Fertang Review (Mobile App)

"Fertang" is a new Mobile App board game available for the I-Phone and Android App from Anderson Games. It's a little style of Checkers, with the strategy of Chess. Is this new board game app addictive? Or should you head somewhere else?

If I can describe "Fertang" in a few words is addictive, unique, and bold. "Fertang" was designed for people who are tired of Checkers, and find Chess to complicated. The game is simple to play and easy to learn after a few tries. You have the option to play against the CPU or with a friend. Each player is giving 16 pieces which is divided into Triangles, Squares and Circles. The goal is to capture as much of the players pieces as possible. Similar to Checkers, but with a twist of Chess. Each piece moves in a different directions. Triangle can only go diagonally, Circle can move any direction and Square can move in straight lines horizontally. Like Chess and Checker style each player gets one turn and can only move one piece at a time. One a piece is capture, the player who capture it controls that piece, until the other player captures it that is. Once the stack reaches 5 or more that piece is no longer in use. The first player to build up three of the five stacks is the winner. The game is challenging and thinking of new strategies to win the day is fun. "Fertang" doesn't come with much features, but it does give you the option of selecting different gameboards such as the original Chess board. The graphics are  standard for your typical board game app, and the colors work well. The only complaint about the App is the loop music, but thankfully you have the option to turn it off.

Final Grade B+/8.5: "Fertang" is a nice take on Checkers and Chess. It's easy to learn and after a couple of tries you'll be hook. The graphics are good, the gameplay fun and with a price of .99 it's worth a look. Give it a shot.

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