Kenshiro on the other hand will eliminate and you need a guy who is very technical and precise with his fighting. Kenshiro might be the Batman of the group. He's a loner, silent guardian, but shows up when you really need him. Don't expect to be having a celebration dinner with him after the battle.

Motoko Kusanagi

Brute strength is not always going to win the day. Sometimes you're going to need some stealth and tactical skills. That is where Motoko Kusangi comes into the picture. Motoko is a skilled fighter, knows how to use a gun, and can go into stealth mode to get the upper hand if AJL needs it. She has a good heart and does what needs to be done to get the mission complete. She is also a great candidate for leader of AJL. 

Yusuke Urameshi

I know what you're thinking. Yusuke is a hot head, he's a smart ass, he's reckless, he will only bring trouble to the AJL. For the most part you're probably right, but if you know Yusuke, beneath all that tough guy persona lies a lamb as Keiko puts it. In battle Yusuke is amazing, his spirit gun, shotgun and if he goes into demon mode will surely help win the day. He loves to fight and like Goku won't stop till he wins. Besides every group needs someone with a mouth.

Misato Katsuragi

MISATO is probably what you're saying to yourself right about now. Allow me to explain, if the AJL is going to have a command center base and residence for the team, you're going to need someone with experience who knows how deal with all certain types of personalities. Misato balanced Shingi, Rei, Asuka and the entire NERV team. Surely she can manage the command center of the AJL. Don't let Misato's sweetness fool you, she is tough, knows how to use a gun and won't hesitate to end you if you get in her way. Misato will run the base giving the team all technical information, data on weaknesses and routes to escape. She'll play a big role in my book.


Tsunade has many attributes that scream AJL. She is one of the most powerful women in the Naruto world, she is has knowledge in medicine and she's practically royalty in the Hidden Leaf Village. When you can hold your own with Orochimaru you deserve respect. Tsunade will also be a candidate for leadership in the AJL, she is very smart, precise and tough on her team. She can motivate if need be.


This guy I would only call for really tough missions, he's a little dark and his style might not sit well with the other members. However if the battle needs to be won, you better bet that the Karas will take care of it. Personality wise I would keep him at bay, but like I said he will be an on call type of guy.

Tekkaman (Blade)

This choice might shock some Otakus out there. I'm surely going old school with this choice, but what happens if we have a space mission? I think Blade and his Tekkaman armor are up to the task. He is skilled, cut throat and his personality could use some work, but he will be a great addition to the team. Why didn't I choose a Gundam pilot? Well because I can't decide who is the best pilot in all of the Gundam universe.


Another shocker that will have people saying why her. Granted that Tsukune might have to work in the command center with Misato, mainly because he will have to remove Moka's rosario from her neck safely. However Moka in vampire form is very powerful and skilled, she can be arrogant, but one thing she does well is end the fight quick. She is one of the most powerful vampires I've seen yet and you might need someone who scares the hell out of the enemy. Sometimes we might need to use fear and Moka is definitely up to the task. 

Lupin The 3rd

When items need to found, treasures need to be uncovered I can't think of anyone else to help the team but Lupin. Lupin is a master thief  great at stealth and getting around, and when trouble is a foot he can shoot and fight. He might not be super powerful as the other members of AJL, however Lupin is very cunning and cunning can be very deadly. He might cause problems with the ladies being a flirt and all, but that is why we have Motoko to keep him in line. 

That will be the team that I gather up to save the day. I know that my team will take a lot of management with they personalities, but when it comes to the missions I know I could depend on them. After thinking about it I would say the leader of my AJL will be Motoko. I think she will keep everyone focus and won't take any excuses. As stated before tell me your picks by leaving a comment or sending a link to your article.