Hello Kitty Superheroes By Joseph Senior

Hey everyone! It's been a while. While doing a Google search of some Hello Kitty stuff. I came across something really epic. Artist Joseph Senior has made tons and tons of Hello Kitty model kits. Sadly these are just concept arts, but maybe with enough support we can make these a reality. Hello Kitty Rules!!!!
Source - http://www.cmd-cubinet.com/comixo/eng/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=578&Itemid=3

The Dark Knight rises in this awesome Hello Kitty model kit. I love the detail on the bat suit.

Captain America looks adorable as a Hello Kitty. I love the addition to his shield.

The Flash looks wonderful and the lighting designs are spot on.

Hello Kicky! Kick-Ass looks awesome and he even has his weapons too.

In brightest day, in blackest night. No bad kitty shall escapse my sight. Hello Green Lantern Kitty.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man does whatever a spider can. I love the design on this one.

I know Justin will fall in love with this one. Hello Turtles! This is an awesome Ninja Turtles Hello Kitty. Donatello even has his bow.

Hello Iron Man Kitty.

Hello Wolverine.

Mr. Fantastic looks fantastic.