Avenger Assemble: The Series

The Avengers one of the most iconic Superhero team ever assemble. A while ago we interview Miracole Burns, model, cosplayer and much more see the interview here Interview With Miracole Burns in the interview she talk about the Webseries she works on with her friends and husband Chris Burns. The Avenger Assemble Webseries is a parody on your favorite superheroes. Watch as The Avenger tackle issues such as the Oil Spill, Health Care and many more. Here is Season 1 of The Avenger Assemble.

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Episode I: Healthcare
In this inaugural episode, Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) leads the team in a discussion of the ramifications of the new Healthcare Bill recently passed.

Episode II – Jobs
Tony has to quell fears about how the team may have to face the eventuality of layoffs.

Episode III – Oil Spill
With Tony Stark out of the office for “personal” reasons, Captain America sits in as team leader. In this episode, the oil spill in the gulf hits close to home for one of our heroes, and the Avengers have to decide whether or not to take action.

Episode IV – The Middle East
The Avengers are faced with the decision on whether or not to take action in the Middle East, where tensions are running high. Reaching that decision, as we’ve learned by now, is never straight forward with our heroes.

Episode V – Office Romance
We’re now in HD! This week, Wonder Man gets some unsolicited advice about women from none other than Hawkeye.

Episode VI – Immigration
The team is feeling the effects of some strict new immigration laws.

Episode VII – Carpool
The Avengers are on a mission, however they’ve been forced to use conventional means of transportation.