International Superheroes (Mexico)

It's been a long time since I did an International Superheroes post. Well it's back and this time we travel to Mexico to see some of there Superheroes.


Meteorix tells the story of a young teenager named Aldo. When a meteor is heading towards the Earth expecting to hit Mexico City, several Governments try to prevent it from falling to the planet by sending nukes to destroy it. They succeed but tiny fragments of the meteor still reach earth, little to Earth knowledge this meteor is composed of alien compound. When Aldo chases the girl he likes Eva, she is attack by one of the Alien fragments which transformed due to radiation. He accidentally swallows one of the fragments and becomes Meteorix. Meteorix powers consists of Super Strength, the ability to throw bolts and cover his body in armor.

La Llanera Vengadora

La Llanera Vengadora tells the story of Flor Silvestre she is what some would call Mexico's "Lone Ranger." She is armed with a gun, a lasso and her motorcycle.

Los Superfrios

Los Superfrios follows the story of Quintin and his four friends that are un-dead. Carita, Borromeo, Count who is a vampire and Gardino. Each un-dead friend is missing a body part. Carita is missing lips, Borromeo has no skin on his arms, Gardino has no eyeballs, Count is just a vampire. Together they hunt evil that threatens the city or people hunting them.


Tinieblas takes place in a realm known as Shibalba. It's a world filled with Gods and other type of creatures. The focus of the story is on two brothers, Vurub Kame and Hun Kame. Every 52 years these two compete for the throne to rule the realm of Shibalba. Vurub has been victorious most of the time, so Hun decides to choose a mortal from Earth to be win for him, granting him powers unlike any other he becomes Tinieblas.


Cerdotado follows the story of Anacelto Kal-el Pacheco. Having his father killed by a butcher, Anacelto seeks revenge and inherits his father's gift of Superhuman strength, X-Ray vision, speed and armor protection. He is more of an anti-hero.