Great Websites To Get Programs

Hey people! Its Jeff your local techie here, today I will be passing you some sweet sites to get some programs for you using pleasure. Just to let everyone know, as of right now these sites are mainly for windows OS well 2 of the 3 I notice, the software is know as free-ware legal free programs, what this means is that these programs might have some advertising that pays for it but you dont have too. The other type of programs that are known are called Share-ware/trial programs which means they can be used in for a limited time or way you wouldnt have full access to everything the program can do with out you paying for it.

My personal experience has been positive with programs like this. The ads will never make any sound, so you dont have to worry about it suddenly screaming at you that you won a PS3 or things like that, also not all of them have ads, some do but not all.

Now with that being said, all you got to do is click on the pictures to check them out

Now all the sites do the same thing really, have programs for you to download thats free for your usage the thing is out of all of them, softpedia is the only one thats always updating with new things and have free programs for other O.S.(Operation Systems). The problem with softpedia is that it you would have to go in and check before downloading if the program is a free-ware or share-ware. The mixing of everything is also the same thing with Cnet-downloads. You would have to be very careful of what you get and got to double check before downloading, after all dont want to waste time downloading a program just to find out you have to pay to use it. Snapfile on the other hand had a whole section thats only free-ware, so when you go there you know any program you get from that section will only be free-ware. the down side with snapfile is that they will update the programs they have but not always add new programs to their collection.

In the end, you cant go wrong with either one of the sites and its best to check all of them out if one site does not have what your looking for, the other two just might.