Mari0 Or Mario With Portals

Before I start watch this video from Dorkly the maker of fine video game parodies.

Now that you have seen that, I have to ask you, wouldn't that make an awesome version of Mario? But then again adding Portal to anything would make it better. Here is another video I think you all would love.

The people over at turn dorklys video and not just turn it into a real game but it isnt just a flash game, but a full remake of all of Super Mario Bros with a portal gun. The portal gun also follows all the rules of portal the game, you know like "Speedy thing goes in, Speedy thing goes out" which is just a simple way of talking about the law of gravity, but to get to the point, the faster you go into one portal the faster you come out of the other one, which as you seen in both videos you can get to the top of the flag pole easy. To point out this is not a Indie game, but this is more of a remix. I say that because its not an original I.P. but like GUNPOINT but this is a unlicensed game, because we all know Super Mario is owned by Nintendo.  With that being said download it now and I mean RIGHT NOW because Nintendo can tell them "Hey you didn't ask for our permission, so take it down right now or feel the wrath of our lawyers." I am not saying they did but hey with games like this it is best to get it as soon as possible.


I don't know how to say it but its Mario, you platform jump, but you can move not just right but left and back too. The real change is the portal gun you can use. The gun changes how you platform completely you can choose to really find a way around Browser, or use the gun to find a good spot to get around him, because of the gun you now have options which changes the game a lot. There is not just multi-player but 4 player simultaneous co-op and each one will have their own portal gun... that's 8 portal holes to use in a level at once.


Once again they didn't do anything special outside of the portal gun, when it comes to the core game so its in all of the simple 8-bit goodness. No need to say any extra about that if you dont like it well tough but its awesome that they didnt change it, its Mario.


BUT WAIT......... THERE'S MORE!!!! I just love saying that but there really is, Stabyourself not only remade the whole game but they included DLC(its not really cause its already in there when you download it), Level packs and a level editor too. If you don't want to play the normal stuff, then make your own level or download ones made by other people that are in the game, not sure about how to get other more outside of what the game comes with but its still sweet as hell. Not only that but there are hats that each of the Marios wear, you can customize the color of your Mario(skin, hat and outfit) and your portals too. This all can be done to each and every one of the 4 player Mario's. Finally there are a bunch of other game play modes in it too that you can turn on and change the way you play it.

Final Grade: A or 10/10 or 5/5

I don't like to give grades, they are nice but really for all this you can't go wrong getting it also its free to download right now. This is a truly complete package. Put this on a big screen with 3 U.S.B. controllers, grab 3 friends and go nuts with portals. If you really want a grade A or 10/10 or 5/5 its damn prefect but really it's enough for you guys to just try it out.

Its out for all major operating systems, Windows,OSX(apple) and Linux.

If you want use a fire flower just press the L-shift button if you didn't change around the default settings.

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