Kaichou Wa Maid-sama! Review

Hey guys this is the review of the manga Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!. Hope you enjoy it. ^-^


Ayuzawa Misaki is a second year student at Seika High. Sekia High used to be an all boy school until the decicion was made it was to be co-ed (80% are males, 20% female). Misaki is the first girl student council president and is very strict on the boys. She feels that she has a duty to protect the girls that are at that school, to feel safe and secure in a sea of testosterone. With that being said, its tough to be a president, one of the top students in the class and maintaing a part-time job. Since she has unreasonable amount of stress, when the boys act up she become a female dictator that takes no mess from anybody. This makes the boys afraid and resentful towards Misaki so any chance to get rid of her would do them some good. Unknown to the boys at school Misaki has a secret job as a maid in a maid cafe. All of a sudden while taking out the trash, Usui Takumi the most popular boy in school, saw her secret. Now Misaki has no choice to put up with him since he comes by the cafe everyday. Will Usui spill her secret or what does she have to do to keep his mouth shut?

I for one love this story. It is very shojo but I love this type of manga. The characters are very dynamic. Usui seems like a jerk at one point, then nice, then flirty, then back to being a jerk. Its "that guy" in your class that is very annoying and interesting at the same time. Misaki is very headstrong and very independent. She tries to solve problems by herself but Usui comes in to save the day or give a valuable lesson to her. She reminds me of Haruhi and Usui of Tamaki form Ouran High School Host Club. However Usui is not nearly as loud and dramatic as Tamaki. I love the story and I love the characters.

The art was very well drawn. Like I said it definitely reminds me of Ouran especially the close ups of Usui and Misaki. I love the details of the clothing and I'm always picturing myself cosplaying in them.

Final Grade
I give this manga an A-/9.0. I can't seem to set it down once I started reading. It is also an anime so I have to check it out. This is a must read for Ouran fans. That's it for my review. Manga Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!