Anime OST's That You Can't Miss (Part 1)

If there is one thing I really love about Anime is the music that comes with it. Anime has some of the best background music and opening/closing songs in any medium. After listening to tons of Anime OST over the years I have come up with a list of Anime OST that you must have. These OST you can't miss out on. The OST's are this list has some of really emotional music, epic battle themes and amazing opening and closing songs. Here is part 1 of the list.

Venus Wars OST By Joe Hisashi - Venus Wars OST is wonderful, great action themes and a wonderful piano composition that is simply classic. The best tracks from this OST is "Love Theme (For Maggie) and Shakunetsu No Circuit. Here are the standout tracks.

Love Theme (For Maggie)

Shakunetsu No Circuit

Windaria OST By Satoshi Kudakura - Windaria is one emotional OST. Composed by Satoshi Kudakura, his use of strings and piano bring this heartbreaking Anime to life. The track that really stands out the most is "Theme For Druid" it's a sad romantic theme, but also heartwarming.

Theme For Druid

Now & Then, Here & There By Taku Iwasaki - This soundtrack is another emotional one, the music is dark. Tons of themes with that dark mood feel, but there is one theme that has a combination of all the emotions of the Anime in one. It's my favorite track on the OST called "Standing In The Sunset Glow."

Standing In The Sunset Glow

Gundam Wing By Yasuo Uragami - Gundam Wing OST is something I rarely even say, but I truly believe this OST is a masterpiece. From the battles, to the emotional scores, this OST is worthy to be on the cinematic level. Don't believe me check out three of my favorite tracks.

Who Will Give Their Life (Burn)
I Believe We Would Meet Truth Figure Of Truth

Stay tuned for part 2. In the meantime let us know what is your favorite Anime OST.