Anime Videogames: The Hits & Misses (Part 1)

Today I wanted to create a list of the hits and misses. Now before we start the list. I just want to say the hits and misses are based on gameplay and whether the game capture the soul of the Anime. Here is Part 1. Part 2 will be soon.

Robotech: Battlecry (PS2, Gamecube, XBOX)

The Hit: Robotech Battlecry gameplay wise capture the Robotech universe. You had the three modes the Guardian, Fighter and Battleloid modes. The game was fighter shooter with players having to protect convoy's, destroy aliens, etc. The voices from the original series were all there.

The Miss: The story was a miss. Jack Archer was not an interesting character. The drama that Robotech is known for was missing. You didn't really have no real connections to the characters, for that reason it was also a disappointment.

Gungrave Overdose (PS2)

The Hit: Brandon Heat kicks major ass. There is a enough gunplay in this game to even satisfy a shooter fanboy. The world of Brandon Heat is capture very well. This game was a sleeper hit on the PS2.

The Miss: The gameplay can get a little repetitive. Also some of the voice acting is a little over the top.

Eureka Seven: New Wave & New Vision (PS2)

The Hit: This is the prequel to Eureka Seven. You follow the story of Sumner and his friends. Through the two games you will learn what Moondoggie was doing. What Holland was doing? Also you'll learn how and who gave Eureka the Nirvash. The story is actually pretty good and a great tie in to the series.

The Miss: The gameplay is a miss. Piloting the Mech's are decent enough. However when your doing missions on foot, the combat system is horrible. Also not enough of Renton and Eureka at all.

Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament (PS2)

The Hit: It captures and tells the story of the Dark Tournament saga almost perfectly. All the voices and characters are here. The gameplay is so, so depending on your taste in fighting games.

The Miss: It's missing the original soundtrack from the show. Also Toguro is nearly impossible to beat.

Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex (PS2)

The Hit: Great story, great voice acting from the cast. The gameplay is pretty quite good as well.

The Miss: The jumping physics isn't really that good, the final boss is disappointing. Also the multiplayer aspect wasn't that great either.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 (Wii)

The Hit: First person Mech game. The controls were awesome, the graphic were neat. Voice actors from all the Gundam 0079 are there. Also the 08th MS Team is in there.

The Miss: It's Japan only.

Lupin The 3rd Treasure Of The Sorcerer King (PS2)

The Hit: It captures Lupin very well. Players have to use stealth, change outfits, solve puzzles in order to get the treasures. The music is wonderful.

The Miss: Poor execution on gameplay, it feels stiff and combat is horrible.

Jump Ultimate Superstars (DS)

The Hit: So many Anime characters to name in a all out brawl. Gameplay reminds you of Super Smash Brothers but Anime style. Very addictive game.

The Miss: Only in Japan.