Lets Analyze NBA 2k12 "Greatest" Trailer

The trailer above shows 5 NBA legends Jordan, Magic, Bird, Dr J & Kareem. According to IGN NBA 2K12 will feature a game mode called "NBA's Greatest," which will allow the user to play through 15 historic games and control 15 basketball legends. Who's the other 10? Lets save that for another post. Lets figure out which 5 historic games for these 5 legends shown.

Michael Jordan
Last year was all about Jordan, 2k did a great job letting us play his greatest games. So whats left?
Bulls vs Rockets! The Bulls and Rockets won 8 consecutive championships in the 90s...8!
If you pause the trailer at the 35 second mark you can see the 1991 roster.
They only played each other once in Chicago that year. That game Jordan had the flu(again yes I know) Jordan scored 34 points shooting 60% from the field and blocking Hakeem The Dream 3 times...Lets just hope 2k doesn't make us block Hakeem 3 times for the achievement.

Magic Johnson
Magic had ALOT of great games but I'm not sure why 2k decided to show him against this Blazer team.
In 1985 Magic had 23 assist against the Blazers but since the trailer shows Kevin Duckworth -number 00-(he wasn't a Blazer in 85). I' am led to believe we will control Magic playing against the the Blazers in the 1991 western conference finals where the Lakers beat the Blazers 4-2.
Magic vs Clyde will be fun regardless.

Larry Bird
Once I saw the trailer I immediately thought OMG the shootout!
1988 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals game 7! Hawks vs Celtics or Wilkins vs Bird.
Bird scored 34 and D.Wilkins scored 47(only missing 4 shots.)
The Celtics squeaked out a 2 point win thanks to Birds 20 fourth quarter points. Wilkins battled at the end as well scoring 14 in the games final period alone.
One of the greatest NBA games EVER!

Kareem Abdul Jabbar
The NBA's all time leading scorer. Personally I would rather play as Kareem on the Bucks with the Big O but 2k has him later in his career as a Laker.
The game shown in the trailer is Kareem playing against the Hawks. Now this may have been a random game they threw in there because nothing adds up. Lets analyze this.
The biggest game Kareem had against the Hawks was in 1975, Kareems 1st year as a Laker. That game he scored 39 points, 23 rebounds and blocked 10 shots. The 2nd big game against the Hawks was in 1980(Magic Johnson rookie year) when he scored 28 pts, 15 rebounds and blocked 10 shots.
Now I'm pretty sure its not the 1975 game because both rosters lacked stars. While the 1980 roster had Magic Johnson on it the Hawks did not wear the jersey shown(unless it was a hidden alternate). Also the 1980 Hawks didn't have Wilkins. No offense John Drew(the Hawks star before Wilkins) but I doubt 2k will ever recreate you.

Dr. J
Again I don't understand why they have the older Dr. J on the Sixers. Dr. J on the NY Nets is what we want. Maybe because it was in the ABA, 2k refrained.
The footage of the Doc dunking didn't show which team he played against but from the looks of it my guess we would play the 82-83 season when the Sixers won the championship in sweeping fashion against the mighty Lakers.

Again this hasnt been confirmed by 2k. This is just my educated guess on what "NBA Greatest" mode will offer.