Confession Of An RPG Addict

Every gamer has that one genre that he or she absolutely loves, a genre that they can't possibly live without. For me it's RPG's. Now it has been brought to my attention that I have a seriously problem. I have an addiction to RPG's. To rephrase it I'm guilty of buying the most popular RPG's playing them for a month, then when the new one comes out I go play that one, ignoring the previous RPG. In other words I don't beat the RPG games I buy! I just play usually get distracted with another RPG and boom, the other one is in the picture.  See the picture below and you will see these RPG's I need to finish, and this is not including the RPG's that I have for Wii and PSN. I confess I have this impulse RPG spending, there are times I just buy an RPG for no reason. I have found a solution to my problem. Self control is the solution. I have vow that I will not be buying any RPG until I at least beat three of the RPG's in this picture. I'm only going to focus on three at a time. The games I will play will be Tales Of Graces, Tales Of The Abyss (which I'm loving) and Final Fantasy XIII-2. I can't help myself when it comes to RPG's. Especially when it's JRPGS. The stories, the music, the gameplay, the themes it's all addictive. I love RPG's, but I realize I have an addiction too it. I will beat these games and move on to new ones. What genre are you addict too gamers?