Cosplay Girl Of The Week #76 (Ahsoka Tano)

Cosplay Girl Of The Week is back! This time we go one with the force, however it's unlike any other Cosplayer. This week is a special Cosplay Girl Of The Week. It's Ahsoka Tano from "Star Wars Clone Wars." Usually we don't have the person who actually plays the role Cosplay the character. However a few weeks ago, voice Actress Ashley Eckstein who plays Ahsoka Tano did just that. The  photo was taken by Photographer Preston Mack. I really like the look on Ashley's face and she really made Ahsoka come alive. Needless to say if they ever do a live action, she has Ahsoka set in stone. Great job!

Photo credit: Preston Mack - http://

When not recording the voice of Ahsoka, Ashley oversees her company, Her Universe, which produces fashionable sci-fi apparel and accessories for fangirls. To see the latest releases in the line visit . To read Ashley’s full cosplay blog and to see more photos of Ashley as Ahsoka Tano visit CNN Geek Out! 

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