Kyary Pamyu Pamyu x Fashion

I'm not too sure who see's my random post. tweets, rants, and etc. about Japanese teen model turned J-Pop star, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ... But if not, let me be among the first to tell you that I'm a bit of a fan.

This girl, if you have not heard of her, has spunk! And while I'm sure her life has it's ups, downs, and in betweens, her bubbly Harajuku personality always seems to shine through! Aside from that, I'm extremely fascinated when you see people who have a gazillion different looks, the same personality, but somehow seemingly change into a different person with each look. A lot like an everyday Cosplay kinda lifestyle. While I'm not one for a lot of words in my posts, here's a GREAT interview, if you want to know a bit more about her. Aside from that, if you speak Japanese, be sure to check out her official blog.

Well, that's Kyary. And since her latest video just dropped, Candy Candy, I thought I'd take some time to share some of the looks that have intrigued me so. Hopefully you'll find them as amazing as I do.


Be sure to check out Kyary's lastest video, Candy Candy & to flood your eyeballs with more pics, be sure to check out her Twitter and Tumblr.
Until Next Time!
~je t'adore >^.*<