Ghostbusters Fanfiction: Chapter # 1 The Interview

Justin Notes: The following fan fiction takes place after the end of the Ghostbusters The Videogame. Of course I don't own rights to the characters this purely fan fiction. Enjoy the story of Chris Walker as he tells the journey of his life as a Ghostbusters.

Today is the big day. I have the job interview of a lifetime. Today I’m going to be interviewed to be the newest member of the Ghostbusters. I can’t tell you how excited I’ am right now. Ever feel so excited that you feel that your heart is going to pop out from your chest? That’s exactly how I feel right now. To tell you the truth I’ve never been more nervous in my life. As I sit on the cab heading to the Ghostbusters headquarters. I keep thinking about all the stuff I read in the New York Times and Daily News. Stories of how the Ghostbusters saved the city three times from the tenth level of hell. They had a new recruit, but since they are expanding their empire they moved him to another city. Basically they want to start a Ghostbusters Inc around the United States. After the new recruit left for another, there has been a huge uprising in the city. It’s has become too much that even the Ghostbusters can’t handle. The Ghostbusters put out an open ad looking for one new recruit to help them out. That is why I’m on my way to the headquarters right now, chasing a dream of a lifetime. My name is Chris Walker by the way. I’m 24 recent College Graduate from New York City City Tech. Born in Queens, New York Forest Hills. I’ve been into the paranormal ever since I was in high school. There is something about the undead that just fascinates me. Questions always raised in my mind. Why do these ghosts choose to stay here? What unfinished business do they have? Either way I was hoping to find out if I get this job.

The taxi cab parked right in front of the Ghostbusters headquarters. He was an odd looking taxi driver. He was breathing heavy was a huge guy, with muscles that look like he use to bodybuilder. He was gripping the steering wheel very tightly. I sworn this guy could have broke the damn thing off.

“That will be 25 bucks boss. “ The taxi driver said.

“Here you go.” I said.

He took his money and look at the location. He gave a sinister laugh that really freaked me out. He took turn around showing me a clear view, of his face and sunglasses. He took them off and I saw the most reddish eyes I have ever seen.

“You’re trying to be a Ghostbuster huh? Good luck. I guess we will meet again.” He said.

“Yeah right I guess.” I replied.

I got out the car and slam the door shut. I walked towards the entrance door and turned around because I felt a chill. The taxi cab disappeared. I thought that was weird because I didn’t even hear him drive off. Who was that guy anyway? I tried not to think anything of it, I had to keep focus. I enter the headquarters and was in pure awe. I was finally here at the GB station. I look to right and I see the famous Ecto-1. The Ghostbusters choice of transportation, I couldn’t help but fill a great sense of pride and joy. As I was staring upon Ecto-1 I heard a female voice from a far.

“Are you here for the interview?” The Female Voice asked.

“Yes I’ am.” I replied.

“Follow me to desk. My name is Janine Melnitz. I’m going to ask you a series of questions, before you meet Dr. Venkman.” Janine said.


“Question 1: Do you believe in UFOs, astral projections, ... full trance mediums, the Lochness Monster and the theory of Atlantis?” Janine asked.

“If there is good health benefits, a steady paycheck and one hour lunchtime. I will believe everything and anything you want me to believe.”

“That sounds awfully familiar.”

“Question 2: Have you had any experience, sexual relations or fights with the paranormal?”

“I have never had sexual relations with a ghost. I don’t know how that is possible. I had several experiences encounters with this paranormal. This one time…”

“Question 3: Martial status and do you live alone?”

“My status is single and no I live with my roommate.”

“Is this roommate a female?”


“Jeanine how many times do I have to tell you that the interview process is not a speed dating service?” Venkman asked.

“Listen Venkman I work nearly 20 hours a day, and you still haven’t hired more help. I barely get to go out and have time for myself. I will use this as speed dating service if I want too.” Jeanine yelled.

“Jeanine, Jeanine a woman as talented and beautiful as you, should have no problem meeting a man. You just have to put yourself out there.” Venkman explained.

“Really Dr. Venkman?” She asked.

“Not really you have those bugs eyes. The phone is ringing are you going to answer that?” Venkman asked.

“One of these days Venkman. Ghostbusters what do you want, if your male you better be single.” Jeanine said with anger.

Venkman signals me to come into his office. Venkman office is a mess. He has papers all over the place, clothes lying around and the garbage needs to be taken out. On the desk he has some strange looking device. He takes a seat and tells me to take a seat on the opposite side. He hooks my fingers, and forehead up to device. Venkman then goes into his drawer and takes out a couple of cards.

“Okay we’re going to conduct a little test on negative reinforcement on ESP ability. The cards have three symbols, a star, a couple of wavy lines and a heart. Use your ESP powers to guess what card I’m holding up.” Venkman explained.

“Wait I never said I had that power in my resume.” I explained.

Venkman holds up the card, not showing me what’s behind it. He takes a pencil and holds it up to the tempo of his brain. He is giving a smirk. I don’t know if this guy is serious or he’s just toying with me.

“The card is a star.” I answered.

Venkman shakes his head and flicks the switch next to him. I get a very small, but painful electric shock. Venkman has this smirk on his face. He holds up another card and this time he’s just laughing at me. I try to keep my composure and not get angry, because I don’t want to blow this interview.

“This card is a bunch of wavy lines.” I answered.

Venkman let’s out a sigh and flicks the switch again. The shock seems more powerful than the last one. Venkman let’s out another huge laugh. I can feel my blood pressure rising. I really want to punch that stupid smirk off his face. He holds up another card.

“This card is a heart.” I answered.

Venkman looks shock and gives another smirk and flicks the switch again. The shock sends me shaking in my chair. Venkman laughs loudly again. He’s really enjoying this game of his.

“Don’t worry only one hundred more to go.” Venkman said.

He holds up another card. As he’s sliming a green phantom like figure appears from the wall. I’m shock and terffied at what I’ am looking at. It’s an actual ghost right in front of my eyes. Venkman has no idea. The green ghost leans over to Venkman and gives him a peck on the cheek. Venkman drops the cards and goes nuts.

“Slimer!” Venkman yelled.
The other Ghostbusters finally enter office after they hear Venkman scream. I couldn’t believe my eyes Ray, Egon and Winston all here.

“Venkman we agreed that you’ll stop conducting this test, if Slimer stops sliming you.” Ego said.

“Venkman but I was just having a little fun. Besides this guy pass, he didn’t show any type of negative feedback. I even laugh in his face. Hire him.” Venkman explained.

“Not so fast. Before we hire him he has to go through the trials. Hope your ready for our new trial kid.” Winston said.

I have passed the interview, but now I would have to pass the trials. Little did I know what I would be getting myself into.

Stay tuned for Chapter #2 -The Trials.